Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation


Thank you for everything that has happened this weekend. I started off my writing like that because I feel we all are truly blessed to be able to meet up in fellowship this weekend. This weekend was a blast to attend. I met a lot of great people. All of the boat guides and captains treated us like kings. I could not have asked for anything better. I am PROUD to be a part of WWIA for life.

K. Patterson, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

There is no way I could ever say enough good things about WWIA. Here at Lake Erie it is amazing everyone involved is first class. All the volunteers that support the organization and the veterans taking time out of their busy lives to give to other veterans. I thank you. The camaraderie and caring hearts are what make this so special. Thank you.

R. Hinkle, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

What a great day in Ohio with a great group of guys (combat-wounded) walleye fishing. Started the day at 0700 on the water, by 0800 we had at least 10 fish in. Captain Mark and his long-time friend Bill were great, they knew exactly what they were doing. We also had the honor of fishing with their sons. Two very respectful and just great boys, 10 and 17 years old. We caught 29 great fish, and all had just one great time. The entire staff were great!

G. Patterson, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

This has been the trip of a lifetime. I time to enjoy my surroundings and the great company. I loved every aspect of this trip.

R. Schultz, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

Wow! That’s all I can really say. This was the best fishing I have ever experienced. The group of vets were amazing. John, Joe and Jeanette are incredible. Their hospitality and expertise were tip notch. WWIA put together an amazing opportunity for us. The food, lodging and people made this trip one of my most memorable fishing trips of my life. Seward, whales, fishing, great people, what more could you want? I highly recommend. Thank you to all involved.

B. Jackson, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

I haven’t had this much fun in many years, if ever. I could not have been around a better bunch of guys and awesome Guide. Joe and John are stand up people and are very generous. I wish there was something that I could do to repay them. Our WWIA Guide was a blast to be around and very helpful. This trip checked all of the boxes, from catching a lot of fish to seeing a glacier to whales. Got the full exposure to Alaska. Above all being around like-minded veterans gave me hope again that there are people that know what I am going through. Thank you WWIA and Derrick for giving an old veteran new hope. Wish we could have found a place that had gourmet chicken wings.

M. Ramey, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

This was an amazing trip. This was something I needed, a break away from work and connecting with people that understand what you have gone through. I didn’t realize how peaceful it was out on the ocean and how much it relaxes you. The fishing was good, and the Hosts were amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for re-energizing my batteries again.

T. O’Brien, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

What a trip! I have not had so much fun and laughed so hard for a week straight in a very long time. John, Joe, and Jeanette have been wonderful Hosts and I am extremely grateful for their hospitality. Every single day topped the day before. Every time I thought this trip could not get any better, it did, From the amazing fishing to the whales, Orcas, sea lions, porpoise, bald eagles, mountain goats, islands and bays; this place is amazing. Thank you to all that made it happen.

C. Spicher, USAF
Purple Heart Recipient

It is definitely I who should be thanking you! Your organization is a tremendous example of human dignity embossed in the spirit of giving so that others may have an edge in healing alongside and with their peers! Your thoughtfulness and kindness are to be admired. I will continue to give my small gift for as long as possible, so that you too can continue to help old soldiers like me and my brothers and sisters!

If you ever come across a good Whitetail deer hunt and need an old Vietnam Vet to be your point man and Medic, please reach out to me! The years are catching up with me but my spirit to hunt the elusive Whitetail is still strong.

God Bless you and this great country. Stay safe…. And again, thank you for what you do.

-D. Wilson, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

To all at WWIA. Thank you for the week of turning. With my weight loss and back surgery in September I was pretty low. Good conversation with other vets, Tony and instructors. We had a wonderful time. I’ve turned more plates for WWIA. Thank you again for these special people and program.

-L. Roszell, US Army, Vietnam
Purple Heart Recipient