Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

86 MoKan Brown

It would be impossible to write into words on this page what this weekend has meant to me. From the moment I arrived, the love and support I felt was overwhelming. There are few in this world that will ever have the opportunity to experience the unselfish gratitude that was felt here this weekend. With all the hate and madness in this world today, it is a true blessing to have this experience. It was so much fun and relaxing to spend the weekend with so many amazing people that love and care so much for veterans. I was able to learn the skill of trapping and I am so excited to continue trapping and to share the experience with my children! Thank you very much for this opportunity, I can assure you this has been so life enriching for me and in turn for my family. This makes me a better husband and father.

T. Brown, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient