Steve Burch
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Steve Burch

Steve Burch was born April 18, 1969, in Nashville, Tennessee, where he still lives today. He married his wife Christy in 1991, and together they have a fourteen year old daughter. He began hunting around age sixteen and loves anything to do with the outdoors. He is an avid bow hunter no matter the game, and believes strongly in getting today’s youth involved with outdoor sportsmanship. In 2006, he decided to begin filming hunts, and ever since then he is never in the stand or blind without his camera. He loves nothing more than introducing people to turkey hunting, and gets just as much of a thrill calling in the birds and filming as if he were hunting himself. In 2009 with good friends Steve teamed up with Don Ballantine who formed Abnaki Outdoors, an outdoor productions company that films all their hunts for DVD release. They travel the Midwest chasing giant whitetails and turkeys. He has farms in western Kentucky where he and Christy, who is also a member of the Abnaki team, do most of their "at home" hunting.

In early 2011 Steve contacted John McDaniel, founder of Wounded Warriors in Action, about the Abnaki Outdoors team hosting a Western Kentucky turkey hunt for some of the Wounded Warriors. At the hunt they were able to lay a few birds on the ground and got it all on video. Now the Kentucky Turkey Hunt is a yearly event.

Abnaki Outdoors hosts these hunts to say THANK YOU to the soldiers that serve our great country so we can enjoy freedom. The warriors are not there just to hunt; with Abnaki Outdoors they’ve created lifelong memories and friendships. Steve is proud to consider each and every Wounded Warrior not just a friend or brother, but a hero. “God bless you all.” - Steve Burch

If you are interested in having your hunt filmed by Abnaki Outdoors, contact Steve at