Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

54 Lake Erie Gleason

I have been a part of WWIA for about 10-11 years. I did a trip with Corrina Hart in Washington State many years ago. I have been and continue to be impressed by this amazing organization. Frenchy and Jason are outstanding liaisons and were there for all of our needs. The Guides were absolutely fantastic. They showed great professionalism and did everything they could to ensure we had a great time and got what we came for. This trip has particularly left me in awe with how involved the community is in welcoming us and hosting us. It was truly humbling and an honor to be a part of it. To bring fellow service members together in a capacity like this is inspiring and healing to many of us. With the military being a way of life for many years only to be in the regular world after, is difficult for many. These events give us a much-needed reprieve, to be around others who understand, to tell our stories, and to enjoy that camaraderie even for a couple of days. Thank you for everything!

B. Gleason, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient