Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

1.6 Russell AL Deer J. Kutzner

This event was outstanding.  Everything about the event was great.   I have missed the camaraderie of the Marine Corps since being medically retired and everyone at the Russell AL deer hunt let me know that I can find men like me who are getting through injuries and are finding a way to enjoy life again.  The Russell family has been so kind and generous.  All their family and friends have been so nice and helpful.  Ira is possibly one of the best cooks I have enjoyed.  It is nice to know there are still really good people in this world.  Everyone we met was so very kind and thankful for our service.  Of all the hunting I have ever done, being here has been the best hunting experience I have ever had because of all these great people.

The WWIA organization has just been wonderful.  Corrina was so nice and organized she made getting everything together and ready for this event easy.

John Keeney started off our first phone call by just making me feel at ease and comfortable.  He helped me remember how great it felt just being around another Marine.  It was great talking with him and remembering things I had forgot.  It was wonderful talking with him and realizing we had stomped some of the same ground at the same time.  It’s been a long time since I had these memories and not had nightmares.  The selflessness and caring he puts into these events are so evident and sincere.

I would love to spend more time with any of these great people.

-J. Kutzner, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient