Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

68 Hackett B Martin

What an amazing experience! I was at first having difficulty even applying for a hunt as I felt undeserving of it given that I have been out of the service for some time and that I have it pretty well off at home and work. It wasn’t until I met John and Art that I realized that I had been missing something all of these years, being away from soldiers. The best part of this experience was to once again have the opportunity to live amongst giants. Meeting Rangers who had been there and made it through in the earlier times again rekindled that feeling that I had been missing for so long. It was like seeing your family again after being gone for an extended period of time, even though I did not previously know anyone on the trip. Over the past few days, I can truthfully say that I once again felt normal and was able to be my true self around others that shared a similar perspective. It was an honor and a privilege to attend this event and I am truly grateful for all of those who both support and run this organization. RLTW!

M. Martin, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient