Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation


On behalf of everyone involved with the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust, let me thank you for WWIA’s work with the combat wounded, Purple Heart Veterans. You have taken a great step in providing new and unique rehabilitation opportunities to veterans with a range of profound disabilities.  You’re holding out the prospect of a new life for veterans.  You’re sharing the excitement of new therapeutic approaches to veterans who have suffered amputations and other physical disabilities.  And you’re making sure disabled veterans learn life can get better. Best wishes to all. Sincerely,

-S. Schalk, Grant Specialist, Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust

My hunting experience at Camp Hackett was gratifying and better than expected. The deer hunt reminded me of the type of hunts I use to go on as a young man. In other words it was a tough hunt and definitely not for the first time hunter as the founder John McDaniel explained to me over the phone when I received his long awaited call. John gave me several choices of easier hunts where harvesting a deer was fairly simple but when John gave a description of Camp Hackett in the Northern region of Wisconsin where there was an opportunity to bow hunt a trophy buck of a lifetime, when I heard this all I said was “Hackett” that’s where I want to go. There were no bait piles or feeders on the property to attract the deer right to your tree stand. There were a few food plots on the property but I didn’t choose to hunt over one. On this hunt I had seen only 6 does and 1 8 pt. buck . The buck was too small though and didn’t meet the criteria of a trophy so he lives for another year for another Hero to possibly shoot. John and his guides Jake and Matt who are combat wounded vets did a great job and made every effort to make this a successful hunt for me. I can’t describe this hunt in one word but I will say the guys are very professional, accommodating and sincere.  I think I left Camp Hackett a different person than how I arrived and as a combat wounded soldier this type of experience can only help with my recovery. Thank you John for your integrity, honesty and camaraderie, you have always taken care of soldiers as an officer and it is obvious that you will continue this mission until it’s complete. Respectfully,

-K. Katter, Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you so much for starting the WWIA foundation, and putting on these hunts.  It was so awesome to get out on the water and blast away at tons of ducks, and to see all of the support from the community and all the men and women that came together to make this hunt happen.  Tim was a wonderful host and did a great job on executing the mission.  It was the best hunt that I’ve ever been on in my life.

-D. Hayenga, Purple Heart Recipient

What a trip!! 68 Bass were caught between us with even more that got away.  I even caught the 3rd largest bass I have EVER caught before.  What a trip!!  It is people such as you who give us veterans a good name. Your dedication to the WWIA is amazing.  To start something like this is not only remarkable, but inspiring as well.  It shows what kind of Soldier you are, and what you are about.  I have met many people who talk a good game about helping others but very few who actually follow through.  Thank you for the great experience you have left for me to remember for a long time.  But thank you again and even more for not only being here for us but caring enough to help at all.  I have always been a great judge of character and I know that every soldier, in or ex that crosses your path will be the better for it!!
Keep up the great times

-G. Litzler, Purple Heart Recipient

God bless you for your efforts with your organization. Brian, Doug and Brad had such a phenomenal operation hunting ducks here at the Squaw Creek Refuge. I am not an experienced duck hunter, but now I am hooked. Thanks again and stay in touch.

-J. Houghton, Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you for a great hunt you put on and I come here being depressed about life and found out to live my dreams out and strive to do the right thing always. John, you light the fire in my belly again and to have a passion for life. Thanks.

-M. Diehn, Purple Heart Recipient

So there I was deep in the forest, surrounded only by trees and the spirit of the beast who I knew was lurking nearby. One night after a long day of hunting, John decided he was going to partake in a manhunt. I decided that this was a moment I needed to seize and I asked if I could join him. Game on. This hunt was what hunters dream about packing in all your gear, climbing up a tree, placing your stand, and waiting for the monster . We hiked in, stored our gear and went to survey the area. John was on point and took me to the edge of the Beaver Pond. We crouched there under two giant pines to gaze upon a majestic Eagle flying overhead. In my eyes, this was a sign. Today was going to be a spectacular day. I picked out a spot, policed up all my gear, established a rally point with John and departed to my site. Upon arrival, I limb up the tree and place my climber. Now we play the waiting game. Forty five minutes later, along comes a small 6 point just prancing through the forest without a care in the world. I observe him for about 10 minutes before he prances off. Darkness falls and we begin our trek back to camp. That was what hunting is all about.

This being my second entry, I still have some thanks to give out. Tom and Brad, thanks for introducing me to Muskie fishing on a fly rod. That was eye opening and a great day on the river. Jake, your hard work and light spirit kept camp going. Thanks for all the insight and friendship during this weekend. I’ll keep in touch. Finally John and Kellie, you know the drill but its worth repeating. You are the backbone of the foundation and an inspiration to us all. Your dedication and unselfishness are monumental in the foundation and it is apparent to the Warriors. I am glad to have been able to hunt with you as well as share some thoughts and ideas. You are all truly patriots and friends. Thank you again for the experience of a lifetime and memories that will last forever.

Semper Fidelis

-J. Krueger, Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you so much for inviting me to come down and hunt with yourself, Jake, Josh, Lonnie and Michael. It has been an awesome experience being able to come to Wisconsin and try hunting outside the UP of Michigan. Camp Hackett is a special place and a sportsman’s paradise. If you ever have another opening for someone with a stick and a string to come down and hunt, be sure to give me a call. Once again, thank you so much. I am bummed that I’ll be missing out on the Chippewa River Muskie Fishing trip you guys are going on tomorrow. The best of luck to you guys. You are doing a great thing with the WWIA and I’ll be in touch with you to see how things are going. Take care and good luck hunting.

-D. Van Buren, Purple Heart Recipient

I would like to thank WWIAF for the opportunity of a lifetime that I just experienced – a whitetail deer hunt in Missouri! Something I always dreamed about but never imagined something like this would ever happen to me! After receiving the invitation to participate, I began counting down the days….just like a child waiting for Santa to come. Never in my wildest dreams could I have ever imagined what was in store for me …From the beginning of this experience, everything was planned and run like a clock. The accommodations at Napier Hunt Club were first class. WWIAF made sure that we wanted for nothing….if they didnt already have it – all you had to do was ask. Everyone there went above and beyond to make sure we were welcome, comfortable and having the time of our lives. The experience, hospitality and comraderie was without question beyond belief. I went there as a stranger and came home with new friendships and an enlarged family. I would also like to thank all the volunteers who gave up their time in their own lives to help out with the hunt to make sure everything ran smoothly…and that the 10 “warriors” had the time of their life!….great job! It seemed like the entire community came together for the MoKan Ducks & Bucks event – even the school children. I was very touched by the cards and momentos that the children made for us. I will treasure the things the kids made for us forever! When I tell my friends and family about the hunt, the last thing they hear is, “oh, yeah I got a buck.” I went with the expectation and hopes of getting a big buck but after I got there, suddenly that was not the important thing anymore.
Thanks to everyone from the bottom of my heart!
-R. Falcone, Purple Heart Recipient