Steve Fielder
Hometown: North East Ohio

Steve Fielder

I was born and raised in North East Ohio, where I still live today with my wife Tammy, who I stole from Southern California 35 years ago. We have two children, a daughter Jamie and a son Steven, and two grandsons, Evan and Rayne, (both love to play football, and we love to watch them play)!

I never served in the military but like so many, I have many family members that have. My son Steven served in the Navy for four years on an aircraft carrier, and was deployed in the Iraqi Freedom campaign.

I’ve spent many years on Lake Erie chasing Walleye, Steelhead Trout and Perch and just as many in southeastern Ohio chasing Whitetails. And don’t get me started on turkey hunting! The outdoors experience has always been a passion in my life. Passing on my knowledge of the outdoors to my grandsons is one of my greatest joys.

As you get older and wiser you find out that the true Heroes in this world are not the ones who sign the million dollar contracts, but the ones who serve and protect this great country we live in, for us and future generations. Working with WWIA and being able to give back to these Heroes, even if it is only for a weekend in the outdoors, has been a true honor and pleasure for me. I look forward to being a part of WWIA in the future.