John Nolander
Hometown: Northern Idaho
Service: Air Force

John Nolander

I was raised in Northern Idaho where hunting and fishing was a way of life. After high school, I was off to see the world when I enlisted in the Air Force. I served for 22 years as enlisted a linguist, (Russian, Thai, and Vietnamese) assignments as Missile Officer in Wyoming and intelligence officer in Far East and stateside.

After retiring from the Air Force, I settled in "Upstate New York." Currently, I am mostly retired from defense related jobs and living in the beautiful Finger Lakes area of Central/Western New York. I was amazed when I moved here at all the hunting opportunities and the abundance of game. From traditional White Tail Deer hunting in the Adirondacks, to goose hunting around Montezuma Refuge and puddle and diving ducks on the Finger Lakes, our seasons run from early September to mid January. My wife's ancestors were traditional Adirondack Guides. So to continue the tradition, I've become a NY State licensed hunting guide

I've been involved with WWIAF outings here in New York for several years. First as a dog handler for the past five years for what has become a couples weekend that includes pheasant and chukar hunting as well as winery tours and spa treatments for wives; and most recently with the inaugural Finger Lakes Ducks and Bucks event.