Robert Leonard
Hometown: Roswell, New Mexico
Service: US Army
Rank: Sergeant
Awards: Purple Heart Medal

Robert Leonard

Sergeant Robert Leonard was born in Roswell, New Mexico in September of 1983. Robert went to school K-12 there and graduated from Goddard High School in the spring of 2002. After graduation he went to work as a fence hand in June of that same year. After only 8 months he was already a Foreman and had 4 men working directly under him. When President George Bush declared war in Iraq Robert felt the need to join the military and fight for the country. In May of 2003 he joined the Army as a 19D Cavalry Scout. Due to a high enlistment rate at the time he did not enter basic training until August of 2003. While in Fort Knox, Kentucky during basic training Robert married his high school sweetheart Lacey Leonard and in December he graduated from basic training and he and his wife were sent to Fort Stewart, Georgia.

Robert was assigned to A-Troop, 3/7 Cav. Cavalry Scout was the perfect fit for him and he excelled in everything. The unit he was with deployed on January 20th of 2005 one month before the birth of his first child Kamryn Leonard. In April of 2005 he was sent home on R&R leave and got to meet his baby girl for the first time. Sadly after 15 days he had to go back but he didn't mind because his job wasn't done.

For 7 more months he conducted combat operations with his unit and after being deployed for almost 11 months Robert's Bradley rolled over an IED which resulted in the amputation of his right leg below the knee. He returned home quickly and in November of 2005 he was sent to Brooke Army Medical Center for rehabilitation. On the 1st of January 2006 the man that had inspired Robert to join the War on Terror, President George Bush, pinned his Purple Heart on his chest. Robert stayed at BAMC and went through close to 20 surgeries and countless hours of physical therapy for a year and a half and on February 7th 2005 was medically retired from the Army.

Robert and his family now live in Fort Worth, Texas where he is attending college in pursuit of a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has always been an avid hunter and enjoys everyday he gets to spend in the outdoors. His wife is expecting a baby boy and is due in December of this year. Robert and his Family have adjusted to the situation well and have not slowed their life down one bit, if anything it has made their relationship stronger because if there is one thing this incident has shown them it is that there is no time to take for granted.