Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

74 W PA Deer Covas

This past week’s hunt in Rural Valley, PA was a fun filled, entertaining and an amazing experience. From day one, upon arrival to the farm, we were greeted with open arms, care and delight. Dan and his wife Susan are the kindest and most humbling couple I have met in a long time. They gave that feeling of “welcome home”, that was such a warm feeling. The hospitality that was poured onto us not only from Dan and his family but also from the guides and volunteers was amazing. We could see that they were thrilled and excited to be part of the hunt. Laughing and enjoying each other’s company was a big factor for me. I haven’t laughed that much in a long time.
One thing I did enjoy was the amount of Warriors on the event. Being that it was a small group, it let you be able to get to know the other Warriors and make connections. Knowing that we could share feelings and thoughts between us, gave that feeling of understanding amongst each other.
I truly enjoyed the opportunity that WWIA, Dan and his family gave me. I have made new friends and new memories and I thank everyone.

J. Covas, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient