Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation


I must say that this experience will be etched within my life forever. The tremendous people that you meet while engaging this activity is the kind of people that you want to surround yourself around, because they are brothers in arms. I got excited about the gator trip the first time I heard about it. Hands down this is a world class act and I am sure that it took so much time to prepare that I will never be able to get the right words out that mean how I feel about the hard working people that do the stuff without receiving thanks so John and every other Warrior God Bless and Godspeed. Thanks,

-A. Hauser, Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you for all that you do in the marvelous Wounded Warriors in Action program. You do so much for these wonderful men who protect us in the U.S.A. I needed to see this and be part of this as much as anyone. More needs to be done for our service men so they know we care. Tim and Wally were the best – God bless them. God bless you, John and those who work with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

-M. Reisdorf, Event Host

Time to kill some deer. Nothing makes me more happy than being outside in the woods, with nature, hunting from dawn to dusk. This event was a great time. It was easy to see that everyone involved put forth a great amount of time and effort to make sure we all had a wonderful time. Thanks to all.

-J. Wilson, Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you for what you do. It was a blessing and honor to meet these men. I also know this is something my children will have with them always and will be life changing. Love,

-C. Ingram, Event Host

A chance email and your quick response revealed your spirit and honor.  As I have gotten to know you, your strength of character has also come into play.  It gives me hope that there are folks like you and your wife who care about the special people who serve and are injured while serving.  Our deer hunt at Hudson Farm cemented our friendship and widened our circle.  God bless you for serving those who served and protected us.  May your dreams become reality and I hope to play a small part.

-P. Galie, Event Supporter

I just recently started working at Hudson Farm full time. I am so glad that I was here to experience the visit from you and your wounded warriors.  I feel so privileged to have met such wonderful, strong, caring people.  Its not every day you meet people that were put through such challenging events and find that they came out of it with still such an amazing outlook on life.  Cooney, Cesar, Mark and Victor all showed me what life is really all about.  By meeting these people it showed me to really appreciate life and all God has blessed us with.  Thank you for serving us and our country and thank you for making me want to be a better person.  I will never forget you or your time at Hudson Farm.  I hope you all come back again and we will make you all the portable breakfast sandwiches you want!  Take care and God bless you.

-C. Morgan, Event Supporter

Thank you for allowing us to experience and share so many memories with you and your group.  It has been a wonderful experience to share our time and stories with your guys.  I have never met a group of people with such an amazing outlook on life.  It has been an honor to be with these heroes.  You are an inspiration to all of us.  Good luck and best wishes to all of you and your future endeavors.

-J. Wunderlich, NJ Chapter

This is my final morning at Camp Hackett. The time I spent here learning to hunt and fish has been amazing. Jake has been like a good ol’ buddy from way back, as if he served on my left or my right in combat. The whole experience has been a blessing to me; to be able to experience the north woods and take the most important things back “knowledge and friendship” even though I didn’t harvest a deer of any sort. I have been truly honored to be part of this organization and I am forever grateful to it and the great Americans that make it possible. Thank you John, Jake, Steve, Zack and the whole Beadle family and the rest of this community of patriots.

-N. Helmuth, Purple Heart Recipient


These last few days have been really nice here in the Keys with John, catching a lot of different types of fish. It is great to get away from everything and having time to myself.  The thing I liked most of all is having someone that I can talk to and being able to relate about the same issues.  John and his foundation (WWIA) has been by far the nicest thing that has happened to me and my family.  No one has done this for me since I came home.  It was a privilege and an honor to be here. I hope other Purple Heart recipients can learn about this foundation.  I hope that this foundation grows and helps others the way it did me. Thank you,

-S. Mills, Purple Heart Recipient

Well, we finished our two and half days of fishing down in Sugarloaf Keys.  What a great and wonderful time.  I hooked up my first tarpon on this trip, even though I did not land him.  Although, we loaded up on snapper and mackerel and we had some fresh fish for dinner that evening.  John hooked a beautiful snook which I hadn’t seen before, in person. I also caught some barracuda other varieties of fish.  I was the first person, aside John, to throw a cast net off the boat to catch bait fish.  One of the best experiences was to hook a 6-7 foot lemon shark that weighed about 115 lbs. I had to work at him for about an hour and 10 minutes, this experience was great!  John is a great person with lot of knowledge.  I learned a ton about flats fishing, which I always wanted to learn about, but never had the opportunity to do so until now. I am going to do everything I can to help John get more people involved and get more vets like myself, who gave so much to this great nation a chance to let go.  A chance to get away from the world and something new and something they love. Thank you so much John for everything you done and for sharing all your knowledge. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to come down here and do something I always wanted to. P.S see you in November up at Camp Hackett. Yours truly,

-J. Salazar, Purple Heart Recipient