Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

11 AL Long Leaf Moon

From the moment I arrived I was welcomed with open arms and encouraged to relax and enjoy myself. I could feel the stress leave and as I got to know Andy, Bill, Joe and Buddy I felt at home the entire time. I was hopeful that I would mesh with my fellow Purple Heart buddies, and I really enjoyed getting to know Andrew and James as the weekend progressed and the light kidding and banter started with each other. I spent a lot of time with each person there and know that I have found lifelong friends that I can count on. I also spent a lot of time with Mr. Buddy, who taught me a lot of about living on the river and swamp. It was a pleasure getting to know everyone and forming friendships that I hope to revisit soon. I can’t say thank you enough to Andy and his family and friends for hosting us and taking us in for the long weekend. I also want to thank WWIA staff for setting up such a great opportunity to relax and get to know other fellow Purple Heart awardees and hear their stories.

J. Moon, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient