Bryan J. Gray
Hometown: Ohio
Service: U.S. Army

Bryan J. Gray

Bryan served 12 years in the U.S. Army, as his plans for 20+ years was cut short after an IED blast in January 2006 while serving in Iraq.   Having been raised in southwest Ohio, he and his family chose northern Cincinnati as home as they began to build their new, post-military life together.   Once settled in Ohio, Bryan jumped through a couple of different jobs before finding his niche in healthcare, and has been rewarded for his hard work and dedication with rapid advancement as a hospital administrator. 

Since early childhood, one of Bryan’s passions has been the outdoors.  As an avid fisher, hunter, and camper, he is always looking to build on his knowledge and experience of the wildlife around him.   He will be the first to tell you – he still has a lot of learning to do!  Being introduced to the WWIA has provided a huge positive reinforcement to all of my passions: the outdoors, camaraderie with combat-wounded vets, and most importantly: “doing whatever is in my power to help them achieve whatever it is they desire”. 

“I know what the transition from combat-injured soldier- to retirement,-to civilian life looks and feels like.  I have been blessed with a great amount of success in corporate America, and hunger for the opportunity to help my peers.  I love how WWIA provides these venues for camaraderie, exposure, and rehabilitation to us through these sporting events; and I truly enjoy meeting everyone involved.  Most importantly, I want them to know that I am ready to serve and assist them in any fashion I can.” Bryan states.  “I have witnessed the power of these types of events, and have seen many dramatic changes in ladies and gentleman who suffer from the lingering effects of their injuries: especially those that can’t be seen.  These events and the level of camaraderie the WWIA presents allow us to openly communicate with those who understand and appreciate our situation.  With each sporting event, I am blessed to have met someone who teaches me something new; and hopefully I in-turn have done the same.”