Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

16 Long Leaf Wood

Let me begin by saying from the bottom of my heart, thank you! I was blessed with a great military service. After retiring from the Army, I had a very negative outlook on life. Feeling like my life had been ripped from under my feet. I fell into a horrible place. Thanks to the hard work of WWIA and its generous network of family, this event has been like a soul rejuvenation. I know these are only the words I am thinking at this moment. It is just a glimpse into the huge unforgettable experience this hunt has been for me. Thank you to WWIA and for everything the McMillan family has done to help. This message is only a small amount of the gratitude I have for everyone who helps to make these events happen. Our Guide Derrick shot straight with me, helped me to focus on who I am, so that my perceptions do not prevent me from being the leader I am in my community. Thank you! Please continue the good mission you all are doing because you change lives.

-N. Wood, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient