Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

26 KS C & B Hoerrmann

This hunt has by far been one of the most relaxing, enjoyable trips I have been on! This hunt was exactly what I needed to help me reset, recharge, and reconnect with like minded people and gave me the opportunity to meet some of my amazing brothers in arms. The Hosts, Carl, Ted, Herman, Matt, and everyone that helped bring all of this together are some of the most amazing people I have had the pleasure of meeting. Everyone made me feel right at home, comfortable. This group of patriots have put together one amazing event. It was low key, very personal, and all about hunting and I could never thank them enough. I didn’t realize how much I needed some time to myself and the camaraderie of other service members as well as just enjoying the simplicity of hunting and fishing. I can’t even express how generous and kind everyone that I encountered was to all of us. Everyone went above and beyond to help get us our turkeys and fish. I feel like I have made some lifelong friends. So, a huge thank you to the WWIA for this once in a lifetime experience.

J. Hoerrmann, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient