Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

72 Kuneytown Miller

I would say I had an amazing time up there on that hunting trip with Keith, Scott, and Eric and their families. Right from the start they made me feel comfortable and welcomed to be there. The hunting was amazing, it was very easy for me to get in and out of the hunting area because it was very flat land, hills give me problems with my back. The deer there were awesome, and it was only my fault I didn’t get a buck. Keith, Scott, and Eric were great to be with, all of them were very supportive and had amazing knowledge to share. Their families were the same way, they were all very supportive and accommodating of everything, they all went out of their way. The banquet and the community that were able to attend due to COVID were all great, the food always delicious. I had kind of lost interest in the last couple years in hunting, but this group of people really have me interested in hunting again and I’m hoping I can get back up there sometime to hunt with them again. I am hoping to buy a crossbow in the next year. Thank you and WWIA for that amazing hunting trip. I needed that 5 days away a lot more then I really realized at the time. I have been spreading the word to everyone I know about WWIA and hoping more people donate to you because I know I will.

J. Miller, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient