Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

67 Hackett B Polega

Absolutely an incredible experience! I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be on this trip. The Northwoods are wonderful. Growing up, my family or my Dad and I would always come up this way for fishing trips. I cherish these memories and now have gotten to create new memories with a different family. WWIA is a phenomenal organization that has helped re-center my focus and reignite my passion for the outdoors. The support and service from all of the volunteers was incredible to see. I am truly thankful for their service in helping make it all possible. The chance to fish and hunt is a unique lifetime opportunity. However, I was significantly impacted by the relationships developed and making new friends, especially Mark and Paul who also served in 2/75. It was great to have all Rangers. I feel more whole and refreshed from this experience, it helped me to slow down and re-evaluate my priorities. None of this would have been possible without John and Art. Their patience, hard work, and dedication undoubtedly makes this all possible. Thank you for being incredible people and continuing to serve. Our veterans and their families need it. I hope this experience can be as impactful to someone else as it was for me. Thank you. 2/75 RLTW!

Z. Polega, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient