Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

57 Bayfield Haines

This Bayfield Cast & Blast is about the best thing I thought I would be doing in October. When Corrina called, my wife and I were out grocery shopping. I think my wife beat me to saying “Yes, Yes, he is going”. Evidently, she believed I really needed this, and boy was she right. Getting together with other guys that love to hunt and fish is really good anyway. When you make it a bunch of beat up combat troopers, for me that is home. Within 12 hours everyone was talking like old friends and that includes the WWIA staff and the community in the area. Combat vets are probably the humblest people I’ve ever known and to have my brothers in arms recognized and appreciated means everything to me. The love that was given here reminds me of why I joined up. It makes it all worthwhile. I have a renewed sense of purpose, and a refreshed sense of hope. My words can never express how much this meant to me. Special thanks to Chris and Brenda Diesing and especially to my Guide and brother in arms, Jim. You guys are the best!

E. Haines, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient