Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation


What can I say that hasn’t been said before? This trip isn’t about fishing or even about being in Mexico. This trip is all about family, and that is what Mark, WWIA and the Harris Family all go out of their way to make us feel like. I truly feel that these people have become family and for that I will be forever thankful.

-R. Kusch, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

This past weekend in Galveston at Brad and Julie Boisen’s was an amazing opportunity to spend some great time with my Fiancé, Claudia and other couples. I found that I had a lot in common with everybody else as far as going through the military experience and relationships. Just sitting back out on the deck of the beach house enjoying the view and talking with everyone was nice. The Boisen’s really put together something special. The food was amazing, and I learned a few new things on how to prepare wild game and fish. I am very thankful that Brad hired a Guide that put me on the biggest speckled trout and flounder I have ever caught. I would like to thank WWIA and John McDaniel for giving myself and Claudia the opportunity to enjoy this past weekend in Galveston, Texas.

-N. Schoon, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

My Fiancé, Nick and I had such an amazing weekend! The home we stayed in was covered in Jasmine and was heaven to wake up to. Nick and I really needed this weekend getaway and it was the perfect blend of relaxation and the outdoors. Nick caught a huge trout and that brought so much joy to my heart to be able to experience that with him. These are memories that will last forever. Thank you to everyone who made this weekend possible and a special thank you to Julie and Brad for being so gracious and generous and opening their home to us. We will never forget this weekend!

-C. Pereyra, Fiancé

I just want to thank WWIA as well as the Boisen family for this opportunity to spend the weekend with such great people. Angel and I had an amazing time. Great food, great fishing, great people. Truly a trip of a lifetime.

-J. Scanlan, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

I can’t describe what a generous gift my boyfriend and I received from the WWIA. It opened the doors to communication of deep feelings and thoughts I didn’t know how to discuss or bring up. It also humbled me as a recipient and strengthened my beliefs of the good in people. It was actually a weight lifted, meeting other individuals struggling with the same issues and developing a network of friends to help guide and support each other through positive reinforcement. I now have a clearer understanding of very hard pasts and how they affect us going forward, the challenges we face as a couple and a family somehow feel more manageable knowing we have the support of these strangers we now call friends.

-A. Bell, Significant Other

First let me say thanks to everyone that made this trip a once in a lifetime event. To everyone that made it possible, thank you so much. It was way more than we ever expected. It felt like a family vacation at my uncle’s house with all of my cousins visiting. The most family-oriented place I have ever been. Thank you for inviting my wife and I.

-J. Bulington, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

I haven’t been on too many adventures out of my home state, but I have to say this was one of the best experiences and opportunities I’ve had in a long time. Fishing was so fun, and I am proud to say I have caught a saltwater fish. It felt like family and I loved meeting new people. Everyone was kind and it felt like home. I would love to go back and visit again. The Boisen’s and family have great souls and I wish them all well. Thank you!

-K. Bulington, Spouse

I was selected to attend the turkey hunting event in Kansas. First and foremost, I’d like to say thank you! Thank you to WWIA for having a top-notch organization that afforded me the opportunity to do something I would not be able to do without people like you going above and beyond for wounded veterans. I’d like to thank Carl for opening up his home to me as a stranger and treating me as if I were family. Truly a gem in today’s society. I felt extremely comfortable around everyone I met in Glen Elder and Cawker City. You can see their appreciation of us and their love of country. It was nice to be around other vets especially ones that were wounded and could relate. Thanks to Ted for all the Guide work and all the land that he allowed us to be on for this opportunity. Being outdoors and getting away from the everyday life is something that does wonders for me mentally. It also let me gain some confidence. Because of my injuries I didn’t know what I was capable of doing on my own. Thanks to John, Nate, Cole, Herman and Austin for the brotherhood and hospitality. I’d also like to thank Asa and Whitney with whom I spent a lot of time talking and just competing. It was nice to meet them and become friends with them. Thank you again for everything.

-J. Reuber, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

As soon as I landed, I was welcomed with a handshake. I instantly felt like I was part of the family. I’ve never been on an event where it was so welcoming and laid back. All the Guides knew how to not only put you on the Turkey’s but on fish as well! The community instantly welcomed us in Cawker City. We literally did not have to worry about anything. I will have to say out of all the events I’ve ever been on with different organizations, this is by far my number one event. I will never forget this trip or the lifelong friends that I’ve just met! Thank you so much to everyone involved, I hope I can attend other events with WWIA.

-W. Shaw, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

I just wanted (had) to take a minute to thank you and everyone involved for an AMAZING trip to Missouri. It exceeded all expectations. To get away and be among some of the finest humans I’ve ever met and learn how to hunt gobblers from legit experts like that was an indescribable feeling. The hosts and guides were awesome. I was overwhelmed with how well we were treated; truly and epic experience. The VA offers a lot of group therapy options and so-called mental health professionals analyzing our broken down bodies and minds usually resulting in pills and effectiveness is marginal at best, sometimes regression (not a good thing although the best they can offer). What your organization does is better medicine than what any doctor can give. What you do is important. It’s easy to forget there are people out there that appreciate the sacrifices their military veterans have made for them and on this trip it was abundantly clear. To be honest, I felt like it was more than I deserved. I came out of this thing feeling GREAT. It all started and ended with Jake. He went above and beyond from start to finish always making sure we were taken care of. It was inspiring to see a veteran like Jake giving back to his fellow veterans. If there’s any way I can follow his example and help out, please don’t hesitate to ask. Corrina too! She laid everything out as clear as day. If a numb skull like me can follow her directions, anyone can.
So, THANK YOU for what you did for me, and my brothers. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

-A. Replogle, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Every event we have had the opportunity to host has been a special experience for us, and this event was another unique and meaningful experience for my family and the volunteers. Meeting the Heroes, spending time with them and getting to know them creates memories for a lifetime. Allan, Ted and Jeremy were great to share time with and they were all very enthusiastic about participating in the activities and enjoying time at the lodge. It is truly our honor and pleasure to be able to host these events, and we are blessed to be able to work with WWIA and the Heroes that take the time to come to Western PA.

-D. Bevevino, Host

This was one of the best fishing trips I have ever been on. This is my second trip to Alaska. My first one was not so great. Forty-nine years ago, to the month I was here one day while being medivaced from Vietnam. This trip was great, the people here treated us like royalty. John, Joe and Becky treated us like family the moment we arrived. The hospitality was outstanding. John and Joe worked as a team to get us on the fish every day. We ended up with more fish than I ever imagined to take home. Myself being the old Nam vet and the other Iraq vets all taking care of me like true brothers. Surprising how much we have in common. The local Legion made me personally feel truly thanked for my service. I will always remember my trip here. I will share this with all my vets in my PTSD group back home. God Bless America.

-D. Meier, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

I want to thank everyone that made this Alaska trip possible for me. The experience I had was a dream of mine for years, since being a young boy. The fishing, food, accommodations and the people that I met I will never forget. If you like fishing and seeing awesome views, this Alaska trip is something you should consider. Thanks again to everyone for making this trip possible.

-E. Hill, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient