Charles Pannell
Hometown: Anderson, SC
Service: US ARMY
Rank: SSG
Awards: Bronze Star with Valor, Purple heart

Charles Pannell

My Name is SSG Charles Pannell I recently medically retired from the army after serving 12 yrs. I am married to my wife Bethany and have a beautiful 5 year old daughter named MaKynna.  I was born and raised in Anderson, SC. 

I have done 3 tours in Iraq and on my last tour on 1 September 2008 My platoon was attacked by insurgents in Mosul. My Squad was hit by armor piercing grenades and injured my entire Squad resulting in two soldiers becoming single amputees including myself. I was at Walter Reed inpatient for 9 months and had over 90 surgeries to try to save my leg, however, do to infection they had to amputate. 

I am sure you are wondering why I am telling you this, its not for you to feel sorry for me, but for you to understand me.  I was avid hunter up till my injuries but have not had time due to my injuries as well as all of the deployments. 

I was awarded a Bronze Star with Valor and a Purple heart for my actions. Other awards include an MSM, 8 arcom 1 with valor, 4 GCM and other awards.