Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation


Blown away by this event! I don’t think I have ever hunted with a greater group of guys. Not only did I have a great time, I walked away with a wealth of knowledge not only in hunting but in life as well. As far as our WWIA Guide Tim, you guys have yourself a man that is passionate about the organization, willing to go the extra mile for us guys and makes you feel like part of the group that is hosting you. 2019 was a bad year for me. I kept telling myself that things in 2020 will be better. I wasn’t wrong, this trip is exactly what I needed. I couldn’t have dreamed how much I would be taking back with me, the knowledge and great memories. I am grateful for the opportunity to do this, WWIA really knows how to put on a great time, thank you.

-J. Rist, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you to WWIA for this opportunity to come to this event and reconnect with my brother James Irwin. It was so long ago we met and now we are brothers for life. Your Guides and staff were the best. Stu, you and Josh are the shit. I think if you guys were not here it would not have been fun, good people, big hearts. Thank you and don’t forget to “buckle”. Hope to see you again.

-B. Lisek, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

I haven’t really had this much fun in years, being able to hang out and hunt with other veterans and volunteers eager to help a group of new hunters. The weekend was a really great weekend of camaraderie and hunting. Even if Jake did miss our only duck at 20 feet. This program is better than any I have seen for combat vets either within the DOD or private sector.

-R. Warren, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you to WWIA and all of the volunteers that coordinate, host and execute the event. The camaraderie and brotherhood were felt every step of the way. The hunting was great but the bonding over the weekend was second to none.

-J. Erwin, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

I recently had the privilege of hunting whitetail deer and quail in Southern Alabama with Wounded Warriors in Action (Long Leaf Whitetail Deer and Quail Hunt). I am grateful to Andy, Joe, Archie, and the McMillan family for giving me this opportunity. Andy and Archie are highly knowledgeable about the property, as well as the patterns of the animals. Using those skills, they were able to put me in the position to harvest two beautiful whitetail deer. The guided quail hunt was equally amazing. Birds were everywhere! Everyone involved in my trip went out of their way to accommodate my needs and make me feel welcome. The cabin/house is great, I was very comfortable, and had amazing meals while I stayed there. The feeling of camaraderie and the friendships I made on this trip will last a lifetime. I highly recommend the Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation to any veteran looking for the opportunity to heal through being outdoors.

-E. Shaffer, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

Let me begin by saying from the bottom of my heart, thank you! I was blessed with a great military service. After retiring from the Army, I had a very negative outlook on life. Feeling like my life had been ripped from under my feet. I fell into a horrible place. Thanks to the hard work of WWIA and its generous network of family, this event has been like a soul rejuvenation. I know these are only the words I am thinking at this moment. It is just a glimpse into the huge unforgettable experience this hunt has been for me. Thank you to WWIA and for everything the McMillan family has done to help. This message is only a small amount of the gratitude I have for everyone who helps to make these events happen. Our Guide Derrick shot straight with me, helped me to focus on who I am, so that my perceptions do not prevent me from being the leader I am in my community. Thank you! Please continue the good mission you all are doing because you change lives.

-N. Wood, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

We had another great session. There was special bonding between all four Warriors with a lot of kidding involved. The quality and quantity of the projects was very impressive. John, who was back for a third time even put on a pen turning demonstration at our Woodturning club. That sure says a lot for the session we put on. That sure makes me feel great. They used a lot of challenge coins and pins to embed in their projects. This year John and Larry made some very impressive triple winged bowls which take a lot of skill to make. The new turners made a few rolling pins, game calls, plates, bowls, mushrooms and other things. Thanks for sending these special Heroes.

-T. Kopchinski, Host

This is by far my favorite event. I look forward to returning every year. I learn so much from Tony. This is my third time at this event, and I have gone from never using a lathe to being confident enough in my knowledge to do a demonstration at Tony’s local Woodturning club. Turning has both saved and changed my life. I can’t thank Tony enough for all he has done for me. The group this year was fantastic. I hope to be able to attend for many more years and if everything works out be able to continue Tony’s event when he is no longer able. Thank you Tony, Thank you volunteers and Thank you WWIA. Semper Fi

-J. Chance, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you for the opportunity to learn how to properly work with wood. I’ve found a new passion that I will stick with and hopefully someday be able to pass that knowledge on to other vets and people interested in this amazing method of creating great work. Tony, I hope to see you again and appreciate everything you do.

-S. Rosales, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

I can’t help but say how thankful I am to be at this event. I’m not a Woodturner, but Tony and all his helpers do such a wonderful job for a rookie (me). They have so much patience for someone that hasn’t ever done this kind of stuff. It is an experience that I would not have had without Tony and WWIA. Thank you so much for allowing a 75-year-old vet to have a new experience. Love you all.

-M. Chamberlain, US Army, Vietnam
Purple Heart Recipient