Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

22 WI C & B Blake

I’ve got to begin with a great big thank you to all of those involved in this organization and this event. As most know, I almost had to cancel because I was closing on my house the day of the flight to the event. I managed to move the closing date up a day and get to the airport on time. The accommodations were excellent, a big shout out to Stoney Creek Hotel. Meeting all of those involved, Todd, Dawn, Mike, Mike, Derek and Rigley (the dog) was so refreshing. Everyone involved was extremely friendly and inviting. The food prepared by Dawn was delicious beyond words as well as the snack packs we were all given. As for the hunting, what can I say; we were partnered with great guides that were knowledgeable and well versed in the actions of the turkeys, and we all were able to harvest a bird the first day out, unheard of! Harvesting an animal was not the highlight of this event, however. The camaraderie, respect and being able to bond with kindred souls and brothers in arms is the thing I will take from this experience. On day two we all went out for a day of relaxing. Fishing on the local waterways, catching numerous fish, sure but being able to relax, unwind and appreciate the beauty of nature is what I will take away from this great adventure. I have truly made friends and buddies for life this weekend. I will always be in awe of those that take time and expense from their own lives to give back to veterans. Thank you all at WWIA as well as all involved in this hunt.

H. Blake, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient