Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation


This was my second trip with WWIA. I had an amazing time on my first trip. That was well over a year ago and I can honestly say this trip was as good if not better, I’ve met some lifelong friends/brothers and have made some memories that will be lifelong. One thing I have noticed with WWIA is that the hunts are amazing, but the true therapy comes from the guys and the fellowship. Since I have joined the WWIA family I have told my stories to everyone I know. The staff, the Guides and fellow Warriors will always hold a special place in my heart. The organization is top notch. It is a true form of healing. Thank you so much and I love you all!

-M. Brady, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you for giving me a weekend of firsts. I truly enjoyed every minute of this trip and want to thank you and WWIA for making it happen. I will leave here with several more brothers and as part of the WWIA family. Being with other Warriors in an area you’ve never been really helps build new, solid bonds. Jake thank you for showing me what the Foundation is all about. I look forward to running into you again soon.

-S. Newsom, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

I would like to thank the WWIA, Mr. David Ward and all the Guides at Quail Creek Ranch for the opportunity of a lifetime to come to Florida and hunt the Osceola turkey.  It’s been great meeting other veterans and making new friends.  Being able to spend a week in the woods with other combat vets is in my opinion the best therapy there is.  Thank you again WWIA and Quail Creek Ranch for an amazing weekend.

-D. Hill, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

This experience was amazing. Great lodging, beautiful scenery and unmatched hospitality by the Host, Mr. Ward and his Guides. The time spent with my fellow veterans as well as our gracious Host will be something I remember and talk about for a lifetime. Though my hunt was unsuccessful, the mission was.

-M. Springer, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

I had been told by another WWIA Guide that I was going to love Dennis and Shelley and the events they host on some incredible land. This was a huge understatement. Dennis and Shelley are impeccable Hosts that run extraordinary events. There is not much for the WWIA Guide to do once reaching camp other than relax and enjoy themselves. Also, the food was equivalent to an all you can eat, 5-star restaurant. The land was nothing short of incredible. Stepping foot into the Tennessee hills with its vegetation and crystal-clear running creeks immediately allowed myself and other Warriors a chance to breathe, relax and get away from normal life’s anxiety and stress. All the volunteers were extremely grateful to have had this opportunity to meet such incredible and hunt/relax in some gorgeous TN hill country I can’t thank Dennis, Shelley, WWIA, Derrick and all the volunteers enough for putting on such an extraordinary event. Derrick was on point! All the best.

-J. French, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Shelley and Dennis truly put on an amazing event. From the welcome committee, to the amazing food and world class hunting. I cannot express my sincere gratitude to our wonderful hosts in words. Thank you all for years of serving our Nations Purple Heart Heroes. Thank you for taking the time out of your lives and putting everything else on hold to host this wonderful event! Thank you WWIA, Corrina, John McDaniel and everyone behind the scenes for what you do. Frenchy, thank you for guiding me along on this event and showing me just how a WWIA Guide should behave, present ourselves and carry the Foundation with the utmost regard.

-D. Oursler, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

This event was absolutely amazing. Frenchy and Derrick are some awesome Guides and friends. They made sure we had everything we needed and got it if we didn’t Dennis and Shelley are wonderful people with a beautiful home and land. They made it feel like home from the minute we got here. I want to thank WWIA for the opportunity to come down here and chase turkey with an amazing group of people. I really think that what you all are doing is great. Getting Purple Heart Vets out in the woods and on the water not to mention the new friends made. We’ve all been chasing big gobblers all weekend. We would come back in for lunch and spend a lot of time sitting around telling stories and joking with one another, just having a great time, Double Creek Ranch is such a nice place. I hope they keep doing this for future guys to come have a great time in a beautiful place, chasing some big birds.

-T. Miller, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you to everyone who made this amazing and awesome trip possible. I would like to thank Shelley and Dennis for opening their beautiful home and land to myself and other veterans. This is my first WWIA event and I am impressed by the professionalism of everyone involved. Frenchy and Derrick are outstanding and excellent Guides and are happy to share their expansive knowledge with others. I very much enjoyed sharing stories with Shelley, Dennis and the other veterans. I also appreciate that local people came out and participated. The food was outstanding, thank you Shelley. It renews my faith in humans that so many people are willing to take time out of there busy lives to make an event like this possible. I suffer from PTSD and a TBI and I lost my wife a year ago, so sometimes I get depressed. This event allowed me to leave my depression in Texas for a few days. I enjoyed the beauty of the woods, the hooting of an owl at night, the gorgeous horses, the friendly dogs and the wonderful people. I can’t thank Dennis, Shelley, Derrick and Frenchy enough for all the hard work that made this brilliant trip possible. I would also like to thank all of the behind the scenes, unsung heroes that manage the logistics and details for an event like this. I am not a poet and I cannot adequately express how much I enjoyed this trip and the people who make it possible. Again, my heartfelt thanks for an excellent, memorable experience.

-A. McDaniel, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Hosting this event is one of the biggest reasons that my life is great. It is so special to see the bonding among the Hero’s and the connections among my fellow instructors that help me in this. Every year I have a Hero that has leg problems. When I give the call that we need to break for lunch, I hear “wow, I forgot about my leg problems.” The therapeutic value of wood turning was especially realized this session with Mike who needed the handicap lathe that we rigged up for him which was tilted and lowered so he could work while seated. He didn’t want to quit. The other 3 Heroes stayed an extra day to do more turning. After a short discussion about the amazing relief that Mike had doing this, a collection was taken, and we ordered a new lathe for him. We know this will give him some of the physical and mental therapy that he needs. He is already a very good turner. One of the other Heroes is off 2 anti-depressants he had been taking before wood turning. This makes my life incredible.

Thank you for this opportunity,
-T. Kopchinski – Host

I want to say thank you so much for allowing me to attend this year’s wood turning event with Tony Kopchinski. I had a wonderful time, learned so much and made friendships that will last a lifetime. I love the therapeutic value that turning offers. It has saved me from some dark places over the past year. I have gotten very into turning and am working on starting up some woodturning for vet programs back home. At the event I had the opportunity to room with a vet by the name of Mike, it is very apparent that he is still struggling with his own hardships. I loved being able to talk with him and help start him on his journey into woodturning. You could tell shortly after mike started turning how much it actually helps, through all the pain and everything he suffers from he loved being there and didn’t want to quit. I want to inform you how absolutely amazing of a group and person that Tony is and has with him, not to mention Larry Roszell. They saw how much turning was helping Mike and amongst the group chipped in and raised up enough money to buy Mike a lathe and set of tools so that he could continue turning at home!

-J.Chance, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient