Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

20 KS C & B McCluskey

I would like to thank everyone who put this event together, first and foremost. Thank you. To all the wonderful people seen and unseen. Thank you. You have all given me the gift of courage to continue fighting the darkness in the world. Meeting such warm and loving folks with huge hearts has been really amazing and very heart warming. My heart is swollen with joy. Thank you. I truly feel honored to carry the burden of war for this nation. The time spent hunting and fishing with like minded vets and civilians making deep human connections that will last the rest of my days is unbelievable. I will cherish these memories and incorporate them into my daily life. I feel connected to a massive community of support. I’m walking taller, got my chin up and my face has a golden glow and a huge smile. The mission was a success. Thank you WWIA and community.

B. McCluskey, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient