Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

1.2 NC OBX D. Berryman

This was my first waterfowl hunting experience.  I was very much looking forward to this event since I was offered it in November of 2017.  Not just for the hunt but to share experiences and stories with people cut from the same cloth.

This event brought up many emotions, good and bad that needed to be shared.  The Warriors, Guides, and Hosts succeeded in every possible way.  I would like to thank the Hosts and community for donating their time, money, family, love and stories with us.  I’m absolutely humbled by what they have done for us and can’t believe people truly care about others as much as they do.  My memories of this event will always remind me of the amazing people from Currituck, North Carolina

-D. Berryman, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient