Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

27 KS C & B Holden

What an amazing event! This past week I have literally had the time of my life turkey hunting with some amazing people. I have been turkey hunting for about 35 years, and I can easily say this was in my top 5 turkey hunts ever. First, Matt Brannon is the absolute perfect WWIA representative. He made contact with us all and answered all of our critical questions before the trip even started. That was a huge factor to the success of this trip. Everything was amazing! The Hosts, Carl, Herman , and Ted were outstanding, very courteous, super generous and worked their butts off to make this trip memorable. Matt continued to facilitate the hunt and filled his position perfectly. I know the work that goes into a hunt like this, and everything ran flawlessly. I felt very comfortable the entire time I was here. Our hosts were very resourceful and pretty much let us pick what we wanted to do. We all shared fellowship that was super special in the outdoors and I witnessed a lot of healing, laughter, and newfound friendships while being here. I definitely made memories and buddies that will last a lifetime! Thank you!

S. Holden, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient