Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

1 AL Long Leaf Himmelberger

I was thrilled to be chosen and what an event it turned out to be! This was my first time hunting both deer and quail. I am not good with new things, especially with people I do not know. However, this group of vets made it easy to learn, and more importantly made it fun. Sharing our experiences, both good and bad, brought us closer together and felt uplifting. The Host was amazing, to include his caring family and friends. I could never have imagined total strangers taking their time and money to help people they do not know. Most news you hear about is negative, but events like this are what the public needs to see. All of this caring during this event was truly an honor, which I will never forget and will try to pass on to those around me.

-R. Himmelberger, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient