Chris and Brenda Diesing

Chris and Brenda Diesing

Chris is from Butler, WI. Being from a suburb of Milwaukee, he longed for spending time outdoors up north with his uncles and has many trophies on his wall to show his successful adventures with them.

At the age of 17, he got ready to follow in his father’s footsteps and join the Army. Unfortunately, due to severe asthma and fallen arches, he was unable to pass the physical. Too bad too…he passed all the other tests with flying colors. Even with this setback, Chris never lost his patriotic nature and grew up doing his best to thank the brothers and sisters who have served in his place.

Chris married Brenda in 2006. They got married in a small church known as “The Church in the Woods” in Delta, WI. In their hearts, this is where they call home. Brenda fell in love with the northwoods of Wisconsin long before she met Chris. She visited relatives all of her childhood in Phillips, WI where she enjoyed fishing, hiking, swimming and such.

Together, they’ve grown even closer through the bonding that happens while in deer camp or stuck in a boat, forced to talk when nothing is biting.

Chris and Brenda go out of their way to thank vets whenever they can. They’ve made it their mission to bring Purple Heart Warriors to their outdoors destination to enjoy what they do best. The people of Delta, WI are what make this place special. Throw in some world class fishing, monster northwoods bucks, ducks, and grouse, and you have yourself a recipe for redneck pleasure.

“Magical”. One simple word Chris uses to describe his territory. “You won’t forget the first musky you catch, the big buck in the food plot, the turkeys, the thunder of grouse flushing, and the splash of the dog jumping in the lake to retrieve your limit of ducks. Top that off with some of the best northwoods hospitality that you’ll ever meet and you, my friend, have an adventure ahead of you”.

Chris and Brenda are both laid back and fun loving with magnetic personalities. You won’t be able to help making lifelong friendships with them.

“I believe the spirit of the wild brings healing to everyone. I want to make sure that our visiting warriors know that they’re not alone in their struggles and the hunting and fishing in Delta is a cure-all. With the camaraderie you’ll find with us, you’ll never forget the time we shared. Please come and let our community treat you like royalty!”