Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

2019 Testimonials

2019 Long Leaf AL Deer and Quail Hunt

I was thrilled to be chosen and what an event it turned out to be!  This was my first time hunting both deer and quail.  I am not good with new things, especially with people I do not know.  However, this group of vets made it easy to learn, and more importantly made it fun.  Sharing our experiences, both good and bad, brought us closer together and felt uplifting.  The Host was amazing, to include his caring family and friends.  I could never have imagined total strangers taking their time and money to help people they do not know.  Most news you hear about is negative, but events like this are what the public needs to see.  All of this caring during this event was truly an honor, which I will never forget and will try to pass on to those around me.

-R. Himmelberger, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to enjoy this hunt.  Thank you to all that helped.  It was a great event.

-T. Case, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

Great hunt!  I harvested quail, deer and a pig!  Hanging out with the guys has been great.  I couldn’t have asked for a better Host.  Andy and his family have been outstanding.  Hanging with other vets has been wonderful.  The camp is beautiful and very comfortable.  This was an unforgettable weekend and I can’t say enough about our Host and Guide, they were great.

-B. Welch, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

2019 NC OBX

I want to express my most sincere thank you to you and WWIA for all you did for us on the OBX duck hunt.  I met some truly wonderful, dedicated people from both your Foundation and the local volunteers from North Carolina who made the trip memorable.  Although, not many ducks were harvested, but that really wasn’t the point of the whole trip….meeting fellow wounded veterans was the reason I attended.

-P. Schonhart, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

Overwhelming Community support!  Bar none, some of the greatest support and passion I have seen.  The Hosts and Associates had a grasp on the situation and delivered an amazing event.  Thank you for the opportunity to join great American sportsman in the field.  Keep up the good work.

-P. Schonhart, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

This community has shown us more love and support than I can write down in words.  The staff and volunteers welcomed us in with open arms and made me feel truly welcome.  All the Guides were awesome, very friendly.  The whole thing blew my mind and I felt truly appreciated.

-K. England, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

I had a blast!  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I don’t normally like leaving my house.  I’m happy just being home with my family.  To get to the point, coming out was the best decision I have made in a long time.  I had a blast, I was comfortable enough to cut loose with my newly made brothers.  The community’s hospitality was unforgettable.  I feel great to know that people still care.  I will be spreading and sharing my experience with all my Purple Heart vets about the WWIA.  Outstanding Guys, thanks!

-T. Steinle, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

I had the best time.  Everything was organized.  I got the opportunity to learn new things and experience them also.  Everyone was so nice, I was so overwhelmed with the hospitality.  I was able to relax and have a good time.  I wouldn’t change a thing,  the gentleman that ran the hunt were awesome and made me feel comfortable.  Thank you so much, hope I can do it again.

-R. Stewart, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

2019 MD D & G

Just wanted to say thank you. I honestly had the most amazing time. Everyone was so great. We laughed so much. If ever you need any help with anything, please let me know. I’m only 40 mins from Nashville and can help out with anything you need. If you need any callers or people picked up at the airport for events my way please let me know. I was so glad you remembered me and called me. Seriously anything I can do to help y’all out please don’t hesitate. Also, if you got a short call list of people back out on ya let me know. My new job gives me a little more freedom. Absolutely want to go back with these guys if ever an opportunity comes. They are truly amazing and uplifting people. Again, thank you so much especially for what you yourself do. You need to come out and hang out at an event with us sometime!  You’re the best !

-J. Marion, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

OMG!  Thank you so much for selecting me to attend this event. I have had such a great time. Tim and Gabe were excellent leaders constantly ensuring we were squared away. Brian and his crew were such excellent hosts. These are some of the greatest Americans I have ever met. All of the people we met were so hospitable and accommodating. I have made some good friends that I will stay in contact with for a long time.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Wounded Warriors In Action. I would like to be able to give back in some way. If you have events that are in my area or need someone to help out anywhere, I would love to volunteer my time and energy. Even if it is just picking up people from the airport or general transportation or general labor. Being retired now, my schedule is very open and flexible.

You have been so awesome at coordinating everything, so I want to also personally thank you for your time and hard work. You continue to make everyone happy and successful with what you do. Your name is heard at least four times a day. You have impacted so many, so, Thank You for what you do.

-T. Parker, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient


What a great trip!  Thank you WWIA for an awesome event.  Meeting all of these great Americans was the highlight.  Being able to shoot birds was a bonus.  There was no shortage of good conversation, fun times, great food and some of the best hospitality I have ever seen or been a part of.  Tim and Gabe did an excellent job ensuring everything was taken care of.  Brian, Chip and their crew did so much to put us on the birds and make us feel welcome and comfortable.  The ability for me specifically to be distracted from what I have going on in my life.  To be around like-minded people helps to relax and calm me.  I can’t express enough how thankful I am for this experience.  WWIA has provided one of the greatest events that brought warriors together and let them enjoy themselves with great Hosts and Guides.

-T. Parker, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient


Thank you so much for this opportunity to meat such an amazing bunch of people.  Tim and Gabe did the most amazing job taking care of us.  I truly had the most amazing experience hanging out with great people all weekend.  Truly Blessed to be a part of this.  Thank you!

-J. Marion, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you for having us.  It has been an amazing time.  Everything from the hunting, the food and the people made this trip perfect.

-T. Waldrep, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient



2019 SW Ohio Waterfowl Hunt


Time spent with fellow soldiers is always great.  However, this hunt was a once in a lifetime experience with many memorable moments.  This was the first event I have been a part of post retirement with other branches of service, which made it better than my prior events.  The time and effort that all support personnel put in to ensure we had an enjoyable time and ensure we had birds to shoot at was unmatched compared to anything I’ve been a part of.  I truly hope I’m able to be a part of another hunt involving these guys.  It is truly an honor to have been part of such a great experience.  Thanks to all that made the weekend a success.  I hope to keep in touch.

-M. Sartain, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

This was my second trip with WWIA.  I had an amazing time on my first trip.   That was well over a year ago and I can honestly say this trip was as good if not better,  I’ve met some lifelong friends/brothers and have made some memories that will be lifelong.  One thing I have noticed with WWIA is that the hunts are amazing, but the true therapy comes from the guys and the fellowship.  Since I have joined the WWIA family I have told my stories to everyone I know.  The staff, the Guides and fellow Warriors will always hold a special place in my heart.  The organization is top notch.  It is a true form of healing.  Thank you so much and I love you all!

-M. Brady, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you for giving me a weekend of firsts.  I truly enjoyed every minute of this trip and want to thank you and WWIA for making it happen.  I will leave here with several more brothers and as part of the WWIA family.  Being with other Warriors in an area you’ve never been really helps build new, solid bonds.  Jake thank you for showing me what the Foundation is all about.  I look forward to running into you again soon.

-S. Newsom, USMC

Purple Heart Recipient

2019 Russell AL Deer

Thank you so much for allowing me to participate in last weekend’s hunt at Russell’s Ranch in Alabama.

I harvested my first deer and my first buck. The Russell’s and friends were very welcoming and supportive. Thank you again and I look forward to continuing hunting.

-J. Zapata, USMC

Purple Heart Recipient

I will remember this weekend for the rest of my life.  This weekend I killed my first deer, and was able to kill a nice buck.  I’m very grateful for the opportunity allowing me to hunt with this amazing group while sharing some laughs and celebrating each kill.  Special thanks to the Russell family and friends for the hospitality.  Also, thanks to Wounded Warriors in Action for everything.

-J. Zapata, USMC

Purple Heart Recipient

This experience has been completely astounding.  Meeting fellow veterans, Purple Heart recipients, seeing Jorge shoot his first…and his second deer as well as having a close bond that falls into place with the other service members is one of those feelings that seldom happens and can’t be replaced.  The Hosts of the Russell AL hunt showed more appreciation and hospitality than I feel I deserved.  It was far from what was expected and very heart-warming.  I wish I knew how to express my appreciation and gratitude for this experience and opportunity.  Jeremy, thank you for everything.  You helped us grow close and have a great time.  It felt great to spend the weekend with you and the other two.  The WWIA really gave me a sense of worth and appreciation (which I try to be modest about), but this made every blood, sweat and tear a valuable experience for me.  Thank you.

-C. Carson, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

I enjoyed the Alabama Deer hunt more than words can describe.  It wasn’t only the hunting that made it so enjoyable but also the cohesion and the amazing Russell family and friends I was surrounded by.  The food was absolutely outstanding!  The property and lodging were much cooler than I expected.  The hunt in whole surpassed every expectation I could ever have.  This hunt, and the people I hunted with, plus everyone at camp, I will remember for the rest of my life.  One of my favorite memories was watching the happiness brought to Wounded Warrior, Zapata after harvesting his first deer, followed by three bucks.  I was able to harvest two does and 7 hogs.  Thank you, Wounded Warriors in Action for everything!  I appreciate the opportunity.  I would also like to thank my WWIA Guide, Jeremy.  He was great and very professional.  This organization and a short article will be in my local paper when I get home.

-B. Messersmith, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

2019 Woodturning Event


I want to say thank you so much for allowing me to attend this year’s wood turning event with Tony Kopchinski. I had a wonderful time, learned so much and made friendships that will last a lifetime. I love the therapeutic value that turning offers. It has saved me from some dark places over the past year. I have gotten very into turning and am working on starting up some woodturning for vet programs back home. At the event I had the opportunity to room with a vet by the name of Mike Engel, it is very apparent that he is still struggling with his own hardships. I loved being able to talk with him and help start him on his journey into woodturning. You could tell shortly after mike started turning how much it actually helps, through all the pain and everything he suffers from he loved being there and didn’t want to quit. I want to inform you how absolutely amazing of a group and person that Tony is and has with him, not to mention Larry Roszell. They saw how much turning was helping mike and amongst the group chipped in and raised up enough money to buy mike a lathe and set of tools so that he could continue turning at home!

Thank you,

John Chance

My thanks for all the help you have given to wounded Veterans.  In my case I have found a pastime that fills my every day.  I am now off of two major anti-depressants, lost 35 pounds and now sleep through the night on most nights.  WWIA has been a literal life-saver, and that is not just for me, but other vets as well.  Now I want to give back to Wounded Warriors in Action to help others.  Thank you and God Bless.

-L. Roszell, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting on this woodturning event.  Woodturning has truly changed my life for the better.  I learn so much from all of you and the friendships I have formed I will cherish forever.  I am very happy to call you friend.  Being able to connect with the other veterans helps to share experiences and build lasting relationships.  Thank you very much.

-J. Chance, USMC

Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you so much for putting this woodturning program on with the WWIA.  I have learned so much on how to turn wood.  This was my first time on a lathe, and I love this so much that I may buy myself a lathe.  This has made me feel so much calmer while I am turning.  Also, all of the instructors are awesome too.

-M. Engel, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

This woodturning class is one of the coolest things I’ve done.  You and the guys were so incredible, patient and knowledgeable.  It is a great craft and hobby to learn.  It is something that I would have never known about if it weren’t for your generosity.  I had an incredible time, so much so that I may start turning wood as well!  Thanks for everything.

-J. Argiro, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

Hosting this event is one of the biggest reasons that my life is great. It is so special to see the bonding among the Hero’s and the connections among my fellow instructors that help me in this. Every year I have a Hero that has leg problems. When I give the call that we need to break for lunch, I hear “wow, I forgot about my leg problems.” The therapeutic value of wood turning was especially realized this session with Mike Engel who needed the handicap lathe that we rigged up for him which was tilted and lowered so he could work while seated. He didn’t want to quit.   The other 3 Hero’s stayed an extra day to do more turning. After a short discussion about the amazing relief that Mike had doing this, a collection  was taken, and we ordered a new lathe for him. We know this will give him some of the physical and mental therapy that he needs. He is already a very good turner. One of the other Hero’s is off 2 anti-depressants he had been taking before wood turning. This makes my life incredible. Pictures , journal entries and receipts will be coming to you soon.

Thank you for this opportunity,

-T. Kopchinski – Host

2019 Quail Creek Ranch FL Turkey Hunt

I would like to thank the WWIA, Mr. David Ward and all the Guides at Quail Creek Ranch for the opportunity of a lifetime to come to Florida and hunt the Osceola turkey.  It’s been great meeting other veterans and making new friends.  Being able to spend a week in the woods with other combat vets is in my opinion the best therapy there is.  Thank you again WWIA and Quail Creek Ranch for an amazing weekend.

-D. Hill, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

This experience was amazing.  Great lodging, beautiful scenery and unmatched hospitality by the Host, Mr. Ward and his Guides.  The time spent with my fellow veterans as well as our gracious Host will be something I remember and talk about for a lifetime.  Though my hunt was unsuccessful, the mission was.

-M. Springer, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

2019 TN Turkey

Shelley and Dennis truly put on an amazing event.  From the welcome committee, to the amazing food and world class hunting.  I cannot express my sincere gratitude to our wonderful hosts in words.  Thank you all for years of serving our Nations Purple Heart Heroes.  Thank you for taking the time out of your lives and putting everything else on hold to host this wonderful event!  Thank you WWIA, Corrina, John McDaniel and everyone behind the scenes for what you do.  Frenchy, thank you for guiding me along on this event and showing me just how a WWIA Guide should behave, present ourselves and carry the Foundation with the utmost regard.

-D. Oursler, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

I had been told by another WWIA Guide that I was going to love Dennis and Shelley and the events they host on some incredible land.  This was a huge understatement.  Dennis and Shelley are impeccable Hosts that run extraordinary events.  There is not much for the WWIA Guide to do once reaching camp other than relax and enjoy themselves.  Also, the food was equivalent to an all you can eat, 5-star restaurant.  The land was nothing short of incredible.  Stepping foot into the Tennessee hills with its vegetation and crystal-clear running creeks immediately allowed myself and other Warriors a chance to breathe, relax and get away from normal life’s anxiety and stress.  All the volunteers were extremely grateful to have had this opportunity to meet such incredible and hunt/relax in some gorgeous TN hill country  I can’t thank Dennis, Shelley, WWIA, Derrick and all the volunteers enough for putting on such an extraordinary event.  Derrick was on point!  All the best.

-J. French, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

This event was absolutely amazing.  Frenchy and Derrick are some awesome Guides and friends.  They made sure we had everything we needed and got it if we didn’t Dennis and Shelley are wonderful people with a beautiful home and land.  They made it feel like home from the minute we got here.  I want to thank WWIA for the opportunity to come down here and chase turkey with an amazing group of people.  I really think that what you all are doing is great.  Getting Purple Heart Vets out in the woods and on the water not to mention the new friends made.  We’ve all been chasing big gobblers  all weekend.  We would come back in for lunch and spend a lot of time sitting around telling stories and joking with one another, just having a great time,  Double Creek Ranch is such a nice place.  I hope they keep doing this for future guys to come have a great time in a beautiful place, chasing some big birds.

-T. Miller, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you to everyone who made this amazing and awesome trip possible.  I would like to thank Shelley and Dennis for opening their beautiful home and land to myself and other veterans.  This is my first WWIA event and I am impressed by the professionalism of everyone involved.  Frenchy and Derrick are outstanding and excellent Guides and are happy to share their expansive knowledge with others.  I very much enjoyed sharing stories with Shelley, Dennis and the other veterans.  I also appreciate that local people came out and participated.  The food was outstanding, thank you Shelley.  It renews my faith in humans that so many people are willing to take time out of there busy lives to make an event like this possible.  I suffer from PTSD and a TBI and I lost my wife a year ago, so sometimes I get depressed.  This event allowed me to leave my depression in Texas for a few days.  I enjoyed the beauty of the woods, the hooting of an owl at night, the gorgeous horses, the friendly dogs and the wonderful people.  I can’t thank Dennis, Shelley, Derrick and Frenchy enough for all the hard work that made this brilliant trip possible.  I would also like to thank all of the behind the scenes, unsung heroes that manage the logistics and details for an event like this.  I am not a poet and I cannot adequately express how much I enjoyed this trip and the people who make it possible.  I would always want a veteran who has not gone on a trip to go ahead of me, but I hope that WWIA will consider me as a candidate for future expeditions.  Again, my heartfelt thanks for an excellent, memorable experience.

-A. McDaniel, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

2019 Great Creek Turkey and Fishing Event

I want to thank WWIA for inviting me on the Turkey Hunt with the Great Creek Hunt Club. I cannot

explain in full how much fun this hunt was, Great Creek Hunt Club put on an excellent weekend hunting

experience. Nick Fox was a great host representing WWIA and Andy Wilson was our host with Great

Creek Hunt Club.  Both of these gentlemen kept us busy with hunting and fishing and when the weather

didn’t want to cooperate we had time to sit back and enjoy the camaraderie and stories everyone had to

offer. The Guide that was assigned to me should have been called the Turkey Whisperer! Major Ball

and I probably put in 20 miles hiking around their hunting grounds. Major would call out to see if there

were any Turkey’s in the area and as soon as he would get a response, he would put me into a position

and point out where I should keep an eye out for the bird. When we went fishing, I was lucky enough

to have Keith invite me onto his boat, we spent most of the afternoon having a blast while catching

some fish. The Great Creek Hunt Club kept up fed and in great spirits, their respect and concern for

what we did in the military was overwhelming and their hospitality was over the top excellent! I just

want to say Thank you to WWIA and Great Creek Hunt Club for an experience I’ll never forget. The only

bad part of the whole experience is now I am hooked on Turkey Hunting, so I will have to go out and

purchase turkey gear to add to my deer hunting gear, I guess that’s not a bad thing if you think about it.

-T. Harris, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

I have had a wonderful time.  The whole experience has been unreal.  The past 3 days has been amazing in every way.  Thank you for everything you do for us.

-R. Farrer, USMC

Purple Heart Recipient

2019 WI C & B

Dear WWIA Founder, staff and supporters, thank you very much for allowing me the opportunity to get out into the woods across the country to hunt with awesome people,now friends.  What you do for Wounded Warriors like us means a lot to us.  Especially when most of us are in desperate need for a chance in life.  God Bless you and your staff’s families.

-M Quintero, USMC

Purple Heart Recipient

I cannot express in mere words the enjoyment I’ve had on this great adventure.  We had fun, excitement and encouragement from start to finish.  The Guides were friendly, courteous, encouraging and very appreciative of our service in the military.  Not sure if I am worthy.  However, this trip was fantastic!  Thank you for choosing me.  I am so fortunate and impressed by all especially the camaraderie with everyone locally.

-K. Wescott, USMC

Purple Heart Recipient

I was honored to be invited to the 10th Annual WI Cast and Blast.  This was my first event with WWIA.  This time was very much needed.  Every aspect was on point!  The Guides, lodging, food, etc. was executed very well.  I made new friends and the event was all around, just what I needed.  Thanks to all who helped, donated and supported this event.

