Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation


The Garrison, ND hunt has been a wonderful hunt. There are not really any words to describe it. The people are awesome. The hunt was so relaxing and fun that it was therapeutic. I was impressed by how all the people treated us like family. I can’t thank everyone enough. It was well above and beyond. It was also wonderful to make lifelong friends on a once in a lifetime trip like this. Special thanks to Roy, Lance, and Derek and all of the rest involved.

J. Biggerstaff, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Absolutely amazing weekend. Jason was the most unselfish, thoughtful guide and now friend. He set me up for success and I was able to get the biggest buck of my life and the first with a bow. We didn’t find him until the next day, which happened to be 3 years to the day that Jason’s Dad, Roger died. He was the reason I got to come up on this hunt, with his donations. Everything happens for a reason and this is proof. Thank you WWIA for providing me and the other Purple Heart Vets the gift of hunting, spending time in the woods and camaraderie. Thanks to all of the Delta folks for the hospitality, especially Jimmy and Laurie for an amazing cabin and food. Rangers lead the way!

A. Smith, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

This Bayfield Cast & Blast is about the best thing I thought I would be doing in October. When Corrina called, my wife and I were out grocery shopping. I think my wife beat me to saying “Yes, Yes, he is going”. Evidently, she believed I really needed this, and boy was she right. Getting together with other guys that love to hunt and fish is really good anyway. When you make it a bunch of beat up combat troopers, for me that is home. Within 12 hours everyone was talking like old friends and that includes the WWIA staff and the community in the area. Combat vets are probably the humblest people I’ve ever known and to have my brothers in arms recognized and appreciated means everything to me. The love that was given here reminds me of why I joined up. It makes it all worthwhile. I have a renewed sense of purpose, and a refreshed sense of hope. My words can never express how much this meant to me. Special thanks to Chris and Brenda Diesing and especially to my Guide and brother in arms, Jim. You guys are the best!

E. Haines, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

This trip was a reminder of why all of us signed that check and sacrificed so much. Between the folks organizing the event to the supporting community and my fellow brothers in arms, it is times like this that give us a reminder of what being an American is all about. As reclusive as I am, I did not feel the slightest bit of awkwardness with anyone involved and for a brief moment I let my demons of war subside. The fishing and hunting were secondary to the therapy. Thank you WWIA and everyone involved.

C. Phipps, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

I had the fish/hunt of a lifetime. The fishing was amazing! I caught a 40” Muskie! I saw 49 deer in a field at once. The people, food and community were amazing.

R. Reidelbaugh, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

These things are always hard to write and describe and “thank you” seems somewhat lacking. But you know when folks say a simple thank you or thank you for your service, not much more needs to be said really! So, thank you from the heart of this Vietnam Vet! This feels like the welcome home we never were blessed with. To everyone at Grand Ciel Lodge, Brad, Julie and the kids you guys are special. To WWIA Guides, Jon and Jordan, nice job! To WWIA, you can count on me as a supporter from here on. You are making a difference one vet at a time.

G. Kvale, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

What an amazing weekend! Thank you for all you do for WWIA and for veterans. The hunt was a lifetime experience, but what sticks out in my mind, the break between hunts, gathering around the gator, fellowshipping with our brothers and sister, the smiles and laughter echoing forever in my memory. Love the time around the campfire going over our hunts, sharing our service stories, making fun of other services and each other.

A. Acosta, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Saying thank you is not enough for inviting me on this pheasant hunt. This has been a trip of a lifetime. Being here with men and women that I can talk to without my civilian filter has rejuvenated my soul. Everyone at the lodge has been amazing. I plan to stay in touch with Brad and Julie. Frenchy and Jordan have been awesome Guides and new friends. This trip har really recharged my soul being in such a wonderful country with terrific fellow veterans. Thank you!

J. Winget, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

I want to start by saying thank you so much! This past weekend in SD was incredible. Jon, and Jordan were incredible, and I can’t say enough about Brad and Julie. I wasn’t sure what to expect and went into it a little hesitant due to experiences with other organizations, but that went away very quickly. If there are any other hunts that I could be a part of please let me know. Also, if there is anything that WWIA needs I would be happy to help out.
Thank you again!

M. Church, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

An amazing trip provided by WWIAF with great people and a great community. Support from organizations like WWIAF and support from a community like this is very far and few between. Thank you for everything.

J. Rissler, US Army
Purple Heart Recipients