Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

96 ND Pheasant Bleigh

The five of us came from all over the country, never having met. Over the last four days we have bonded, laughed till we cried, talked some trash (I was the only non-Army guy). We had so much fun. The impact that this amazing event has made on me could never be measured in words. No one gets to choose their relatives, but this weekend we were treated like family. Oh yeah, we did some hunting too! We stopped counting because there were so many birds, deer, moose, coyotes and all you can do is reload and watch the dogs because they are going hard. Smiles so big it hurt my face. It was eye opening, lots of fun and I can’t wait to come back some day. I got to be a “doc” again for a few minutes too. Love you guys!

T. Bleigh, US Navy
Purple Heart Recipient