-B Dolby, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

2019 MO Spring Turkey

I just wanted (had) to take a minute to thank you and everyone involved for an AMAZING trip to Missouri. It exceeded all expectations. To get away and be among some of the finest humans I’ve ever met and learn how to hunt gobblers from legit experts like that was an indescribable feeling. The hosts and guides were awesome. I was overwhelmed with how well we were treated; truly and epic experience. The VA offers a lot of group therapy options and so-called mental health professionals analyzing our broken-down bodies and minds usually resulting in pills and effectiveness is marginal at best, sometimes regression (not a good thing although the best they can offer). What your organization does is better medicine than what any doctor can give. What you do is important. It’s easy to forget there are people out there that appreciate the sacrifices their military veterans have made for them and on this trip,  it was abundantly clear. To be honest, I felt like it was more than I deserved. I came out of this thing feeling GREAT. It all started and ended with Jake. He went above and beyond from start to finish always making sure we were taken care of. It was inspiring to see a veteran like Jake giving back to his fellow veterans. If there’s any way I can follow his example and help out, please don’t hesitate to ask. Corrina too! She laid everything out as clear as day…If a numbskull like me can follow her directions, anyone can.

So, THANK YOU for what you did for me, and my brothers. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

-A. Replogle, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

2019 KS C & B


I was selected to attend the turkey hunting event in Kansas.  First and foremost, I’d like to say thank you!  Thank you to WWIA for having a top-notch organization that afforded me the opportunity to do something I would not be able to do without people like you going above and beyond for wounded veterans.  I’d like to thank Carl for opening up his home to me as a stranger and treating me as if I were family.  Truly a gem in today’s society.  I felt extremely comfortable around everyone I met in Glen Elder and Cawker City.  You can see their appreciation of us and their love of country.  It was nice to be around other vets especially ones that were wounded and could relate.  Thanks to Ted for all the Guide work and all the land that he allowed us to be on for this opportunity.  Being outdoors and getting away from the everyday life is something that does wonders for me mentally.  It also let me gain some confidence.  Because of my injuries I didn’t know what I was capable of doing on my own.  Thanks to John, Nate, Cole, Herman and Austin for the brotherhood and hospitality.  I’d also like to thank Asa and Whitney with whom I spent a lot of time talking and just competing.  It was nice to meet them and become friends with them.  Thank you again for everything.

-J. Reuber, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

As soon as I landed, I was welcomed with a handshake.  I instantly felt like I was part of the family.  I’ve never been on an event where it was so welcoming and laid back.  All the Guides knew how to not only put you on the Turkey’s but on fish as well!  The community instantly welcomed us in Cawker City.  We literally did not have to worry about anything.  I will have to say out of all the events I’ve ever been on with different organizations, this is by far my number one event.  I will never forget this trip or the lifelong friends that I’ve just met!  Thank you so much to everyone involved, I hope I can attend other events with WWIA.

-W. Shaw, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient


2019 OH Masons Lake Erie Walleye


This is my first time doing something like this.  I really didn’t know what to expect, not sure if I was going to like it.  Much to my surprise I really had a good time with the people taking us fishing and providing for our needs and found it good to be among younger WWIA members.  I really had a good relaxing time.

-M. Allumi, USMC

Purple Heart Recipient

This event was fabulous.  The Guide was excellent in letting us know upfront what was going on.  The Host has done a great job of keeping the weekend interesting for all vets.  We had a great time in my opinion, even with the weather we had on Friday and Saturday morning.  Thank you WWIA for all you do for all the veterans.  All I can say is keep up the excellent work.

-G. Apgar, USMC

Purple Heart Recipient

This event was an amazing time.  The individuals in charge to offer us a great time fishing and enjoying other veterans did a truly wonderful job.  All the Captains of the fishing boats were very knowledgeable, helpful and patient.  The people who cooked for us were very friendly and kind.  It truly was an awesome weekend.  Thank you to Derek Duplisea for sending all messages to make my event great.  Thanks to everyone at WWIA for a wonderful event.  Great people and great food equaled a great time.  I am now a person hooked on fishing!  God Bless you all.

-V. Cotto, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

This was a great event; all the vets were great and had good stories.  The Guide was great, and the boat Captains were professional.  I caught good fish.  Thanks to Corrina for inviting me to go on this trip and thanks to everyone who was involved.

-E. Martin, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

This was hands down the best event I have ever attended.  Virgil and the volunteers were amazing, but the Guides made the trip fantastic.  I feel I not only made great friends with the vets but the Guides as well.  This was a first-class trip and I can’t say thank you enough.  These memories will for sure last for a lifetime.

-B. Safford, US Navy

Purple Heart Recipient

2019 Galveston Couples and Culinary Retreat

This past weekend in Galveston at Brad and Julie Boisen’s was an amazing opportunity to spend some great time with my Fiancé, Claudia and other couples.  I found that I had a lot in common with everybody else as far as going through the military experience and relationships.  Just sitting back out on the deck of the beach house enjoying the view and talking with everyone was nice.  The Boisen’s really put together something special.  The food was amazing, and I learned a few new things on how to prepare wild game and fish.  I am very thankful that Brad hired a Guide that put me on the biggest speckled trout and flounder I have ever caught.  I would like to thank WWIA and John McDaniel for giving myself and Claudia the opportunity to enjoy this past weekend in Galveston, Texas.

-N. Schoon, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

My fiancé, Nick and I had such an amazing weekend!  The home we stayed in was covered in Jasmone and was heaven to wake up to.  Nick and I really needed this weekend getaway and it was the perfect blend of relaxation and the outdoors.  Nick caught a huge trout and that brought so much joy to my heart to be able to experience that with him.  These are memories that will last forever.  Thank you to everyone who made this weekend possible and a special thank you to Julie and Brad for being so gracious and generous and opening their home to us.  We will never forget this weekend!

-C. Pereyra, Fiancé

First let me say thanks to everyone that made this trip a once in a lifetime event.  To everyone that made it possible, thank you so much.  It was way more than we ever expected.  It felt like a family vacation at my uncle’s house with all of my cousins visiting.  The most family-oriented place I have ever been.  Thank you for inviting my wife and I.

-J. Bulington, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

I haven’t been on too many adventures out of my home state, but I have to say this was one of the best experiences and opportunities I’ve had in a long time.  Fishing was so fun, and I am proud to say I have caught a saltwater fish.  It felt like family and I loved meeting new people.  Everyone was kind and it felt like home.  I would love to go back and visit again.  The Boisen’s and family have great souls and I wish them all well.  Thank you!

-K. Bulington, Spouse

I just want to thank WWIA as well as the Boisen family for this opportunity to spend the weekend with such great people.  Angel and I had an amazing time.  Great food, great fishing, great people.  Truly a trip of a lifetime.

-J. Scanlan, USMC

Purple Heart Recipient

I can’t describe what a generous gift my boyfriend and I received from the WWIA.  It opened the doors to communication of deep feelings and thoughts I didn’t know how to discuss or bring up.  It also humbled me as a recipient and strengthened my beliefs of the good in people.  It was actually a weight lifted, meeting other individuals struggling with the same issues and developing a network of friends to help guide and support each other through positive reinforcement.  I now have a clearer understanding of very hard pasts and how they affect us going forward,  the challenges we face as a couple and a family somehow feel more manageable knowing we have the support of these strangers we now call friends.

-A. Bell, Significant Other

Brad and Julie nailed their concept for this very special WWIA event.  This weekend was so special.  It was so nice to be able to share an event with my husband, relax, eat like royalty, share some fun activities and meet other couples with similar backgrounds.  It is amazing how much we all have in common.  They really made their house feel like home and waking up right on the ocean made each morning so peaceful.  Thank you so much for including me and inviting us.

-L. Phillips, Spouse


2019 Dave Harris Memorial Billfishing Tournament

The trip was amazing in every way.  The guys worked extremely hard to ensure that everything worked and went smooth.  The camaraderie was great, reminded me of the military.

-A. Stokenbury, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

Mark and WWIA thank you for keeping me on the short list!  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my fellow veterans and unbelievable friends and family of Dave Harris.  If there is anything I can do for you or the organization, don’t hesitate to call.  Love Y’all.

-L. Murphy, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

Mark and WWIA, thank you so much for this awesome opportunity to come out here to Puerto Aventuras and meet up with my fellow brothers in arms.  As you all know it is the camaraderie that we all miss the most and even if for only a few days I got that brotherhood feeling back, it is something I’ll always cherish and remember.  Thank you once again for everything.  If you or WWIA need anything let me know.  Special thanks as well to the Harris family for hosting us.  Couldn’t have been any nicer people.  Love you all.

-M. Solt, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

Thanks again for another awesome trip to Puerto Aventuras.  Since the day I got home from the last trip, I’ve been looking forward to coming back.  This has been a much needed break from the daily grind.  Between the Harris brothers, all the other guys, veterans, WWIA and Mark this really felt like a family vacation.  Thanks again, I appreciate everything.

-S. Curry, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

I would like to thank everyone involved for making this trip a reality.  My life has changed a lot over the last 2 years with a recent marriage and 4-month-old baby at home.  This trip has given me the opportunity to reflect on how lucky I am and blessed to have some great people in my life.  I am forever grateful.

-K. Blanchard, USMC

Purple Heart Recipient

This trip proved to be awesome!  Having been here before I had some expectations to look forward to.  However, the actual experience far exceeded all expectations.  The participants of this trip have grown into a second family.  I am very humbled by this experience and appreciate everyone who made it possible for me to attend.

-A. Kisielewski, USMC

Purple Heart Recipient

What can I say that hasn’t been said before?  This trip isn’t about fishing or even about being in Mexico.  This trip is all about family, and that is what Mark, WWIA and the Harris Family all go out of their way to make us feel like.  I truly feel that these people have become family and for that I will be forever thankful.

-R. Kusch, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient


2019 W PA Turkey Hunt

Thank you seems to be so inadequate to express my appreciation for the experience of the Western PA Turkey Hunt.  Dan and his family are fabulous patriots and hosts.  The Guides, Jeremy, Tony, Steven and Frank likewise were focused on our having an unforgettable experience.  Everything exceeded my expectations.  I certainly felt the love and appreciation from everyone.  It reinforced my belief that our great nation will be preserved since we have great patriots such as these.  Thanks everyone so very much for the experience.  I know that WWIA wouldn’t be possible without Dan and Corrina.  This is a chapter of my life I will cherish forever.  Respectfully, with many thanks.

  1. McDaris, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

First, I want to thank the WWIA organization for again blessing me with this opportunity to go on another great trip.  Ms. Corrina, Jeremy and the whole team.  Special thanks to the Bevevino Family for having us and for showing us a great time and love, for my Guide, Steve a great gentleman with a lot of knowledge and a great teacher.  Also, Mr. Frank for all he did and to the other guides, much love.  I can’t thank you enough for this great time away from home.  This trip is one on the top of my list.  I learned a lot and enjoyed myself.  Special thanks to my WWIA Guide, Jeremy, he did a spectacular job taking care of us and never one time thought of himself on this trip and was there for us 24/7 and I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart.  I would recommend anyone to help and support WWIA.  Thanks much and thanks for being part of my life.

-A. Bowen, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

2019 AK Halibut Fishing


This was one of the best fishing trips I have ever been on.  This is my second trip to Alaska.  My first one was not so great.  Forty-nine years ago, to the month I was here one day while being medivaced from Vietnam.  This trip was great, the people here treated us like royalty.  John, Joe and Becky treated us like family the moment we arrived.  The hospitality was outstanding.  John and Joe worked as a team to get us on the fish every day.  We ended up with more fish than I ever imagined to take home.  Myself being the old Nam vet and the other Iraq vets all taking care of me like true brothers.  Surprising how much we have in common.  The local Legion made me personally feel truly thanked for my service.  I will always remember my trip here.  I will share this with all my vets in my PTSD group back home.  God Bless America.

-D. Meier, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

I want to thank everyone that made this Alaska trip possible for me.  The experience I had was a dream of mine for years, since being a young boy.  The fishing, food, accommodations and the people that I met I will never forget.  If you like fishing and seeing awesome views, this Alaska trip is something you should consider.  Thanks again to everyone for making this trip possible.

-E. Hill, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

This was the first time in Alaska for me.  I had a great time meeting and making new friends.  John, Joe and Becky all welcomed us and made us feel like we belonged here and were family.  They were just awesome!  The fishing we did was not just about fishing, we also received a little history lesson about the area, saw some of the native wildlife and stood by a glacier watching chunks fall off of it.  There really are no words to say about this whole experience except why haven’t I tried to get up to this beautiful state sooner.

-R. Peterson, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

I’m a city boy.  I haven’t fished since I was young.  So, going to Alaska to fish for Halibut was really intimidating.  But from the moment I got there, I never felt more welcome.  The people are amazing and took me in, showed me how to fish and I ended up bringing in the biggest fish of the entire trip.  It was the most incredible experience of my life.

-R. Martinez, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

My first-time halibut fishing and what an amazing time.  To start my trip, we got to all meet up and get to know each other at the hotel, then got to site see beautiful scenery all the way to Seward.  John and Becky made us feel at home right away.  Joe had us all briefed up on the “what and how big” of the fish we were going to catch.  He was not telling fish stories.  We caught fish and big ones too, with the biggest one at 73 pounds.  Captain John even ate raw octopus and that was a sight.  He also put us on rock fish where we each caught four fish in a matter of minutes.  This was a trip of a lifetime and I made seven new friends.  This was amazing.  Thanks so much to Joe, Captain John, Becky and WWIA.  I’ll never forget this.

-S. Komarek, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

2019 AL In/Offshore Fishing


I have been sitting here trying to come up with the right words to describe this whole event and it is very hard to put into words what I have experienced.  Not only the best fishing I have ever been part of, but the people here have gone far beyond what any person could want or ask for.  True red-blooded Americans!  This country is still in great hands.  Mark, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You are a great guy.  I will never forget any of this.

-K. Wilson, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

In my travels all over the world, I have learned that there are a lot of nice people everywhere.  The last three days I have spent time with people that are above that.  These people are special.

-K. Shankland, USMC

Purple Heart Recipient

At this juncture of my life as an aging warrior.  I’ve started to feel a loneliness and longing for those times in my life where I felt the closeness of my teammates and troops to share that special bond.  This trip, as short as it was rekindled that Esprit de Corps I’ve been missing for so long.  With not only my fellow wounded warriors but also the civilians who so graciously hosted us for the fishing event.  They welcomed us into their home and made us part of their family.  Nice to know there are still great Americans who care about their returning warriors.  WWIA is a fantastic organization and has made the adventure that much more special.  Best to all.   Thank you for what you did!

-J. Hill, USMC

Purple Heart Recipient


2019 BC Bear


Over my 26 years of active service, I served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, earning 5 Bronze Stars and the Purple Heart, among scores of medals and the scars of warfare.

The highlight of my retirement and recovery process has been the Wounded Warriors in Action – Skinner Creek hunt.

Hunting is one of the most rewarding experiences which connect us with the environment around us.

I grew up hunting big game (including a 2-week hunting safari in Tanzania), but my son had never hunted before.  The gorgeous background of the British Colombia scenery, the hospitality and professional skills of the McMann family, the logistic and operational details covered by the WWIA foundation combined to produce a truly treasured experience.  My son and I are closer than ever before, which is exactly how we want to look forward into our next hunting adventure.

Doug and Julie McMann at Skinner Creek Hunts led me and my son on an unbelievable journey.  The daily treks into the woods with the impressive pack of expertly-trained hounds and the nightly gatherings back at the McMann’s main house for a wonderful meal provided us with a life-long appreciation for hunting and the families who work diligently to protect it.

Our successful hunt for Black Bear was more than I could have imagined.

I missed over 50% of my son’s birthdays due to combat deployments over the past 15 years; we will never recover that time lost.  However, the WWIA Foundation and Skinner Creek Hunts provided us with a life-long memory and hope for our future.  We cannot thank you enough for supporting us through this period of recovery and transition.

-J. Potter, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient


2019 WI Summer Musky

This is my first time Musky fishing.  I haven’t caught one yet but we are going out again.  Our Host, Todd Bohm and his wife had us over for lunch at their home.  Lunch was delicious and we had a good time.  I learned a lot about fishing for Musky from my two boat captains, Dave and Jeff.  I want to thank them for their time working with me.  Our WWIA Guide, Jon French has been great, he has been with us all along.  Helping us get our fishing licenses and getting us to our rooms.  I like visiting with a post 9/11 vet like Jon who has a good attitude and is willing to help others.  WWIA is a great organization helping veterans get out into the woods and rivers.  I would like to thank all the people who helped to put this fishing trip on.  Thank you!

-Z. Laska, USMC Vietnam
Purple Heart Recipient

This has been a great trip!  The guys were very good to us and it is even better knowing that two of them never served but do this for those of us who did.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  It has been great!

-P. Blewett, US Army  Vietnam
Purple Heart Recipient

This event was another extraordinary success due to everyone involved.  The organization and fluidity of the event is attributed to the event Hosts, Dawn and Todd Bohm Guide Jeff Micholic (AKA McMusky).  Todd had everything ready to go as soon as the Warriors touched down at the airport.  The WWIA staff, Nichole and Miss Corrina Bea were instrumental in providing the logistical support in an extremely efficient and easy manner.  All Warriors caught nice Muskie and large Northern Pike.  The fishing experience in the North-Midwest was exhilarating and extremely relaxing.  Despite catching my first Musky (44 ½” long), what I will look back on most is sharing a lifetime moment with two Vietnam Warriors.  Spending time with Pat and Zig was like fishing with your older brothers, the wisdom, experience and encouragement was inspiring while the stories and experiences left my face and stomach hurting from laughing.  While the fish did their part, the Hosts, volunteers and Warriors were what I’ll remember most on this event.  I can’t say thank you enough to all of those involved.  With greatest respect.

-J. French, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

2019 Saltgrass Lodge Red Fishing


I haven’t been anywhere in a long time.  Coming here was awesome.  I haven’t fished in a long time, we caught some great fish.  The Saltgrass Lodge was really nice.  The Chef on duty can cook a mean meal.  I really enjoyed the food.  I met some good people and hopefully we will meet again.

-J. Henry, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

One word, therapy.  This has helped my recovery tremendously.  Thank you all so much!

-E. Morgan, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

I don’t leave my family much outside of work.  I’m missing them but I know my wife has the house handled.  I’m glad I came to this event.  I love to fish and time with other veterans is good for my soul.  Sharing stories, experiences and time on the drive and out on the boat has been great.  It is great and inspiring to meet these Heroes and these incredible patriots.  The love and support is real and it means a lot.  Thanks, WWIA and Mark for giving me this opportunity.

-D. Daughenbaugh, USMC

Purple Heart Recipient

2019 Lake Erie Trophy Walleye


Words cannot adequately express my heartfelt thank you for the amazing event. The volunteers, boat captains, American Legion and citizens of Ashtabula all were so kind, courteous and cheerful.. they warmed our hearts with memories to last a lifetime, ones I will share with my family and friends.  A special thank you to Bill and Diane Miller and you for hosting the event. Very VERY special people!!!  Awesome Patriots!!!

Fishing was the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing as well as the fillets I brought home.  Thank you so very much for the opportunity.

Very best wishes,

Steve Brownfield


This is an awesome event and we thank you all for letting us be a part of it. Our drivers enjoy the ride with the guys and can’t wait until next year. We love our heroes and we enjoy hearing all the stories about their time here in Ashtabula County. Thanks to all you veterans for your service. Thank you too to all the people that that make this event a huge success. You had wonderful weather and I hope you enjoy (ed) all you fish. We would love to see you all back in Ashtabula again sometime soon.

Carol A. Hoyt

Administrative Assistant/Office Manager

Veterans Service Commission of Ashtabula County

Testimonials Book

I went in a boy and came out a man, but I was honored to serve our country.  Coming home was tough – spit on, yelled at – I felt like, what did I do but try to be a good American?  Then along comes WWIA and makes me feel like a million dollars.  It was very emotional, and my heart was pumped up.  Everyone that was involved in the Walleye trip was one of a kind.  It was so organized, everything was wonderful.  It was so great to meet other Warriors and listen to their stories.  Every so often someone would ask you if you needed anything.  They made me feel special and honored to be a Veteran.  Thank you for everything.

-J. Leathers, US Army – Vietnam
Purple Heart Recipient

I am a Vietnam Marine Corps Vet.  When I returned to the real works (the States), it was not what I expected,  just 3 days out of the bush.  Yesterday and today have been so heart warming and humbling.  The patriots, citizens, American Legion Patriot Guard and all the volunteers gave us Vietnam Vets a welcome and a celebration of our service that was awesome!  It was very hard to hold back my emotions and tears.  We have been treated like royalty; the Guides have been so outstanding.  Coordination and Logistics fantastic!

Fishing today in three hours we caught huge Walleye from beautiful and very clean boats – Limits for all Warriors.  Larry, Dave, Bill and Diane have enormous hearts, great humor and overall dedication to make our trip very memorable!  Super great people!  Jon French has kept us well informed, always checking on us to assure we have a fantastic trip.  WWIA Rocks!

-S. Brownfield, USMC Vietnam

Purple heart Recipient

This is my first WWIA event.  From the get go when Corrina contacted me and then Jon and Jordan contacting me to make sure everything was in order,  everything from arriving in Cleveland, transportation to Ashtabula and the warm heart felt welcoming that was so unexpected as well as the staff, Guides and boat captains have been top notch.  They have kept us informed along the way and made sure all our needs and wants were met.  The fishing has been unbelievable, more than I expected.  This experience has made me realize that this is an organization I really want to be a part of.  When I return, I am going to seek out how to become an Associate with WWIA.  I thank you for everything that you do and continue to do for wounded warriors.

-J Gaudette, US Army

Purple heart Recipient

This little town in Lake Erie have the most wonderful people.  I have never been more grateful and can’t thank them any more.  I love them all.

-J. Dickerson, USMC Vietnam

Purple Heart Recipient

I would just like to thank you for the amazing trip and the fellowship.  It was great to be around Vietnam Vets.  I Loved it.

-J. Rose, USMC

Purple Heart Recipient

This has been the best event I’ve been to.  I had an amazing time and meeting these guys was awesome.  I want to do so much more rto support this organization and I hope I can provide much more for our fellow vets.

-J. Rae, USAF

Purple Heart Recipient

My stories do not hold a candle to our Heroes, but I am so thankful to be able to say “ Thank you” to our Nations Heroes!  I never served, so I do this for me.  Sounds selfish but I felt I needed to do something to give back.  WWIA has repeatedly allowed me to be a part of this!  To be involved in such an emotional event is humbling.  Hell, I don’t what to say but Thanks.  WWIA is a top-notch organization.

-L. Fielder, Host

This is my eighth year as a volunteer with WWIA.  It is a great organization and I love helping out.  Also, this is my third year raising money for the wounded warriors.  I have a great time and enjoy doing it.

-J. Everett, (aka Jello John) Volunteer

From the bottom of my heart, I am completely honored to be a part of this event.  Of the many accomplishments in my life, this was at the top of my list as far as importance.  My family and I were honored to meet these soldiers and offer them a look into what they put their lives and well being on the line for.  I can’t properly express my gratitude and thankfulness for being a part of this event.  Thank you!

-Capt. Kasula, Volunteer

This weekend has been phenomenal!  Words cannot even explain it.  This is my first time volunteering with this foundation.  My husband has been coming for five years and would speak about “the guys” without giving much detail.  I understand keeping some “guy things” private.  We showed up Wednesday evening and I was not sure how well I would be received by the guys.  Let me tell you, I was my own worst enemy.  I was so well received by everyone!  I loved, absolutely loved helping wherever I could.  The Heroes were great!  They joked around with each other loved on each other in their brotherly ways and were grateful to be here as was I.  Absolutely amazing experience.  We are all different ages, different services, volunteers and Purple Heart vets.  It was like we were at a family reunion.  One person would get up to get a drink and would ask everyone else if they wanted anything.  We all helped each other.  This was truly a great experience, humbling, grateful, joy, laughter.  Again, mere words cannot explain.  Love you all

-Jennifer, Volunteer

Every event that WWIA provides to Warriors offers different atmospheres for relaxing, meeting new friends, having fun and learning.  For example, a fly-fishing event to a secluded part of Montana offers a different environment than a that of a trophy walleye event in Ashtabula, OH.  Both absolutely incredible events, but different healing environments.  The WWIA 8th Annual Trophy Walleye Fishing event connected the Warriors with other Warriors but also Warriors with the entire supporting, loving, American community.  The community support for this event has been unlike I have ever seen.  The event is incredibly efficient, fostering unsurpassable support for WWIA, the Warriors and for their wellbeing.  Veteran Services Legion Riders, Police Officers, Fireman, The American Legion Hosts, Volunteers and Event Hosts all came together to provide a once in a lifetime, world class fishing event.

The Boat Captains provided the best Walleye fishing I’ve ever experienced.  Fishing in this event was like living a Babe Winkleman fishing highlight video combined with a Kenny Chesney music video.  We came together as strangers and left as family.  Fishing with the Nam Vets was like fishing with your older brothers.  I was/am blown away!

-J. French, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient


2019 Primitive Outfitters Bear and Bass

This has been a great hunt.  A big thank you to WWIA for all the hard work getting me to this hunt.  Daniel and Katie went above and beyond.  They really made me feel like family.  God Bless You.

-D. Benoit, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Bear down!  Thank you WWIA for memories and newfound friends.  Love, Family, Respect!

-J. Dameron, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

This was a great weekend hunting back here in Maine.  Dan and Katie were excellent Hosts and the food was great.  I really appreciate what WWIA does for veterans.  It is a great program.  Thank you.

-T. Meckley, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

2019 Eagle River Muskie Chal-Lunge

Spiritual, educational, fun

-A. Payne, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

This was an awesome weekend of learning and fishing for some awesome fish.  I have made some great friends and have had great talks with people that understand what I have gone through.  Thank you WWIA!

-M. Engel, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

I had a good time, thank you.

-W. Ranes, US Army Vietnam

Purple Heart Recipient

I had an awesome time, it was great

-T. Labelle, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

I had a great experience and learned so much about Muskie fishing.  Great group of people and friends of a lifetime.  Thank you.

-M. Johnson, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

I had a great time fishing.  The guides, the sponsors and everyone involved made this event for me, something special.  I will always remember and be forever grateful for this experience.

-J. Tempesta, US Army Vietnam

Purple Heart Recipient

This event was life changing.  From the initial contact to meeting Derek at the airport, he was extremely fun and helpful.  I was at first reluctant about going at all.  To be honest because I did not feel I was any more deserving and also, I am reluctant to meet new people.   However, after attending and working with all of these wonderful people at Eagle River, Scott, Chas, Joe, Dan and all the other veterans and sponsors, I truly feel blessed and appreciate WWIA for this event and all you do for our combat-wounded veterans.  As the National Junior Vice Commander of the MOPH, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I don’t consider myself a Hero, but I sure meat a bunch out here on this event.

-J. McCormick, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

2019 NH Bear and Bass

You never know how you are going to feel when traveling to a new place.  Are you going to be scared or nervous, you just don’t know?  I had not one bit of that when it came to Roy, Bryan and of course big Derrick.  It was just like seeing friends that you haven’t seen in 20 years and you start right back off where you ended so long ago.  With a hi, how are you and a big hug to finish the hello.  Then there’s the joking that good friends would commonly do when seeing one another.  Then all the other guys like Carl and all the John’s, it was like getting to see your family, your brothers that you have never met yet there is a bond that you didn’t expect to happen in the first few minutes of meeting.  A lifelong bond that will never end, not even in death.  I have never met men so selfless in the pursuit of helping others.  Most usually have a hidden agenda, but not Roy and Derrick, no not these two.  They are kind, knowledgeable and all-around great men that I know I have the pleasure of calling my friends. This is something I don’t take lightly.  I have many friends but not many friends that I can call my brothers like Roy and Derrick and all the others.  I did shoot a bear but was unable to recover it.  It is bittersweet but part of the game we call hunting.  It is ok because hunting is not just the pursuit of an animal it is about the memories you share and the fellowship with your  brothers.  I will go through life knowing I am a better man for getting to meet everyone I did on this trip and being able to share the memories of my adventures in Grafton, NH with my family.  Thank you WWIA, Roy and Derrick

-S. Robey, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

Roy “kind of a big deal” Holland and the men who put on this hunt of a lifetime here in New Hampshire for Black Bear and Bass Fishing made a dream come true.  Not one dull moment, we laughed nonstop!  Best time ever.  This is truly a place that made me feel like I have been a part of the family and not once did I feel like a black sheep.  Nothing but praise and smiles from here.  The biggest smile of my hunting life is this black bear.  Thank you all so very much!  Forever memories and lifelong friends.  Thanks to WWIA!  Just Awesome!

-B. Plum, US ARMY

Purple Heart Recipient


2019 Shell Beach LA Fishing

This event was a first time, great experience fishing saltwater.  Everyone was great to be around and very helpful.  I git to meet some great people and learn more about the path to healing.  Being on the water and around other Purple Heart Veterans made me feel alive again and put a smile on my face the entire time.  Awesome time!  Thank you!

-M. Hagel, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

The 2019 Shell Beach event was a professional, first class, well run event from beginning to end.  The Guides and volunteers were always there to give a hand or help where needed.  Awesome food and great personalities down here with wonderful hospitality.  This was my first WWIA event and first-time saltwater fishing.  I’ve gotta say, I’m hooked and would come back in a heartbeat!  Thank you so much for it all!

-N. Howe, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

I have attended a lot of events on behalf of Warriors and the people that ran the event this year in Shell beach were amazing, from Rock in the kitchen preparing southern cuisine to a barrel chested, 77 (years young) combat controller along with Terry, a mild mannered expert on everything.  The fishing trip that Captain Casey gave to us was an adventure of a lifetime.  WWIA takes the time to make sure they treat Purple Heart Veterans with the upmost care and respect.  It’s not about the fishing, it’s about the healing process.   Being out on the water with friends that really cares about your sacrifice sets this organization apart from most, thank you for the time of a lifetime.

-C. Holland, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

2019 Hero Shot Archery

Well I guess I’ll start off by saying Thank you!!  WWIAF, Crystal, Jason and all the others.  It has always been a dream of mine just to get to Illinois to hunt whitetails, not only was that made a reality but being tagged out leaving here set the bar even higher.  I just can’t express in words how happy and thankful I am.  Not only did I have an amazing hunt but made some awesome new friends.  This trip was a success from the day it was booked and the number 1 reason I did this was answered the first sit.  Fresh air, wildlife and the community of the outdoorsman.  I feel like I can breathe again.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I look forward to the next experience of a lifetime.

-R. Nagg, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

2019 NY Upland Bird and Couples Retreat

Facebook –

Bobby Chambers:

Our little weekend retreat is coming to an end. We are so humbled and amazed at not only the beauty of New York but the wonderful folks we’ve met and new friends we’ve made.

Chasa Roydes:

This weekend three Purple Heart recipients and their spouses were escorted to dinner by these guys. There were other veterans (I don’t know their service records), family of veterans, and friends on this journey. The group that made this weekend happen are amazing people. There were no worries because Wounded Warriors In Action made everything appear effortless. The biggest thing they gave was their time, something they cannot get back. I appreciate all of you guys.

Host Book

Once again Mary Lou, you and your team did a wonderful job.  We loved meeting this year’s three couples.  This is a very special weekend.  We love being a part of it.

-P. Shaw, Volunteer

WWIA is one of the highlights of our year.  Hanging out with these Heroes is an inspiration.

-G. Shaw, Volunteer

This was a fantastic trip!  Lots of firsts.  First pheasant hunt and first free shotgun.  Everyone and everything was amazing!  It means a great deal to have people and a community that care so much.  Thanks Mary Lou and everyone who helped.

-M. Roydes, USMC

Purple Heart Recipient

This has been the most humbling and amazing experience.  Getting to meet such amazing people who support the veterans and their families.  Thank you is not enough!

-B. Chambers, Spouse

Thank you all so much for a very special weekend.  I had a great time meeting so many nice people.  It really has made a big impression on me.  Thanks again and stay in touch.

-L. Chambers, USAF

Purple Heart Recipient

This trip was a most wonderful time and very good for me.  Having our wives here with us was also extra special.

-L. Baker and Jag, US Army Vietnam

Purple Heart Recipient

Ms. Lou, as usual you pulled off another great event.  I am so proud of you for what you do for veterans and it all comes from your heart which is the biggest in the world.  I can’t begin to thank you enough for allowing me to be a part of this every year since I was the Warrior in 2015.  I want you to know that I am here for you for anything you need.  This is definitely your calling in life because you are so good at it, and it obviously keeps you young at heart.  You deserve a special spot in the after life for everything you do.  Thank you so much for all your hospitality, joy and love that you so graciously give to all!  Love you always.

-R. Falcone, Volunteer

Purple Heart Recipient

Ms. Lou, you are the most precious person.  Your giving heart is precious.  Thank you for this wonderful weekend.  It has been awesome.  May the lord bless and keep you and yours!  In his awesome and supreme love.

-A. Baker, Spouse

Mama Lou, I can not tell you enough how much you mean to Milt and I.  What you do with this organization is wonderful.  You put so much time and energy into making sure everyone feels so welcome.  I appreciate the fact that you included spouses in the event.  I needed to know that I was appreciated and felt loved outside of our marriage.  This WWIA event brought us closer.  I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate and love you Mama Lou.  We came as friends but left as family.  Every time we come back our love gets stronger and stronger.  Thanks for everything.

-H. Yagel, Volunteer

Ms. Lou, I first met you when I hunted with you and Jim and WWIA in 2011.  What you are giving us is nothing short of a life changing experience.  The outdoors saved my life, and patriots like you and your family brought me out of a very dark place and into the light.  I was invited back this year to see how the event has progressed.  I am blown away.  You have made yours and Jim’s vision a reality.  I am amazed at the support this event gets from your family and community.  It is the epitome of Semper Fidelis (always faithful).  My wife, Fae was fortunate enough to visit in 2014.  It was the first time she had ever been invited to an event.  Between the two of us we have never experienced so much love and true gratitude in our lives.  People like you make our service truly worth it.  You are the reason we fought and give us a reason to continue fighting.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do for my brothers in arms.  You are truly your brother’s keeper.  I haven’t experienced the Esprit De Corps (spirit of camaraderie) in a long time.  I love you all and am eternally grateful.  Thank you.

-S. Horsley, Volunteer

Purple Heart Recipient

As I reflect on this weekend, I feel like all went very well.  I feel so blessed that I can give a little back to so many since 2010.  These warriors and wives deserve so much more, but so thankful that I am able to do this for myself and for the legacy Jim “JR” started.  Some hiccups this year, but all in all we know that we are able to do the best that we can.  I am so blessed living in a community where there is so much appreciation, patriotism, and support for what we do.  God bless our Warriors and their wives.  God Bless America.

-M. Reisdorf, Host

2019 TN Archery Deer

VIA Email

I just wanted to touch base after the hunt. I can’t point to one particular thing that made it best except the overall experience. The time without TV, cell phone signal, time in the blind or stand made me slow down and just be left alone to me and my thoughts. The fellowship was great and to be honest, I didn’t miss any of the electronic things.  Shelley and Dennis were amazing hosts and we now have another family. Unfortunately, no one was able to land a deer, but I would do it all over again just for the experience. Thank you again for the chance to go on this excursion.

  1. Griffis, US Navy

Purple Heart Recipient


Hosts Testimonial Book

This trip was better than sitting at home on the patio drinking a gin and tonic!  Really, it was the best.  Everyone was so helpful and were genuinely nice people.  The vets were super guys and no one can match Dennis and Shelley’s hospitality.  The helpers, especially a police officer named Mike!  Joe, the WWIA Guide was always there for all our needs.  Thank you thank you, thank you Dennis and Shelley, not to mention John McDaniel and Corrina.

-T. Starcevic, USMC Vietnam

Purple Heart Recipient

I can’t believe the overall experience that I have had out here on a weekend hunt.  The hospitality and a feeling of home away from home was absolute bar none!  During my time in the stand, blind and rack awaiting the next day, I have a lot of needed time to reflect on myself.  It’s also rejuvenated a desire to get back in the field and hunt deer.  Words cannot express the gratitude that I have for you and WWIA for this opportunity!

-D. Griffis, US Navy

Purple Heart Recipient

It is always such a pleasure to come to the Double Creek Ranch.  This place feels like home and the people here like family.  The events here always bring out the best in me and my fellow warriors with a lot of laughter and friendly banter around the table or the fire pit.  While I am not going home with game this trip.  I am going home with several new friends.  I can’t wait to come back here and make some more wonderful memories on this beautiful property.

-J. Liddell, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

To try and capture in words on this small note what this weekend has done for me, would not be possible.  Know that this weekend will leave a lasting impression on not only me but the group of guys we shared all of this with.  This weekend helped to reset my personal clock so to say.  This event was exceptional.  What I can’t leave out is my appreciation for what you two have done and what you continue to do from the initial email to the last meal before departing for the airport.  You made me feel at home.  You two are exceptional people and I look forward to crossing paths in the future.  Thank you.

-P. Collins, USMC

Purple Heart Recipient

2019 PA C & B

This has been one of the best trip/events I have ever done.  Every one of you put so much effort into this and I appreciate it so much that I don’t know how to thank you.  Thank you so much.

-R Baker, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

This is my first event with WWIA and it was a very good experience.  I had a great time.  The staff is amazing and very caring.  This was my very first-time bird hunting and I had a great time.  Thank you for everything you do.

-K. Mitchell, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

I signed up to serve without expecting anything in return, but what you patriots are doing for our Wounded Veterans is amazing.  I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.  Thank you for your generosity, friendship and genuine appreciation for our military.

-L. Ortiz, USMC

Purple Heart Recipient

This being my first WWIA event I was not sure what it was going to be like.  This has been the best thing I have been on,  to be able to be around other Warriors and be able to open up and feel almost normal again.

-A. Schreckengost, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

The Central PA Cast & Blast 2019 has been amazing from the hospitality of Gravel Spring Lodge to the field time and fishing at Penn’s Cave, this event turned out incredible.  There are so many volunteers that have all contributed in one way or another.  To see so many people come together to put this event on for us is truly humbling.  I can’t say thank you enough as I am truly grateful to be able to spend a weekend hunting and fishing with a great group of vets and an awesome group of Americans that made it happen.

-S. Korth, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

The Central PA Cast & Blast event is an amazing thing.  The support of truly patriotic Americans volunteering their time to allow us to be completely relaxed and enjoy ourselves has hit home.  It is amazing how this event has made me feel comfortable and almost “normal” again.  I am truly grateful and honored to have been included in this event.  I have made 17 new friends and they quickly became family.

-W. Black, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

2019 Bayfield Cast & Blast


I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the Bayfield Cast and Blast event in Iron River, WI. The hosts Chris and Brenda Diesing were amazing; they (as we as the community) made me feel very welcome and treated me as if we were already family.  My guides Jamie Vee and Jeff Evans were top notch.  True tacticians of their craft.  As I was going to work this morning, I felt different- felt rejuvenated.  I’m not sure if it was the cool and crisp air of Northern Wisconsin or being around fellow veterans with similar stories as mine but it worked!  So thank you again!  The event gave me the chance to hit the reset button for a while.  I hope to participate in another WWIA event in the future.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if any openings become available.

-J. Razon, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

From Testimonial Book

This event is amazing.  The support from the community and Hosts are world class.  The Delta people have opened up their arms and made us all feel welcome.  Thank you to all the people who made it happen and for all the support.

-J. Razon, US Army

Purple heart Recipient

I had an absolute blast.  Heroes were great, Hosts were unbelievable.  I was able to fill both deer tags and land two Muskies.  I couldn’t imagine a more perfect retreat and place to unwind.  The support and love from the surrounding community and donors was unreal.  Chris and Brenda Diesing were amazing – all out phenomenal along with the Hosts at Scenic Drive Resort.

-C. McClanahan, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

I had a great time.  I caught Muskie and shot a deer.  It was a great relaxing time.

-P. Garrett, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

I don’t have the words to express how awesome this experience was.  I will always remember this, thank you so much.

-G. Burney, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

2019 SD Pheasant


I had a blast on this past pheasant hunt In SD. Thank you for the invite! Brad and Julie were phenomenal hosts with great food (no telling how much weight I put on), and an amazing piece of property to relax and have a good time on. I really liked getting to know Gabe. His desire to help out and keep the flow going is impressive. I’d love to get my life in order to where I can help out guiding in the way he does with other vets. I really appreciate what you, John, and the rest of the organization do for everyone else. It means a lot to me and I’m sure many others. Enjoy the holidays and again, thank you!

-A. Turcotte, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you to the WWIAF and Hosts Brad and Julie, without you none of this would be possible.  I loved being able to sit down and connect with my fellow wounded warriors.  The stories that we all share will last a lifetime.  I do believe that everything happens for a reason.  Our injuries are the reason we all cam together.  Everyone comes from a different background with different beliefs, but we will always be there for each other in their time of need.  The Hosts, Brad and Julie have gone above and beyond to make this a successful and enjoyable event.  The volunteers, Rick, Jim, Cory and Drew worked their butts off to ensure that every warrior knew the rules and were safe.  The dogs were beyond amazing, watching them do their work is just something incredible to watch.  Gabe was an amazing Guide.  He was very professional from Day 1 when he made contact, until the final day.  He had the hardest job of all making sure everything ran smooth and keeping everyone together and he did a superb job.  I am proud to say that I am a member of this organization and look forward to future events and ways to support WWIA.

-J. Gaudette, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

I had a great hunt.  Gabe did an amazing job.  Fellowship and food were great.  Thanks to Brad and Julie for having us.

-T. Galasso, USMC, Vietnam

Purple Heart Recipient

Wow! So Nice! Thanks for the special seating for the old leg.  Wonderful trip; met great Warriors and Brad and Julie at Grand Ciel Lodge were awesome to say the least!  Super trip beyond my resources…many, many thanks!

-D. Wilson, US Army Vietnam

Purple Heart Recipient


2019 MS C & B

I want to say that this has been the best experience of hog hunting that I have ever been on.  The people here in Bay St. Louis, MS made my stay here awesome.  I also want to thank Wounded Warriors in Action for making this all happen.  I have made new friends, Audie Murphy, Joe Liddell, Debbie, Uncle Dave and countless other family and friends of the Murphy’s.  This experience for me allowed me to see how important us service members really are to them.  I thank God for blessing me to meet people who go out of their way to show their love for us.

-D. Stoner, USAF

Purple Heart Recipient

First hunting trip in 4 years.  As a home bound Warrior with PTSD and TBI it is very hard to get out.  So a trip like this was a very good time.  I got to grab a hog by the legs, what a rush, my mind was racing a hundred miles a minute, I love it. Thank you very much,  this group of people made me feel like family.

-R. Jones, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient


2019 Camp Hackett A

What this organization does is incredible.  This weekend has been awesome.  From shooting birds, catching my first Muskie, watching deer and just generally being in some amazing country.  There have been many times over the past years when I questioned my decision to join and then stay in, especially after being shot in Afghanistan.  Events like this erase that doubt.  We have been surrounded by people who remind us why our endeavor is a worthy one.  It is so easy to lose that point of reference in the fog of society.  The time I spent here has been like being able to push a reset button and it’s like the weight of the world disappeared for a few days. (even though my back feels like the weight of the world is on it from all that Muskie Fishing)!  I feel blessed to have the opportunity to experience this place, as the cheesy saying goes “Time spent in the woods is never wasted”.  That couldn’t be truer on this event.  I am eternally grateful for the outpouring of generosity.

-D. Middleton, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

Wounded Warriors in Action is a phenomenal organization.  I’ve never been given the opportunity to shoot many species other than deer.   This trip gave me the opportunity to shoot geese, deer and grouse.  I had a blast hunting new species.  John and Jake were great Hosts and they made all of us feel like family.  I spent many years overseas between the military and contracting and WWIA reconnected me back with the passion that I used to have.  I have not had many opportunities to get in the woods until now.  Muskie fishing was something else.  I never would have imagined me fishing for a fish of that size.  I enjoyed every moment of the trip.  The community around Phillips invited us in with open arms.  They made the experience very special for me.  I can’t thank John and Jake enough for giving me this opportunity of a lifetime.

-J. Mullinax, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you so much for the opportunity to spend time with you.  I had an absolute blast at this hunting camp.  The people I got to meet were the type of people I enjoy spending time with.  Every part of this trip was fun and exciting.  During this trip I was reminded what it is like to part of a real brotherhood that gets lost when we get back home.  I am very appreciative of all the staff have done to make this trip a reality.  I hope that someday I will be able to return some of the generosity that you have shown me.  If ever you are in Oregon, I hope you will call me and maybe we can hunt or fish together again.  Please don’t hesitate to call.  Thank you very much.

-M. Campbell, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient


2019 Camp Hackett B

WWIA put together an awesome hunt.  We had the opportunity to hunt deer, ducks, geese and some animals not offered to us back home.  Grouse was an animal none of us had ever heard of.  Muskie fishing was a very different experience.  We were also able to meet numerous patriotic Americans that offered support as well as logistical donations.  Meeting people that still support veterans is refreshing.  Also, being introduced to a different aspect of American society.  I am so very thankful to tell those who put this hunt together that I am deeply honored to have been able to come here and be a part of this experience.

-B. Walker, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

I would like to thank WWIAF for allowing me to come to Wisconsin and enjoy some world class outdoor hunting and fishing.  I cannot thank you all enough.  The memories will last a lifetime as well as the friendships.  Jake is an excellent Host and always has something great to say, always has a smile on his face.  John is such a great guy and he really makes me proud to be a veteran.  People like the families and fisherman I’ve met while on this trip are what America is supposed to be about.  These people are the reason guys like me serve this country.  God Bless.

-J. Hoggard, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient


2019 Kuneytown FLX D & B

I can’t thank WWIA enough for the opportunity to come out and join fellow Purple Heart Recipients on this hunt. While getting to enjoy nature and the opportunity to hunt in places I never thought I would go, I find the most important part of these trips is getting to meet other Purple Heart recipients and the people who provide these opportunities for us. It is by far one of the most mentally and physically relaxing things I have gotten the chance to do.  This trip allowed me to relax and reset from all the problems I was currently dealing with back home and sent me back home with a feeling of pride and accomplishment.  The guides provided me everything I needed and made sure I had every opportunity to harvest and animal.  I really can’t put into words how thankful I am for Wounded Warriors In Action and everyone who helps make all of these hunts possible.  These trips are opportunities of a lifetime and I am forever grateful to be a part of this family and organization.

-R. Heard, U.S. Army
Purple Heart Recipient

First of all, thank you to WWIA for allowing me the opportunity to come on this hunt.  It was a once in a lifetime experience, I will never forget.  The staff at Kuneytown Sportsman Club are second to none and I couldn’t be more satisfied.  Crystal was an amazing Guide and very courteous.  She was knowledgeable and confident in her abilities.  Scott, Bob, Kenny, Daly, Eric and Keith were all amazing gentleman and put forward a lot of effort and sacrificed personal family time to be with us.  Mo was amazing and her classes and cooking were second to none.  I could not brag enough on my Guide, Keith Tidball.  Keith is an amazing man with an amazing life story.  I will never forget this experience and I am thankful beyond words

-M. Brannon, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

WWIA never ceases to amaze me.  This is my second trip through the organization and once again I was blown away by my experience here.  The camaraderie that was shared on this trip was outstanding.  The event staff did an excellent job of making all five of us feel comfortable and welcome which made it very easy for us to gel as a group and make new friends here.  I was moved by the level of support from this small community and the love they showed us.  These trips are healing and soothing at the same time.  Being around other soldiers/Marines/sailors, etc. that understood the lifestyle and things that we have gone through is a great get away from the daily struggle.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to WWIA, Keith and his whole staff here at the Kuneytown Hunt Club and the whole town who supported us.  Thank you for this awesome experience.

-J. Marley, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

2019 W PA Archery Deer Hunt

I can’t express enough how healing t was to be involved in the WWIA deer hunt in PA.  How do you say thank you to people who give out pure love to our veterans?  Thank you falls short of what really needs to be said.  There were so many things that I could talk about.  We are all now part of this family. May God bless each and every one of you.  You are all why we serve.  Willing to drop our last drop of blood if need be.  You are the real Americans that are worth dying for.  Thank you and love you all.

-R. Stewart, US Army Vietnam

Purple Heart Recipient

Came here as strangers, leaving as family with memories I will never forget.  Thank you so much for everything.  Very respectfully.

-A. Hartman, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

There aren’t enough words to express how grateful and thankful I am for the love, hospitality and enjoyment that the W. PA hunt has brought all of us this weekend.  The Bevevino family opened their hunting camp, land, and hearts to us along with all of the guides this weekend.  Sure, the reason we are here is for a whitetail hunt but more importantly, it is a weekend of healing where we can all come together, judgement free and just be together in an environment that is relaxed and filled with joy and laughter.  Thank you so much for everything.

-J. Jordan, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient


2019 AR Buck Hunt

This was my very first deer hunt.  With that being said, I might very well be ruined.  William French is an awesome guy.  When half of the Counties local law enforcement show up for dinner, it says a lot.  The Game Warden even came out to get to know us and sat and chatted drinking coffee for over an hour.  I get to speak to Local Houston, TX area Law Enforcement Officers about de-escalation of force on trauma affected veterans and it is probably my favorite part of my life.  Getting an opportunity to share my experiences with them helps with my healing process.  The deer!  Fifteen minutes into my first ever hunt, I had a shot on a nice buck, unfortunately it did not work out.  WWIA Guide, Derrick spent time with me showing me anatomy charts and best practices including sitting in the stand with me and talking me through it.  Turns out we were in the Sadr City at the same time.  The last day, I harvested 2 bucks within 5-10 minutes.  It was pretty incredible, and I am really happy with those shots given the circumstances.  The food was amazing.  Corrina was (and probably is) amazing.  Getting to hang with the guys was an experience I won’t forget.  Mr. French’s son was even out there.  He is a great young man, that was a pleasure.  William French has been in the wealth management business for decades and got started talking shop one night.  I wish I had a pen.  His knowledge is worth a fairly obscene dollar per hour for consulting (and rightfully so).  He graciously offered to answer questions we have about finances and I know he will.  I’m blown away guys.  There will never be another first deer hunt and I am really glad I could experience it with this amazing group of gentleman and brothers.

-J. Hereford, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

I have been extremely fortunate in my life.  Fairly good healthy, a wonderful wife and family, friends to whom I could call on when things seem to go wrong.  My luck still exists, the day after my 70th birthday I was notified by WWIA that I had been chosen to participate in a deer hunt in Arkansas.  Although I have hunted most of my adult life those hunts have been limited to my home state of Vermont.  I was elated to go!  I was picked up at the airport by Derrick and immediately felt a connection.  A connection that only those with shared experiences, good and not so good, could understand.  Red Oak Plantation, Will French, his son Will, Lance and Peggy were courteous , ambitious and did their best to please.  Derrick answered all of my questions, was courteous, polite and professional.  I hope that those who read my comments understand that those who are the face of an organization are what solidifies the reputation of a company.  Derrick and Red Oak Plantation are the face I would want if I owned a company.

-R. Dziadul, US ARMY Vietnam

Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you for taking time out of everyone’s days to come together to put on an amazing hunt.  I know how hunting is and you don’t always have to bring something home to have an amazing time.  Sitting I the cool crisp area always lets you know its that time of year for deer hunting.  I haven’t had so much fun on a deer drive in my life.  From watching a new hunter get his first deer to cracking jokes on each other all weekend.  It doesn’t matter where you come from you can always have a good time at deer camp.  Thank you so much for allowing me to come to such an amazing place.  Hope to see you all again.

-S. Lawry, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient


2019 MN Whitetail Hunt

First off, let me start off by saying how amazing Jay and Jim were.  They are first class people and bent over backwards for us the entire trip.  This was hands down the most personal and gratifying trip I have ever been on.  Derrick was the friendliest and most professional Guide and mentor I have ever had interaction with.  He was super professional and made me feel a part of WWIA immediately.  Never in my life have I met such patriotic people more willing to do anything and everything to ensure we had such an awesome experience.  I could have gone home empty handed and been more than happy.  Luckily, we were all successful.  Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity for being able to be part of such an amazing program.  I am truly honored to have met and fellowshipped with such great American people. Thank you WWIA!

-B. Merriman, USAF

Purple Heart Recipient

What an amazing time!  The Host and everyone were top notch!  Couldn’t ask for a better time.  As a Veteran Service officer for 10 years it is great to pass on the knowledge to my fellow veterans and be able to assist them in any way possible.  I was able to harvest my biggest doe in 30 years of hunting, but also the most humbling to be with a great group of people and veterans.  WWIA is by far the best organization for bringing the camaraderie of veterans and great people who show their appreciation for the sacrifices of us veterans.  Thank you for all you do for us.  If there is anything I can do to help and assist any veteran please contact me, it would be an honor to give back to this great organization.

-J. Lichty, USMC

Purple Heart Recipient

Writing about what happened and how it happened is hard.  The experience I had was amazing, breathtaking and exciting.  So many feelings to describe.  The one thing I can say without a doubt is the Organization, Jay, Jim, Derrick and the rest of the crew went above anything that I have ever dreamed of.  You see these things on T.V. and wish that you can be that person hunting and what not.  This place and the people here made a dream come true and it was very heartwarming.  They made me feel like another brother in the family.  Family is the most important thing to me.  My family now has grown.  People like this show what Americans truly are.  Outstanding citizens who take in their veterans no matter what color, race or background.  I’m now privileged to be held with their caring arms.  I’ve truly never felt this type of care and love until this week.  I’ll never forget this moment and will tell all my family until I no longer exist.  Then I will tell God.  To everyone, you’ve blessed me in so many ways.  Thank you.  I can’t ever repay this, but I will cherish this forever.  P.S.  Thanks for the first buck of my life, people will be jealous!

-R. Bejarano, USMC

Purple Heart Recipient

2019 Great Creek Deer Hunt

I just wanted to say thank you first and foremost! I appreciate WWIAF and the Great Creek Hunt Club for a great event. The Hunters were very hospitable, and Jeremy and Andy were great Hosts, I would not change anything and would love to go again Thank y’all and Merry Christmas!!

-F. Peters, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

I cannot thank WWIA enough for giving me this opportunity to be a part this trip.  The bonds and friendships forged on this trip will not be forgotten.  I was not given a hunting trip; I was given an unforgettable experience to reconnect with my fellow combat wounded warriors.  I was given something I have been missing since I have been away from the service.  I have built new friendships with a great group of hunters that opened their homes and hearts to us.  Words alone cannot justify how amazing this trip was.  I am forever grateful and truly needed this experience to see what great Americans are still out there and are grateful for our sacrifices.  Truly an honor and I am deeply humbled for getting this opportunity,

-C. Grudzinski, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

2019 Naples VFW Big Buck Hunt

I want to start out by saying thank you to WWIA.  This hunt was by far one of the best hunts I have ever been on.  The cabin was amazing, the food was amazing, and the support was amazing.  I met some great veterans while in New York  I hope to have made a few lifelong friends because of this hunting trip. Thank you WWIA!

-N. Vinogradov, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you for this amazing opportunity.  When arriving in Naples I knew this was going to be a great time.  The hospitality far surpassed any expectations.  There was never a second in the day that if you needed something, there wasn’t anyone around.  The hunting property was outstanding, more than enough places to hunt and more deer than you could ask for.  Hunting aside, I would come back here just to hang out with the community and the people who were with us day in and day out.  Thank you again for this outstanding opportunity and amazing weekend.

-J. Smart, USMC

Purple Heart Recipient


2019 TN Rifle Deer

I want to say how much this has helped me.  There are so many ways it has.  I have never hunted before and this part was the best.  From all those who put the event together to those who supported it.  A great display of folks who had a lot of knowledge in hunting to super hospitality at its best.  The volunteers were outstanding, and I appreciate Gabe and my Guide Jake.  Hosts Dennis and Shelley were awesome.  Very nice folks and beautiful home and accommodations.

-P. Danza

Purple Heart Recipient

This event was professionally well coordinated and executed by Dennis, Shelley, their friends and guides.  I always try to do things that involve living your best life!  This trip was definitely commiserate of that creed.  Thanks to everyone who made the hunt possible, especially for the financial support put towards hunting licenses by the Friends of the NRA.  This is a trip I’ll never forget for sure.

-J. Lowe, US Navy

Purple Heart Recipient

I want to tell you all thank you!  I appreciate everything you do.  I had a wonderful time, hunting and hanging with all of the hosts and vets.  Loved it.

-R. Engelbrecht, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you for opening your home and property.  Thank you to our Guides, Jake, Cody, Brooks and Jim for taking the time to help with the hunt.  Lastly thank you again for the great weekend.

-G. Fierros, US Army

Purple Heart Recipient