Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

2013 Testimonials



January 2013 NC OBX

I would like to thank John McDaniel for founding this fine WWIA organization. Also, I would like to thank Tim Spence, Bob Shaffer for asking me to help with the annual Duck Hunt on (Currituck Sound). It is such an honor to meet and associate with a few of the finest Heroes that deserve a lot more than we could ever give back. If I can ever help with any events, please let me know. Looking forward to our spring turkey hunt. Thanks again.

-J. Jones

I have a hard time getting out and doing things outside around people. WWIA has moved me closer to being better & normal. This event was awesome; the hunting, hang gliding & being around other wounded vets. I want to thank everyone for this opportunity. Had a blast.

-Purple Heart Recipient

I would like to take a moment and thank Tim Spence and John McDaniel for allowing me to assist with this year’s Eastern NC Coastal Duck Hunt. Two years ago, I was a participant in the Camp Hackett Trophy Deer Hunt. I remember how excited I was to be able to participate in such a great event. I now enjoy seeing the smiles and excitement in other fellow wounded warriors. Assisting with these events fills me with pride knowing that what I do helps to heal these fine heroes. I am proud to be associated with WWIA and would be greatly honored to continue to serve this fine organization. The other Duck Commander!

-B. Shaffer

American HEROES. American Sportsmen! Tim and Bob and everyone that put this together are the definition of that statement. I have made lifelong Brothers. The Ducks were flying and dying, and the swan was dive bombing. Incredible people all around and I feel so blessed to be included with such incredible company! Every goal I set for myself this trip was achieved: Get my first Duck Clean & dress my first duck Relax with my fellow brothers Get addicted to hunting
Thank you so much! This was one of the best weekend I have had, and the first since my injuries I truly felt comfortable and happy just enjoying being “me” with my brothers.
18rds=1 miracle duck
God Bless & Thank you!
I hope I can repay the kindness!

-S. Milo, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

A big thank you to Larry, Tim Brown, Tim Spence, Bob Shaffer for allowing me to be a part of yet another wonderful experience! A chance to meet some fantastic guys and to be a part of 4 Warriors Duck hunt experiences! The fellowship was great, the food was unbelievable. Just a thank you to all who served our country. Thank you for your service. Looking forward to May N.C. Cast and Blast.

-G. Edwards

What an amazing group of guys!! What an amazing organization!! Just being able to be around other folks that have been through and have faced the same uphill battles was phenomenal. Then to understand and see firsthand that all of this is done and sponsored by folks from the kindness of their heart…. there are no words!! Not a single organization I have been involved with has ever done anything that did not benefit them in one way or another. NOT THESE GUYS!! Thank you so much for a wonderful time and experience!! Can never be duplicated. Semper fi Brothers.

-N. Fox, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

What a great get together this was. Thank you guys for the great hunt and camaraderie. The food was fantastic. It means a lot to me to meet the other veterans and have a good time hunting and talking. I’ve never anyone thank me for serving our country, so this was very special to me. Thank you guys for everything. The W.W.I.A. is a very special bunch of people. God bless you all for a wonderful weekend.

-D. Thompson, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

January 2013 MD Duck & Goose

It was an honor to come on this trip. When I joined the Guard, it made me feel like I was a member of a great family. When I was hit I felt like I lost a good family. When I got the call on this trip I got that feeling again. Now I have 5 great friends’ and they are true heroes in my book. If ever you need anything, please feel free to call me. God Bless,

-M. Gary, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

It was a great honor to be a part of this trip and get to meet some great wounded warriors that became great friends as if we all knew each other forever. The host, Brian and all his family were very nice and made the experience even better for me and my first time waterfowl hunting. I enjoyed it more than anything and it was above and beyond anything I expected. Thanks John and Tim.

-D. Halek, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

It has been a pleasure and an honor to have our heroes join us for this hunt. I feel blessed to get to know you. Please know how grateful I am for your service.

-M. Wegener

An honor to share this blessing you all have risked your life to secure. I will never take it for granted of this freedom and liberty.

-B. Wegener

WWIA! I felt honored all weekend to be in your presence. You are my Heroes. I appreciated the communion with fellow men and their stories about their conquests and service. I support what you did, I support what your next conquest will be. Take care of yourselves and always know you were, are and always will be American Heroes!

-J. Coleman

With all my gratitude, I could never thank the brave men and women who chose to lay down their lives to protect our country and our people. I greatly appreciate the sharing of part of that camaraderie this weekend. To be pulled into this eco-system which I hope will become a time-honored tradition. Where communities through their actions can start to share in some small way with our bravest protectors the bedrock values that their service secured. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Thank you all so much for caring and until our paths meet again, let’s get fired up y’all!

-N. Wegener

May 2013 KS Cast & Blast

Day 1: West to Cawker City, KS, met the team, had fellowship, great!
Day 2: Went hunting for the first time for turkey, missed, but had a great time. New people, all cool, slept for first time in long time
Day 3: Got a big turkey. Cool. Had a blast, great people, great time. Went to dinner, had a blast.
Day 4: Went to hunt, meet the team, had a blast!!! Played some cards, laughed!
Day 5: Taking time off. Good people, relaxed.
Day 6: Went home, happy, mentally alert, felt new.
This event meant the world to me. Ilaughed, relaxed, met great people. I felt like I did before, meaning and purpose. This event saved my life. Gave me a chance to get back what I thought I had lost. God bless the WWIA

-F. Casson, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

The last 5 days have been an experience that I feel honored to have been given the opportunity to participate in. The men that came to this event had never met, but over the short period of time have formed a bond that will never be broken. It has been a very refreshing experience to be around these men and try to give back anything in any way to show our appreciation for the sacrifice they have made for our great country. I salute all our Wounded Warriors and pray that through organizations like this they can find peace and healing and move forward in life. Above and beyond this I hope they can be proud of who they are and what they have done for our country. This has been an honor and a privilege to spend time with these men and I will keep in touch with all of them.

-D. Bender, USMC

June 2013 Phelps Fishing

Just finishing up my trip in Phelps WI. Came up here with WWIA for a fishing trip. Had an amazing time. My boat caught 80 walleyes in two days. This experience has been an important step in any recovery. I am thankful for what John does and I hope to attend another event someday.

-K. Lamb, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Took the trip to Phelps, WI for a nice time fishing. Caught lots of walleye in the two days I was up here. The people up here have taken good care of us. I have to say this is definitely one trip that I will never forget. Hope to meet all those people again down the road.

-N. Gibbs, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

I really am grateful for the time spent with other soldiers and the sportsmen that took us out fishing.

D. Smith, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

I cannot say enough thanks to the other wounded warriors, Kurtiss, Nathan, Dale and also his father. All of which I had the pleasure of meeting and had a great time fishing with. I thank each one for their service to our country! I also want to thank John and Scott for planning and making possible a great event.

-D. Riley, US Navy
Purple Heart Recipient

August 2013 Lake Erie Walleye

What a wonderful event! Hands down one of the best community supported events I have witnessed, enabling further camaraderie between combat wounded veterans. The fishing was great, the socialization beyond words. Too bad it had to end. WWIA continues to impress and I hope the trend continues.

-B. Gray, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

This was a truly remarkable experience for me. I had never done any kind of fishing like this before and wasn’t sure what to expect. I think the best part for me was seeing and feeling all the love and support from the many people who volunteered their time and money to host and coordinate this spectacular event. I think we all at some point and in some way, take for granted the sacrifices we all make for each other. I don’t know if every WWIA event runs as well as this one, but I am sure my next experience will be a good one. The opportunity I’ve been given to meet fellow “Heroes” and specially to spend time with Tim Spence, my platoon sergeant from my tour in Iraq have made this a great trip.
I really needed this. Strength and honor

-W. Hayes, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

The weekend was great and their si nothing bad I can think of. Lake fishing is something I experienced for the first time here. Having non-chartered captains volunteer was one way that made this trip amazing. The motorcycle escort gave me chills. Not fishing Sunday just gave us more time to talk and help the healing process. I will tell other wounded vets of WWIA. Great organization!
Thank you,

-Brian Beckwith, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

We drove from PA to the state of Ohio. Ashtabula is located in Northeastern part of Ohio. It didn’t take long to realize that it is a friendly and welcoming town. I met up with four other Purple Heart recipients from Kentucky, Ohio and North Carolina. What a great group of fellows. We met our captains for the upcoming fishing weekend. The town welcomed us with a flag waving experience. The fishing was great! The host was wonderful. It was a weekend that I will never forget. Thank you, Wounded Warriors in Action.

-B. Lord, US Army Vietnam
Purple Heart Recipient

This weekend was one of the best experiences I have been a part of for a very long time. Being able to spend time with other veterans and great volunteers has really reminded me there are still great people around. I would really like to volunteer for WWIA in the future. Thank you to everyone involved, couldn’t have made it a better mission.

-R. Hinkle, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Thanks for the great memories. This trip was very relaxing and a great break from the hectic life I have made for myself. You guys at WWIA know how to make a person feel like a hero. From the fishing to the bike parade to the talks at the fire pit, all was great. Thank you.

-B. Boice, USMC, Vietnam
Purple Heart Recipient

When I was asked to be a part of this event I was honored and thrilled to be a part. Being in the fire service, I can speak for the term brotherhood and the bond that grows between yourself and your brothers. We lost 343 brothers on 911 and I know a lot of young men joined the service because of that. Many sacrifices were made, some didn’t’ come home and some came home changed for life. After this weekend and a chance to serve in the content of cooking and feeding that I enjoy so much. I can only say thank you for your service and sacrifice and thank you Tim for the opportunity to give back from my heart my services as “cookie” for the weekend. God Bless you, your family and all your efforts to make the lives of our heroes better.

-J. Kallay

This is the second time I’ve been involved with this weekend. I cannot put into words how grateful I am to be involved. The heroes are the best in my eyes. I wish we could do this more often. My hope is to be involved for many years to come. The WWIA is a fine organization with a wonderful group of Associates who truly care about the heroes.
Thank you all for allowing me to say “thanks” for myself and my family!

-L. Fielder

September 2013 NY Upland Bird & Couples Retreat

Laura and I wanted to take a few brief moments of our day to express how thankful we both are to have participated in the 2013 Wounded Warriors in Action (WWIA) couples retreat in Upstate New York this month. We are very blessed and humbled by the wonderful people who helped raise the money and dedicated their time and resources to put this event together. We had a wonderful weekend filled with fun and good memories that will surely last a lifetime. As a wounded service member, I can personally say, that this WWIA trip will help keep me motivated on my path to recovery from all my combat related injuries. Your devotion, love and support helped give me the strength to continue my medical appointments upon my return from New York. I have a fresh outlook and knew perspective on paying it forward and I hope that you all continue to help support many more veterans’ over the years to come. God bless you all and thank you very much for making one weekend out of the year, a special celebration for my wife and me.

-D. and L. Marino, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

John, my husband and I would just like to thank you for the amazing weekend and experience we had while in Upstate NY with Jim and Mary Lou Reisdorf. This program has given my husband so much joy and has given me peace of mind knowing that the people responsible for each event understand the nature of his injuries and work with him while he is out hunting or on the lake fishing. Jim and Mary Lou are amazing people and did such a great job putting together what was one of the best weekends we have had since my husband was medically retired from the Army. I could think of no one better to host that weekend then the two of them. Thank You Again

-N. and S. Gibbs, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

We had an outstanding weekend. It was emotional draining in a good way. It was nice to be around other people that are going through the same thing as me and Shannon are. Shannon doesn’t talk to many wives of veterans and I feel that it was very helpful for her to understand that some of the things that we are going through are normal. I really enjoyed every part of the weekend and can’t wait to get my birds back from being mounted. I felt overcome with emotion after the weekend and did some soul searching to make sure that I am headed in the direction I want to take for Shannon and my son John. It was really good to be around Jim because he had a very successful life outside of the service. It was inspirational to meet him and be around Lou. It was a reminder that with school and hard work, I can be successful and happy. Thank you for the great weekend and the experience.

