Audie Rock Murphy
Hometown: Fort Benning, Georgia
Service: US Army/US Air Force
Rank: Capt

Audie Rock Murphy

I was born on June 23, 1956 at Fort Benning, Georgia. I am the 4th born of 8 children, 3rd son of five. My father, US Army, SFC Dan Beverly Murphy (deceased) was in the 3rd Infantry Division in WWII and the Big Red One in Vietnam. His brother Kenneth F. Murphy was killed in Italy in 1944. He retired in 1966 upon his return from Vietnam.

My brothers and myself developed an early passion for the outdoors, especially hunting and fishing. By the age of ten I was squirrel hunting in the woods and swamps of Kiln, Mississippi and fishing in the Mississippi Sound along the shoreline of my hometown of Bay St. Louis, MS.

In 1974 I graduated from Bay High School and in January of 1975 I enlisted in the US Army. I was assigned to Company C, 1st Battalion, 10th Infantry, 4th Infantry Division Fort Carson, Colorado. While there I had the opportunity to hunt deer and elk in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. It was an awesome experience!

Three and one half years into my four year enlistment, my father died and I was forced to take an early out in order to help my mother care for my three younger siblings that were still at home. During this time I married, had two sons and started college in pursuit of a Criminal Justice degree from the University of Southern Mississippi. I also became a full time police officer as well as a Hancock County Mississippi Deputy Sheriff.

In December of 1983 upon my graduation from USM I received a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Air Force and assigned to the 341st Strategic Missile Wing, 564th Strategic Missile Squadron, Malmstrom AFB, Montana. I was an ICBM Launch Officer.

During my 5½ years at Great Falls, Montana I had the opportunity to hunt deer and elk in the beautiful state of Montana, an experience I highly recommend every hunter try to do at least once in their lifetime.

After leaving Montana I was reassigned to the Command and Control Center of the 487th Missile Wing COMISO in Sicily, Italy. Although it was a great assignment, I missed not being able to hunt or fish for a whole year.

After Sicily I was reassigned to the 33rd Fighter Wing at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. That was an awesome assignment and only 3 hours from my home in Mississippi. I enjoyed hunting and fishing in Florida and Mississippi.

In 1996, while being a former Missile Officer in an F-­‐15 Fighter Wing, I found myself in the middle of Bill Clinton’s military draw down. After being passed over for Major I took an early retirement and moved back to my childhood home in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

Between 2001-­‐2002 I was with and Dyncorp in Kosavo. In 2004 and 2005 I worked for Blackwater Security in Iraq.

I was enjoying the hunting and fishing in my beautiful state until August 29, 2005 when Hurricane Katrina almost wiped my hometown off the face of the earth, taking my home, business and all of our possessions in the process. My wife Joan and myself have since rebuilt a small house where my family’s homestead once stood for over 100 years and have resumed hunting and fishing every chance I get.

My passion is the outdoors. I feel extremely fortunate to live so close to great fishing and hunting. I can launch my boat and go fishing in less than 5 minutes from my house and have we have just leased 1100 acres to hunt only 30 minutes from my door.

Other than my family, (all of my brothers are Veterans and all of my sisters are wives of Veterans) I cannot think of any group I would rather spend my time with, and share my passion of the outdoors with, more than our nations heroes, our Wounded Warriors.

My family and myself are looking forward to sharing many more hunting and fishing adventures with our heroes in the future.