Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

99-2 W. PA Deer Derr

I want to reach out and thank You for the opportunity WWIA gave me this past weekend hunting in PA! This was the first time in a long time where I was able to forget about everything going on in my life and get outdoors and be surrounded with veterans like myself. The trip was much more than I expected and Corbin was a great guide. I can’t put it all into words but the opportunity you gave me on the hunt was better than any therapy I could attend. Hunting and being outdoors is the only thing outside my family that brings me joy, you were able to give me the opportunity to do what I love most and I was able to be put with an amazing group of veterans, hosts and guides. I can’t thank you enough for that and I hope next year I will be able to do it again.

D. Derr, USMC