-S. Messier, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing Pheasant Hunt and Couples Retreat in New York that we were privileged to have been a part of. From the moment we got to New York, we were in a completely relaxed atmosphere. We cannot say enough of the generosity, genuine caring, and compassion from everyone involved with this event, especially Jim and Marylou. They made us feel like family from the first moment we met them.
What we feel makes this event so unique is that that our spouses were a part of this event. For Cathy and me, we both have Purple Hearts, but we enjoy doing things together and feel more comfortable when we are out and about together due to our injuries. No one knows and understands what we go through, or what our specific issues are on a daily basis but our spouses. We rely on each other and feel more comfortable knowing each other is there.
Cathy had an amazing time with the spouses, it was an instant connection with the ladies. Marylou and her friends provided an extraordinary escape within a relaxing atmosphere for all the spouses while the guys hunted. They were able to relax and talk while sharing their experiences and resources available for disabled veterans. Having the other spouses there gave each of them the opportunity to realize they are not alone in the daily challenges their veterans face. Although each veteran is unique, they have similar mindset and the same struggles. This was a special opportunity for the spouses to come together, form friendships and feel the military spouse bond, even though their soldier is retired.
The pheasant hunting was awesome! But, it was not just the hunting, it was the fellowship with my fellow veterans and the all the volunteers who gave of the time and from their heart. There is a special healing that is difficult to explain when I get in the woods to hunt. It immediately calms me being in the woods or in a field in a country atmosphere. I was very at ease which doesn’t happen too often. The volunteers were very accommodating. They were very in tune to each of our injuries. I feel bad because I was the one who held up the other Warrior’s because of my restriction to walk at a regular pace. The dog handlers were very gracious with keeping their dogs close enough to myself and other Warrior’s so we all got a chance to shoot.
It was not the shooting that was so important, it was the fellowship and friends we all made over the time we were there. The friendships we made by just hanging around the lodge or watching the dogs work will last longer than then meat we were blessed to harvest. The ultimate harvest was the friendships we made, and the connections are wives made with each other. It was truly a healing weekend for the vets and the wives also. Thank you so much for the chance and honor to be chosen to be a part of something so special.
I looked at your list of opportunities on the WWIA website. There is a pig hunt scheduled in Tennessee. I contacted the lodge and both Cathy and I have signed up to volunteer for the event. We want to give back to WWIA, to pay it forward for other vets to have the amazing, life changing experience that we both have had with the Pheasant Hunt an Couples Retreat in New York. Thank you very much

-T. Shaw and C. Shaw, US Army
Purple Heart Recipients

This year Jim and I hosted our 4th Annual NY Bird Hunt and 2nd Annual Couples Retreat. It is hard to describe all the emotions of sharing with these eight wonderful individuals. The sharing of injuries, pain, trauma, and also all the love and happy moments in their lives. I admire each of them for their service to our great country and their strength, courage, love and especially the unconditional support they maintain for each other. I feel so honored to be part of their lives and to be able to give back to them a time to enjoy an outdoor experience in their healing process. God bless them and may each of them heal well.

-Mary Lou Reisdorf

The 4th Annual NY Upstate Bird Hunt Couples Retreat was the most attention demanding, emotionally challenging and spiritually rewarding event that I have ever hosted. The couples who attended, David and Laura Marino, Todd and Catherine Shaw, Scott and Shannon Messier, and Nathan and Sabrina Gibbs were an inspiration to everyone they met. They all brought with them a team spirit and camaraderie that was enjoyable to observe and wonderful to be a part of. They will always be my friends and hero’s. Let the healing continue.

-J. Reisdorf

September 2013 Pink Fest – WA Salmon

Hi John, Corrina, & Johnny Mac, it doesn’t seem like a week has already gone by since I was fishing for the most salmon I have ever seen in my life. I can say without a doubt that I had never seen so many fish jumping on a hook as I did on 21 & 22 September 2013. The fact that we caught over 150 fish each day. Now granted I wasn’t having quite as good of luck as the other guys on the boat but I still had a blast. My arms were sore for a few days from all the reeling we did. John did an awesome job of taking us to the right spots to ensure there were enough fish to keep all of us busy.
I would also like to express my gratitude to all the town people who came out on Saturday to honor us. It was an honor to have so many people gathered to show their support and warm thanks for our service to this nation. The barbecue was excellent, and the fresh salmon tasted great. The fact that this weekend was also the ribbon cutting ceremony of the veteran bunkhouse just added to all the great things that were being done in our honor and being there was a great honor for me.
I can’t put into words all my feelings about the weekend and everything that John & Corrina did for all of us. The breakfast sandwiches each morning was just one of the many things that both John & Corrina did/do for their guests making us feel not just welcomed but a part of their family. It is the type of treatment that makes you want to come back again and again. I felt comfortable around them almost immediately just because of the way John & Corrina make you a part of their extended family.
I honestly can’t tell you how I found WWIA but I am sure glad I did. I’ll have no problem telling others about WWIA and recommending them to any and all veterans that I meet. I can’t thank John McDaniel enough for thinking of this idea and more for taking the idea and making it into reality. The selfless sacrifice you make of your time and energy to keep this organization running from day to day. Also, a HUGE thank you needs to go out to all the other volunteers who give of their time so freely helping to make this organization the success that it is. I want to thank everyone for a great weekend and can’t wait for my next adventure with WWIA and look forward to seeing John & Corrina again too.

-Rick White, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Upon my arrival to Rockport, I was very nervous; not knowing what to expect in conjunction with the fear of being the only fisherman to not catch any game due to a loss of feeling in my hands. However, with your support and hospitality, I was able to overcome my nerves and find comfort and relaxation almost immediately. That is very surprising to me, because I’m not usually a person that can find comfort in an unusual place. I don’t have the words to properly describe exactly what the trip meant to me during this stressful time in my life. This period where I face medical retirement from the Military that I have spent the majority of my adult life and have grown to love. At times, this period of my life seems dark and helpless, but this trip has brought light and hope to me. I was given the opportunity to build relationships with fellow Veterans, Veterans that have also transitioned from the military and have done so successfully. They offered advice and insight for my journey into the unknown and have helped me to find comfort and see that there is always life and hope around every blind curve; an experience that has proven to be one of the most invaluable experiences of my life. One of my favorite aspects of the trip was the cabin that you had built, which offered an open-bay concept affording us Veterans an opportunity to conjoin and bond through joke and conversation as we wind-down for bedtime. John, the fishing was amazing! Never in my life had I caught so many fish, especially fish of that size! Not to mention the incredible boat and gear that we used. Corrina, the food and hospitality were beyond compare, and I couldn’t be more grateful! This experience that you have offered to us will be cherished by us all, and if there is every anything that I can do for the Wounded Warrior in Action program, please let me know! I wish you both the best in all that you do, and I hope to hear from and you see you again soon. God bless.

-Pedro Colunga, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

September 2013 FL Gator Hunt

Thank you for all the great memories! They will last for a lifetime! Made some great friends! Thank you!
-D. Fleenor, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Pat and Dixon put on a great hunt. People have to know it is about more than the hunt though. It’s about the people you meet. Small towns all across America care and try to do their part. Those people that helped this event are the real heroes. Anyone can donate money, it’s their time and showing us their craft that means the most.

-A. Frahm, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Best four days spent bonding and sharing the experience and moments with real heroes. Enjoyed the time spent with the people of Melbourne, FL. The support shown by the local community and Association was amazing, thanks for everything.

-M. Martinez, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

October 2013 SD Pheasant at Grand Ciel Lodge

My first ever trip to South Dakota and first ever pheasant hunt. What an absolutely fantastic experience. I am extremely grateful to WWIA for this wonderful time. I will never forget the time I had with WWIA and Brad and Julie.

-P. Venardos, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

This is my third event with WWIA and I must say that all events here have been great, but this is absolutely tops. It has been a dream of mine to hunt South Dakota for many years and thanks to WWIA and Brad and Julie Boisen and all those who helped make this a trip of a lifetime! Thank you to all involved for making a dream real!

-D. Alderton, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Make no mistake, pheasant hunting in South Dakota is amazing but what made this trip was the people. From the Associate to Dixon, Brad and Julie and of course the heroes, this experience has been great. Thank you so much for the friendship and generosity.

-R. Butler, USAF
Purple Heart Recipient

Wow, Wow, Wow. I cannot begin to put down in words what an amazing event Grand Ciel has been. Pheasant hunting in South Dakota has been a dream of mine since high school. Thank you so much to WWIA for making that dream a reality.

-J. Johns, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

October 2013 Bayfield Cast & Blast

It pains me to say, but at one point I had given up on myself, thinking my wife and kids would be better off without me. I have been struggling with several different issues since my injuries ranging from mental, physical, and emotional. Up until this point I was basically a shut in, and then we got invited to an event with other veterans. I didn’t want to go, but my wife said we’re going so we went. That event made me start coming out more and more. Even four years ago I wouldn’t have even attempted something like we did this past weekend. From the moment I found out I was going duck hunting in Wisconsin (with WWIA) I was very excited. As a fan of Duck Dynasty, I have always wanted to go, but never had the opportunity. “Govey” took me out in a canoe to our duck blind/pontoon boat. It wasn’t long before we had ducks coming in and we started blasting away. The next day we were out on Chain ‘O Lakes for some of the best fishing I have ever experienced. We were pulling in bass, both large and small mouth, hand over fist and most of them were over 5lbs. When we weren’t catching fish we were laughing and having a good time through rain, sleet, and snow. I am not sure how to express all the gratitude I feel for being able to come to the Bayfield Cast and Blast. It has also renewed my passion for hunting and given me several new friends in the process. Thank y’all for everything!

-B Johnson, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

November 2013 MoKan Ducks & Bucks

I would like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to come on this event. Since I have been medically retired it isn’t all that often that I get to spend time with other people that “get it”. This weekend has been great! The community that supports this event is truly amazing. The hunting is first class but is secondary to what really has occurred over this weekend. Being around fellow wounded veterans has been very therapeutic. I spend a lot of time outdoors already to relax but this event has truly been over the top. Given the opportunity to come back, I would not hesitate. Again, thank you to WWIA for giving me this opportunity and thank you to all the people who work for WWIA for providing us with this great opportunity.

-R. Ryker, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Over the past 9 + years I have been fortunate enough to attend a few other “hero hunts”. Some people put on these types of event for various reasons and some seemed to be all flash and no bang. This is the first event that the only thing that outweighed the professionalism and attention to detail was the character of the leadership and staff of the WWIA. Everyone involved in making this event such a huge success should be proud to know that their mission was accomplished! Thank you for great hunts and unforgettable memories.

-D. Sterling, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

This quack and rack is absolutely fantastic. The community support for the event is fabulous. The camaraderie of the warriors and the guides and escorts is an awesome show of respect and admiration for each other along with the willingness to help and assist with whatever is needed. Anything that was needed was produced. Thank you all for a great time.
The Napier Duck Club folks are really the best group of friends to have.

-C. Scott, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

I just want to say thank you. This event is awesome. The people were amazing as hell. All the events were perfect, couldn’t ask for a better time. It was absolutely amazing, it was a huge success in my eyes. I wouldn’t change anything about this event. Thank you for taking us in like a family.

-J. Mure, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

-F. Wasson III, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

The lodge, people, friends of this program will forever be a cherished memory. I couldn’t ask for anything better than to go hunting with such a great group of guys who feel like family now. I was welcomed into an amazing opportunity. This whole program makes the sacrifice to our great country all worthwhile. Much appreciates. Thank you very much and God bless.

-T. Phillips, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

November 2013 Camp Hackett

Robert and I came in from Dallas, TX today and as soon as we walked out of the airport, it was snowing. When we got the call for this trip, we were like two little school girls. We have been following WWIA for a while now and are pretty excited to be a part of an awesome group of guys. Day 1: We woke early and headed to Ashland, WI for an NRA shoot with Jessie Duff. She is a world class competition shooter. She showed us some things and then we had a little competition. I won, and she gave me about 200 rounds of Hornady Ammo. I gave it to John for anyone that comes up here. It was all 9mm so they can have fun with it. We came back and made it to the stand for an evening hunt. After that, we headed to town for an award ceremony and a comedy show. Day 2: Woke this morning and hit the deer stand. Got another inch of snow last night, very beautiful country up here. I got to see a doe, so that was really good. We are also finishing up filming for the NRA all access show, should air in January at some time. Pretty cool stuff. Saw two does today. One in the morning and one in the afternoon at the lodge stand. Got back to camp and had a few beers with people from town. They came out with dinner for us and an older lady named Fran brought us a homemade bottle of blueberry wine. After the towns people left, I sat around with Robert, Jake and Josh and had some side busting stories. If you’re with Jake, ask him about his most embarrassing moment, remind him it happened in Texas. Day 3: Happy Birthday Marines, we are 238 years old. Slept in this morning and had a great laugh with Josh and Jake. This has made the trip perfect. The wilderness with the brotherhood of these guys makes the trip. It truly has been one of the best trips ever. I hope to help out and get some things together for John, so they can come to Texas and do some hunts. What these guys are doing are way better than any other organization I have been a part of. There are some good ones, but not many. WWIA is at the top of that list. Can’t wait to do more for WWIA and vets out there. Fishing this afternoon!! Semper Fi

-M. “Mooch” Mutchler, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

My first trip to Wisconsin concludes tomorrow. Camp Hackett reminds me a lot of how I grew up hunting. Same game species and all. The rustic feel of this place is something beyond superficial. Everyone involved in the WWIA is Phenomenal. Each person I have met has been most gracious and genuinely friendly. This experience has been beyond describable with any word combination in the English language. What occurs here in the remote woods of WI is the epitome of what hunting should be. I may have only seen squirrels and grouse, but I experienced a fellowship that is almost non-existent these days. God Bless John and the WWIA. Semper Fi

-O. McNamara, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

First of all, I want to thank John and Jake for what you have put together for Owen and I. I did not know what to expect when I got here. But when I did it felt like home right off the bat. Everything from Mrs. Patty’s baking to Bob’s boil was delicious. The walleye we had for lunch before we went Musky fishing was off the chain. Just having the opportunity to be out here and meet new people, hunt and fish for wildlife not native to where I live is just awesome to me. I don’t care if I didn’t shoot a big buck or catch a 50” Musky or even get a shot at a grouse. I just love being in the outdoors and really clearing my head of all the BS in life, and that is what you guys provided for me and I thank you for that. All of the friendships I have made here I will carry for the rest of my life along with the memories. Everyone I met was genuinely grateful for our service as I was for their respect and selfless service to us here. You guys have a great thing going here. Keep up the great work. I hope to see you guys again soon. With upmost respect

-T. Garcia, JR, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

December 2013 Great Creek Deer Hunt

I really enjoyed this experience WWIA allowed me to have. It has been a great privilege and honor to be able to get to know this amazing hunting club. The level of respect for myself and the other wounded warriors was awesome. I had never hunted with dogs before, so the staff made sure we had a great and safe experience. From the time in the woods to the times at the clubhouse this was truly on of the best trips I have ever had. I was nervous about what to expect but five minutes after meeting Tim and Andy I felt right at home. I believe this trip would be an awesome experience for other wounded warriors and help raise their spirits as it has raised mine. Please pass on my thanks to everyone who made this trip possible. I will never forget this and look forward to seeing pictures of the next hunt.

-D. Newman, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

I am struggling to find the words to express how absolutely incredible this experience was. Thanking the WWIA just doesn’t seen enough. From my first contact with Corrina to sitting here writing about WWIA has set a bar that I don’t think any other organization will measure up to. Thanks to Tim for making me feel like I ‘belonged” and like a regular person. Every single person here at Great Creek was an honor to be around. There was no dog and pony show, no uncomfortable spotlight, pressure or expectations. I feel like I’m just hanging around friends and family. The camp and facilities are perfect. Comfortable, clean and best of all, like home. As for the hunting, again no words seem right. From the first hunt until the last it was pure excitement. Beautiful country, awesome wildlife. This style of hunting is totally new to me and I truly hope I get to do it again. I have the utmost respect for WWIA and not a single complaint about this entire memorable trip!

-T. Clites, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

December 2013 MS Whitetail Hunt

Mississippi hunting is the best. My home state. Having the opportunity to come here is awesome. Great hosts and great hunting. Did not want for anything. Talked a lot those three days. Some things I don’t talk about, but I did here. Felt good to get some things out. Walter took us in like we were his brothers, great guy. Awesome experience and so grateful and humbled to be able to be on this hunt. Thank all of you so much.

-T. Bell, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

First of all, I want to thank you Col as well as the whole WWIA foundation for allowing me to be lucky enough to participate in this awesome hunt. It could not have been any better even if I wouldn’t have shot a deer, this trip was a success. The people involved with this hunt made us feel right at home and kept me laughing which I haven’t done in a long time. I can’t explain enough how grateful I am, so thank you so much.

-L. Hathorn, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient