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Thank you for your service and sacrifice for our country!

As part of this application process you will need a few things.

  1. Your Purple Heart documentation - You will need to provide your Purple Heart Certificate so that we can verify your status and move your application to active status. Please provide your Purple Heart documentation by fax to 813-642-7214 or email corrina@wwiaf.org if you have not done so already. Once verified, your application will be moved into active status.
  2. Emergency Contact - You will need to provide your emergency contact information as safety is a priority.
  3. Military Service Information - You will need to provide your service information such as; Rank, Service, Theater and status.
  4. A picture of yourself - You will need to provide a facial recognition photo. We ask this so that our drivers can identify you at the airport. It also helps us share your story and adventure with our staff and others. Please email your photo to corrina@wwiaf.org.
Personal Information

Please enter your full Legal Name (we need this in order to book your airline tickets, so if you go by 'Josh' but your legal name is 'Joshua', please list the latter)

Service Information

Adventure Information

Wounded Warriors In Action offers a variety of adventures for sportsmen. From fishing trophy Bass to hunting the elusive Whitetail, you will be sure to find an adventure worth taking. To learn more about the different adventures click here.

Please choose 5 adventures in the order of desire and we will do our best to accommodate you. Some trips do tend to fill fast and be very popular.

A hunting safety certification is required in order to hunt with Wounded Warriors in Action.

Emergency Contact Information

Please fill in your Emergency contact information.

Optional Information

Do you desire or need to have a caretaker accompany you during your event?

* Do you desire or need to have a service/companion dog accompany you during your event?

Is the dog certified?

* Please note that not all events are conducive to service dogs.

Validation Information