Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

75 W PA Deer Mutchler

I cannot show the appreciation nor explain how grateful I am for this experience. Hunting PA was an amazing experience that I would have never experienced on my own. The group of guys I was with made it all that much better. The camaraderie and healing amongst the vets was recharging and refreshing. The Host, Dan, and his family were amazing in taking care of and over-feeding us. The lodge was perfect along with the property. The guides were fantastic and great at getting us on deer and there was never a dull moment in the stand. Deer came and went, bucks chasing does, and turkeys coming in to feed on the plots. It was just the thing I needed to recharge my batteries and pique my interest in deer hunting again after so many years of just duck hunting. I have several NEW lifelong brothers that we will get together and make it a yearly thing to hunt together.
Thank you WWIA, John McDaniel, Corrina Hart, Wesley Black, Todd Ridle, and Dan Bevevino and his family.

M. Mutchler, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient