Greg Hughes
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Service: Marine Corps
Rank: Infantry Machine Gunner
Awards: Purple Heart

Greg Hughes

My name is Greg Hughes, I was born and raised in Columbus,OH. I attended Whetstone High School and went to school for two years for residential electrician. After graduating in 2002, I joined the Marine Corps the following year, and decided to be a Infantry Machine Gunner (0331). I was assigned to my unit, which was Lima Company 3/25, and I was part of weapons platoon. We deployed to Haditha, Iraq in 2005, and I was the lead vehicle gunner as well a Team Leader in charge of a gun team. Unfortunately my company suffered high casualties, some of the worse to date in the OIF war.

On September 6, 2005 I was injured by a suicide truck bomber, and I was awarded the Purple Heart. Dealing with PTSD for over a year after returning home, I had finally reached my low and decided to get help. I was blessed to be hired by Franklin County Engineers, and that is where I currently still work at.

I grew up hunting the hills of southern Ohio, I'm a avid bow hunter for Ohio's White tailed Deer and any chance I get I spend it in the woods. I enjoy the great outdoors and I feel honored that I'm still here today and get to spend my time seeing what it has to offer.