Josh Huber
Hometown: Mandan, North Dakota
Service: Army
Awards: Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Army Commendation Medal

Josh Huber

Joshua Huber was born in Mandan, North Dakota on September, 1st, 1988.  After spending the first year of his life in North Dakota, his father received a job in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and moved his family to Wisconsin.  Josh and his family lived in many places around Wisconsin and ended up living in Oshkosh.  Josh graduated from Oshkosh West High school in 2006 one year early to join the Army.  From a young age, Josh was interested in many sports to include hockey and golf; he even had many schools interested in having him play for their hockey teams.  Although hockey was a big part of Josh’s life, he decided to join the Army instead.

 Josh attended basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood where he graduated from basic and advanced individual training in 2007.  Josh was then sent to the 2nd Infantry Division out of Ft. Carson Colorado as a Combat Engineer.  After only spending one month at Ft. Carson, was deployed to Fob Loyalty, Baghdad, Iraq in 2007.  The Unit that Josh was deployed with was mainly responsible for route clearance, but also worked on counter I.E.D. and sniper attacks.  While manning an observation point along Route Predator, Josh was struck with shrapnel from a 109mm and received a broken Scapula and cracked his skull in three places.  He received a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star on his Iraq War Camping Medal along with an Army Commendation Medal. 

 After Josh came back from Iraq he struggled to find a job due to the condition of the economy.   He moved back to Oshkosh, Wisconsin where he received a job as a machinist in Berlin, Wisconsin.  After working at three different machine shops, he decided that machining wasn't for him, and got out of the business.  Currently Josh spends his days helping Mr. Bob Burns with jobs around his pro-shop and works on his golf swing.  Josh has a four year old son, an 11 month old daughter, and another child on the way.  Josh is very passionate about the game of golf and hopes that one day he will know enough to be able to help other people, or even golf for a living.