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General FAQ's

What makes Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation different from all the other Wounded Warrior or Veterans Organizations?

Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation (WWIA) is a national 501(c)(3) public charity that devotes all of its energy and resources to supporting Purple Heart recipients, the men and women wounded in combat who were awarded the Purple Heart Medal. WWIA supports these phenomenal Heroes by providing them with the opportunity to participate in world-class outdoor sporting activities in small groups over the course of 2 to 3 days in order to provide peer-to-peer interaction among those with similar experiences.

Is Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation (WWIA) affiliated with any other Wounded Warrior Organizations?

No, WWIA is an independent 501 (c) (3), non-profit organization registered with the IRS. We are not a part of or affiliated with any other organization other than the fact that like other wounded warrior organizations, we all proudly serve Wounded Warriors.

How does WWIA accomplish their mission?

WWIA accomplishes our mission with servant leadership and dedicated focus on the needs and desires of each and every Wounded Warrior. We accomplish the WWIA mission by:

  1. First and foremost, we accomplish our mission by meeting and exceeding our goals of: increasing self-reliance, bolstering self-confidence, enjoying the great outdoors, promoting spiritual healing and wellness, and instilling a sense of belonging for every sponsored Purple Heart recipient at every WWIA event.
  2. Providing tailored world-class outdoor sporting activities in small groups over a period of 2 to 3 days, promoting a deeper bond and peer–to-peer interaction.
  3. Promoting compassion and understanding between Combat Wounded Heroes at all WWIA sponsored events.
  4. Providing a proven and certified WWIA Associate as a mentor and guide for combat wounded American Heroes. Every event is assigned WWIA Associates with unique talents, skills, and experience who aim to serve the specific needs of the Heroes attending to optimize the outdoor sporting activity. View our WWIA Associates
  5. Organizing regional and local community involvement and participation in WWIA sponsored outdoor sporting events that facilitate building long lasting strong relationships between American Heroes and American Sportsmen.

Often times, Wounded Warriors return home after serving our Nation in a different situation than when they left – life in general and their personal and professional lives have changed dramatically. WWIA strives to show these Heroes that they can still experience and accomplish milestones in their life in similar fashion – no matter their current circumstances – WWIA encourages American Heroes to get back In Action. WWIA believes there is no better place to try something totally new or simply pick up where one left off before a deployment than the great outdoors. In short, WWIA-sponsored world class outdoor sporting events are good for the Wounded Warriors because they:

  • Increase self-reliance
  • Bolster self-confidence
  • Allow Heroes to experience the great outdoors
  • Promote spiritual healing and wellness
  • Instill a sense of belonging...

...all while forging and strengthening heartfelt, strong relationships with WWIA Associates and local American Sportsmen – showing a truly grateful and supportive Nation.

Attending an event

I am a Wounded Warrior, but I do not have a Purple Heart. May I still apply?

In order to provide the best possible peer to peer small group interaction, at this time we only serve Purple Heart Recipients.

My Purple Heart is not from OIF or OEF, may I still apply?

Yes, as long as you were wounded in combat and can provide documentation supporting your award of the Purple Heart, we look forward to serving you at a WWIA-sponsored world class outdoor sporting event!

I am a Purple Heart recipient with a lot of disabilities/was severely wounded; can I still apply to attend an event?

Yes, you can! To serve you, all we ask is that you are totally upfront with us regarding what you can and cannot handle and we will work very hard to find or plan an opportunity that matches your abilities. Specifically, if you require a caregiver or a service dog – please let us know that during initial contact / registration. Additionally, if things change as you go through different phases of recovery, please be sure to keep us up to date. We understand that things will change over time as you progress through your healing and we need to know about these changes to serve you best and ensure you a rewarding experience with WWIA.

I just filled out my application, when can I expect to hear from you?

WWIA believes in sponsoring Heroes in very small groups in order to provide better peer-to-peer interaction and best serve individual needs. Of particular note, we are currently serving Heroes who applied over 6 months ago. Please know - we aim to serve you as soon as possible, and we do our best to serve applicants on a first-come/first-served basis. That said, we have encountered situations where a Hero’s situation changes and they are no longer able to attend a scheduled event. In such instances, others on the list may get served earlier than anticipated. Occasionally, with the appreciated support of regional or local American Sportsmen, we are given the opportunity to sponsor an event in a specific geographic area or within a specified driving distance on very short notice. This means that you may be contacted relatively quickly, perhaps even before others who signed up before you, based on your location. In the meantime, be sure to follow us on our Facebook page, Twitter, and by checking out the website!

My address/email/phone number just changed, should I let you know?

Yes, Please! Send us an email at so that we can update your information in our database. If we can't contact you, we can’t serve you - don’t miss an awesome, world-class outdoor sporting adventure!

My availability has changed based on family/work/medical situation. Should I let you know?

Yes, Please! The more we understand about your availability, and specific needs, the better we can match you up with an event that works for you and your schedule. If you keep us in the loop, we can better serve all of our Heroes!


Who are Associates?

WWIA Associates are Purple Heart Heroes or American Sportsmen proven to be dedicated to WWIA. Our Associates provide the link between the Heroes and the hosts on all of our events. They serve as mentors and guides for our Heroes and have unique talents, skills, and experiences to serve the specific needs of the Heroes attending to optimize the outdoor sporting activity for everyone involved.

How do I become an Associate for WWIA?

Associates are selected by the WWIA Staff and current Associates based on the Heroes’ performance at events. They must prove to be successfully reintegrated back into society, show the ability to add value to the Foundation, be committed to assisting our Heroes, have the ability and means to develop an opportunity (either event or fundraiser) and take the steps to show that they want to give back through these means.


I would like to Host an event for Wounded Warriors in my area. What is my first step?

First, please download the "Event Hosting Info Sheet" so that you FULLY understand what it means to host an event and then fill out the hosting an event application. Once we receive the application, the Chief Operating Officer will be in contact with you to discuss your idea and the viability of the event. Even if you would just like to ask some questions about hosting, please still fill out the application so that we have a record of the request. We are happy to answer your questions and talk you through the stages and funding requirements of planning an event after receiving the application.

I filled out the Host on Event link on the website, what happens now?

Once the Host Application is filled out it is electronically sent to our Chief Operations Officer for review. You should expect a phone call from him within 3 days of sending in the application. Important: please remember that he is often out on events serving our Heroes and cannot get back to you right away due to connectivity issues in the field.


I would like to donate money. What is the procedure for that?

Yes! And please do. We have many ways you can donate. There is a "Donate Now" button on our website that takes you through the steps to donate via credit card on a secure site. If you donate online, you will immediately receive a receipt via email. You may also set up a reoccurring/monthly donation through our website using your credit card. If you prefer to send a check, our address is 6516 Dolphin Cove Dr, Apollo Beach, FL 33572. Plan on receiving a thank you note penned from John McDaniel and a receipt within 30 days of your donation. Important: The WWIA 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Tax EIN number is: 26-0718304. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Can I donate through my work/job/business?

Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation participates with the Combined Federal Campaign (#94512), many of the individual State Employees Campaigns (numbers vary by state), as well as with many private businesses through their matching funds program. Please contact the people who handle your paycheck for more information.

I have some used clothing/furniture/equipment that I would like to donate to Veterans. How can I do this?

We truly thank you for wanting to support Veterans, but the WWIA does not have the means or the staff to accept or distribute such used donated items. If you would like to support Veterans with your donated items, please check your local listing for other organizations in your area that accept used items.

Do you accept new and unused items as a donation?

Acceptance of new item donations depends if the items will support our mission. We have many raffles, auctions, and fundraisers across the country and are always looking for items to use at these fundraising events. Please understand, however, if the cost of getting the items to the events is higher than the value of the item, it becomes cost prohibitive. If you have something that you think will work, please contact us at and we will be happy to talk it through with you.

I noticed a way to support a Charity on Amazon; do you participate with that program?

Yes! WWIA is a part of the Amazon Smile Program! Log into your regular Amazon Account and search for Amazon Smile. Once there, you can either type in Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation, or use our EIN number 26-0718304 which links your Amazon account to the WWIA. Every time you log in, start with and then a small percentage will be donated to WWIA with each qualified item. It is a onetime process, so once you are linked with us, your account remains linked until you remove it. We also participate with the MissonFish and Ebay Programs.

I have an old car to donate – can I donate it to you?

WWIA has a link on our website that says “Make a Donation (link)”. Under that heading you will find information about donating your vehicle through V-DAC, Vehicle Donation to Any Charity which provides easy access for donors who wish to support their favorite non-profits by donating a vehicle. Thank you for thinking of us!

If I donate money, how much of those funds are actually used to support Wounded Warriors?

All the money donated is used to support or execute our mission since the Foundation is unable to run without management support. However, what many people want to know is how much is used on overhead (paying the electric bill and paying salaries, etc). Based on our 2014 IRS Tax filings, we are currently using 6.8% to cover expenses, meaning that over 93% is used to support Wounded Warriors directly.


I would like to volunteer with Wounded Warriors in Action, what can I do?

WWIA takes Wounded Warriors out on World Class hunting and fishing events all across the country. There are many ways to get involved, but unless you have an event in your area, it is unlikely that you can volunteer to work directly with a Hero. However, we appreciate all volunteers and there are many ways to help - assisting in fundraising or promoting awareness. If you are interested in finding out more about ways to support WWIA’s mission, please contact us at

There is a WWIA event being held near me. How can I get involved?

WWIA will have an Associate as the lead on this trip and he/she will have a local host for the event. There are many ways you can help out with the event – from fundraising, to providing a meal, transportation, organizing entertainment, or just delivering cookies to the Heroes. You will need to communicate directly with the host to find out how to match your skills and talents with the needs of the event. Contact us first at so that we can put you in contact with the proper person.

I would like to volunteer to host an event, what do I do now?

Please see the FAQ regarding Event Hosting. To fill out the event hosting applicationclick here.

I am a trained guide for hunting/fishing and would like to offer my services. How can I help?

Please contact us directly at to discuss the possibility of donating your talents to our Wounded Warriors in Action Events.