Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

22 Letter in Mail Wilson

It is definitely I who should be thanking you! Your organization is a tremendous example of human dignity embossed in the spirit of giving so that others may have an edge in healing alongside and with their peers! Your thoughtfulness and kindness are to be admired. I will continue to give my small gift for as long as possible, so that you too can continue to help old soldiers like me and my brothers and sisters!

If you ever come across a good Whitetail deer hunt and need an old Vietnam Vet to be your point man and Medic, please reach out to me! The years are catching up with me but my spirit to hunt the elusive Whitetail is still strong.

God Bless you and this great country. Stay safe…. And again, thank you for what you do.

-D. Wilson, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient