Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation


A very BIG special thank you to everyone who made this weekend possible. From the staff who created the adventure to Guides and support crew here, you can feel the passion and patriotism. Everything we did was very well planned and coordinated. The accommodations were fantastic, and the food was incredible. Being outdoors with other warriors enjoying time together is truly priceless. I believe that all warriors should get this opportunity.

-J. McPherson, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

A simple thank you for this experience can never truly express how much this has impacted my life. As an avid shooter and outdoorsman, this has been one of the best experiences of my life. The times spent, knowledge gained, and adventures had in just a weekend will never be forgotten. You have given me a new purpose and drive since being medically retired. The staff has been incredible, the hunt exciting, and the information and experience unforgettable.

-N. Barron, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you for the wonderful weekend! A special thank you to the Maryland crew. They did a phenomenal job and I can tell that they sincerely care about us vets. I felt welcomed from the get go. I truly enjoyed every minute of this trip. A special thank you to our Guides and brothers, Tim and Nate! What an awesome pair of WWIA representatives who took great care of us. Thank you to WWIAF! I greatly appreciate this trip and will remember it for my lifetime! This was something good for my soul! God Bless! Semper Fidelis!

-A. Aranda, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you all so much for hosting this event. I enjoyed every moment that we spent on this trip. Everything was well thought out and planned. I loved meeting the other heroes and talking with them about their service and the crazy things we have all done. Brian and his crew were amazing, they treated us like family from the day we met them. Tim and Nate were excellent leaders and hosts at the event. They kept everything moving and on task. I have made new friends with the other heroes and people from Brian’s crew. I will be out to visit them soon! Thank you again.

-S. Smith, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Mosinee—The Fifth Annual Wood Lathe Turning Event was a huge success. The heroes were Ken, Randy, Larry and John. The instructors were Joe Varga, Jim Anderson, Tony Kopchinski, and Bob Stavran, pictured in that order. Veteran Larry got two extra days of turning because Chicago Airport had a two-day delay due to storms.
The items made included a pencil holder, a deep hollowed vessel with top, inlaid plates, platters, bowls, natural edge bowls, mallets, spinning tops, mushrooms, round wooden boxes, pepper mills, Christmas ornaments, wands, duck calls, deer calls, bottle stoppers, and bud vases. Included are pictures of how the veterans incorporated WWIA pins into their projects. The number of items was outstanding; the quality. . .phenomenal. Moreover, the camaraderie among the whole group was fantastic.
I consider it an honor to work with volunteers and veterans such as these.

-T. Kopchinski

First, thank you for a wonderful week of new experiences. Great time of meeting new friends and fellow vets. The woodworking was “info” plus. Joe was a great teacher as was Dick. Thank you for all you have done for me and past wounded warriors. I am honored to be a WWIA family member. Again, thank you and god bless.

-K. Southworth, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

I have returned to turn wood with three of my fellow veterans, three teachers and Tony.  You are the most generous people I know.  The relaxation this hobby provides is priceless.  I also gain solace in the fat that I am able to now provide plaques to WWIA to help other vets.  Thank you to all for your help with the depression.  I now have purpose.  Thank you, Tony!

Two extra days due to a cancellation of my flight.  I made wine stoppers for gifts from WWIA to donors, made a deer call and pepper grinder and was taken care of by Tony until I could get out.  Thanks to all here and the WWIA.

-L. Roszell, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Thanks for the great time.  I had a wonderful time.  I learned so much in such a few short days.  The guys hosting this woodturning event are wonderful guys.  Thanks so much for inviting me to this.  I made memories that will last forever.

-R. Smith, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you so much for this truly amazing experience.  It was fantastic spending the week learning from these generous and knowledgeable people.  The Camaraderie was some of the best I’ve had the privilege to partake in.  I learned so much and am leaving with a fantastic hobby and many new friends that I plan to keep in touch with.  Thank you again Tony and WWIA!

I stayed a little later to say bye to one of the vets. Well, I was invited to come back and spin some more. I even got to see Mike again. What wonderful people! What an amazing experience. So happy to be a part of this. Thank you very much.

-J. Chance, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

I want to thank the WWIA program for giving me the opportunity to come out to this special event. By no means was this just an event. It was a game changer, life changer and a new chapter in my life. I want to thank our hosts, David Ward, Gene, Frank and Doug for hosting this event. Coming out here I didn’t know what to expect. One of my fears was to shoot a gun, as I hadn’t since I have been out of the Marines, 10 years. Well I’ll tell you what, mission accomplished. I shot the Osceola turkey, rarest turkey, right in the head. This was one of the best feelings in my life besides getting married, the birth of my daughter and coming home from Iraq. This will be a new chapter in my life, hunting and I will appreciate every time I get to be in the outdoors. John Keeney you are the man I want to thank for your service, for keeping me updated and getting me propped up months before the event. It was also a great opportunity to spend time with Rod, a Vietnam Vet, which is the real deal. I will never forget the trip and will continue to communicate with everyone from here. I recommend this trip to whoever needs a boost in life.

-K. Menting, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient