John McDaniel founded Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation (WWIA) in 2007 and established its corporate headquarters in Apollo Beach, Florida. A retired Army officer, John felt that his service to the Nation was not yet finished. "I see a crucial need for mental and spiritual healing in the combat wounded veteran population, and Ive seen how sporting activities in the great outdoors can meet this need," said combat veteran McDaniel. He started as a concerned citizen taking a few Wounded Warriors out on hunting and fishing trips on his own but quickly saw that the need for this kind of healing was greater than he could support on his own. In 2009 WWIA was granted 501c3 Non-Profit status and has been changing the lives of both American Heroes and American Sportsmen all across the country ever since.

Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation now serves over 100 Purple Heart Recipients each year in over 35 states and British Columbia, Canada, and recently added, Cancun, Mexico. Through opportunities like hunting bear, elk, and salmon fishing in Washington State, pheasant hunting in South Dakota, halibut fishing in Alaska, muskie fishing in Wisconsin, and gator hunting in Florida, these Heroes experience a wide variety of opportunities that fulfill lifelong dreams. We now have over 50 dedicated Associates and countless volunteers working across the country to assist WWIA in accomplishing its mission.

Thanks to the generous support of a variety of Veterans service organizations, several community grants and donations, devoted federal employees in the Combined Federal Campaign, and concerned patriots like you, WWIA continues to partner with American Sportsmen and their communities in order to assist more and more deserving Heroes. Additionally, fundraisers are held all across the country in support of the Foundation be sure to check out our Fundraising page to see if there is one near you.

The American Heroes have the opportunity to experience an incredible event and the American Sportsmen have the opportunity to give back to the Warriors that have given so much. WWIA works hard to facilitate these connections and develop future opportunities for both groups. Please feel free to read our Testimonials from both the Heroes and the Sportsmen to see just how important WWIA is in the lives of these great people. Read our Hero Testimonials

Ultimately, the WWIA aims to create Regional Healing Centers across the United States; outdoor sporting centers run by Wounded Warriors for Wounded Warriors. These centers will serve as wildlife conservation models and everlasting retreats for the Brave and the Courageous who so valiantly gave of themselves -- for you. The defined end state is realized once the WWIA has established four (4) fully functional, self-sustaining, multi-faceted, world-class regional outdoor sporting centers, all serving our Wounded Warriors. The regional centers will be run by select Wounded Warriors themselves, providing employment opportunities for those who express the desire and capability. The proceeds generated by the regional centers will be used to help support the principles of good conservation and healing our Wounded Warriors and their families. Additionally, we will continue to host world class experiences all across the country offering a huge variety of opportunities and serving more Wounded Warriors than ever before.

WWIA plans to assist Heroes for many years to come. Together, with your support, we continue to build a Foundation that stands the test of time and serves as a constant reminder of our commitment to the Wounded Warrior healing process. With your assistance, WWIA will succeed in aiding Wounded Warriors in overcoming insurmountable odds and repay a debt of gratitude for the great sacrifices they've made.