Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation


Every event that I’m fortunate enough to participate in is an adventure.  There are many facets that make these events so special.  The first would most likely be thought of as getting away from an everyday stressful and hard lifestyle.  For some the struggle/work might be making ends meet financially, being married and supporting a spouse and kids or finding a new profession (one that is rewarding and appreciated).  One thing that it seems all of us warriors continuously fight to understand are things like: fitting into the mainstream of society, how best to make a difference like I used to, why are civilian’s morals and values so different than mine and those I served with, and the thought of not being at the pinnacle of life itself , defying death and protecting and being protected by your brothers and sisters fighting along side of you.  You struggle with that loss of identity and strive to have that impact on those around you.  Those struggles often lead to an inability to relax and breathe.  These events like the 9th annual Wisconsin Cast & Blast allocate the time into a Warrior’s life providing a true moment to slow down, listen to the wilderness around us and breathe.  It is natural, hunting and fishing are so primitive, in a way it forces us to relax and focus.  The camaraderie is the second aspect that makes these events so special.  Warrior cultures that we are accustomed to are based on simple morals and values like respect, honesty, brother/sisterhood, hard work and a lot of sacrifice.  In today’s society, it’s sad to say that people with these like norms are scarce.  Warriors feel comfortable and desire to be with these like people, typically other military and prior service members.  When warriors like Blake, Dan, Guy, Thomas and Tony Kopchinski get together there is that immediate connection.  The feeling of someone having your back and having proven to have sacrificed him/her self for you or those just like you.  Although we may think “It’s only us” that can connect in this manner, the people who host the Wisconsin Cast & Blast, Todd and Dawn Bohm, Mike, Bill, Big Todd and all those that are involved with the event, share those similar values.  It’s that likeness that helps us Warriors feel more connected with our society.  They treat us like we treat each other, that is both rare and special.  The group dynamics of this event were excellent and what many of us Warriors strive to achieve in our post military careers.  Warriors share with other Warriors and people they feel comfortable with, like the Bohm’s, Tony and all the volunteers that helped make this event the success it was.  We shared stories , feelings, good and bad experiences, tips to overcome obstacles in our individual lives, as well as tips to help better each other professionally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally and even helpful insights for programs designed to help us.  This event was the catalyst for all these facets to come together.  The intuition and realization of both the WWIA Founder and the individual event hosts, such as the ones on this event, are absolutely incredible.  The friendships, relationships and memories will leave a beneficial impact for all of us involved.  God Bless these extraordinary people who gave this to all of us Warriors, thank you!

-J. French, US Army
WWIA Guide
Purple Heart Recipient

I just want to thank WWIA for the wonderful time to reconnect with my wife and with other couples who have experienced similar challenges.  Brad and Julie are the epitome of gracious hosts.  Our Guides, Gabe and Crystal were awesome.  This is time well spent.

-Q. Collins, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

I just want to thank you all for such an amazing respite opportunity. I would have never thought that a fishing trip would have been so much fun. Not only did we have an awesome time, but we were treated to an absolutely unbelievable time. Who would have ever guessed that the WWIA group would bring three couples whose husbands served together and all suffering from the same wounds. As the spouse it was an honor to finally meet the men who served with my husband and to meet the spouses that know exactly how I feel. I cannot thank you all enough, especially our hosts Brad and Julie and the Guides, Crystal and Gabe. We are so grateful and thankful. You all were amazing. I would also like to thank the hospitality of Fred the dog and Sid the cat for sharing their home, their vehicles, but especially their absolutely wonderful humans, Brad and Julie and Kathy and Dan.

-M. Collins

We can’t begin to tell you how much we enjoyed ourselves here. The weather was perfect as was the program and our hosts. We can’t thank Julie and Brad enough for opening their house and hearts to us. The staff should be and will be thanked as well. It takes a special kind of person to do what they do.

-S. and W. Fulton, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient and Spouse

It is difficult to find the words to express our gratitude for all you have done for us for four days in April. You have shared your home, your food, your pets, Fred and Sid, but most of all your love for your fellow man and your friends that you are blessed to have. We typically don’t take from others without giving in return, yet we know you expect nothing in return. Hopefully our appreciation for this trip is enough for now. This will always be a moment to remember and cherish. Our hearts have surely grown through this experience.
I don’t mean to sound humble, yet it was tough to accept your generosity at first. The young man that honestly deserves this died 50 years ago. I was wounded trying to save the life of a young man from West Virginia that in turn gave his life for me. I came her in honor of him. Thank you Brad, Julie, Dan, Kathy, Crystal and Gabe. God Bless you.

-E. and J. McClure, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient and Spouse

I can’t express how grateful I am. The hosts were the true heroes this weekend. I have been on a roller coaster with life over the past 18 months. It sure was nice to slow down for a long weekend. Thank you to everyone that had a hand in this event.

-J. Hardy, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

I had a wonderful time. The trip was well put together. Everyone treated me with respect and most of all I felt like family rather than a guest.

-M. Weisheit, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

I would like to thank everyone involved in the WWIA Foundation. The hunt I was invited to attend was amazing. I had all but given up on society, thinking that no one really cares about veterans anymore or if they ever really did. My mind has been changed. I now know that there are at least some people that give up their time, money, and homes to help us feel normal (if only for just a few days). It was good to be around other veterans, people who would laugh at a joke I told instead of looking at me like I have two heads. The woods have always been a safe place for me. A way to get away from my stresses. The time I spent in Western Pennsylvania felt like a miracle. Since my time in the Army I have never felt more at home (other than being home). The only time in years I haven’t felt out of place or a burden. It was good for the soul to connect with people who I felt like truly cared for me. I cannot thank you all enough,

-G. Croft, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

WWIA, Jeremy, Dan, Frank, Jason and Steve. Thanks for the wonderful experience hunting and sharing time with like minded people, it was needed and great. I hope to come back.

-D. Kachmar, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

I would like to thank everyone involved. I came here to try something new. I really enjoyed it and met a lot of wonderful people. Thank you for the experience.

-R. Rodriguez, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient