Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

1.1 Al Long Leaf Palmer

It is difficult to put into words what an event like this does for someone that is trying to find normal again. There aren’t any words to explain or share how amazing and wonderful this place is and about the people that made it all happen. None that will do it justice anyway. Heaven on earth, a reprieve from the day to day headache and heartache of going through what “we” (anyone who has served) has gone through. Losing a buddy, missing family, seeing and hearing things that no one should. This event and place brings you back to being you again and reminds you of why you fought in the first place. Because of the people, places, love, respect, family, friends, God and country, which was all found right here in this place among these incredible and selfless people. I know many hands made this possible and I wish I could thank them all. Thank you for giving me something back I had lost and forgotten. Keep doing what you are doing, it truly makes a difference.

D. Palmer, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient