Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation


I learned a valuable lesson about turkey hunting today.  That lesson was whether you shoot a turkey or not, you will always learn something about the hunt.  I took this advice lightly at first but as I sat in the blind for a couple hours I started to think of many things.  I thought of the experiences I had in the Army.  I reflected on the better times I had with the guys in my squad.  I thought a lot about my close friends and family as I reflected on all these great moments and great people in my life.  I learned that being out on the hunt makes me appreciate life’s better moments and special people you hold deep in your heart.  Thank you WWIA for giving me this opportunity to learn something about the hunt.

Shelley and Dennis, thank you for opening your home and your hearts to us.  I cannot measure the significance of this weekend.  It is truly an honor to know great American’s like yourselves.  I had a wonderful time here and will keep this experience close to my heart.

-D. Quintanilla, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you is not enough to show my gratitude for your hospitality.  The effort and passion that you and your team show for us is outstanding.  We all truly appreciate the opportunity to spend time with you and our fellow brothers in your home.  Keep up the monumental effort, it does bring peace in a very special way.

-J. Smith, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

My overall rating for this hunt is amazing! The individuals went above and beyond to make me feel welcomed and treated me as though I had known them my entire life. Nick did an outstanding job in ensuring proper coordination and seeing to my individual needs. My guide Chris was very warm and friendly. Additionally, his knowledge, experience and good humor helped me to see the benefits such a hobby could have for someone like me. I highly recommend continuing this annual turkey hunt.

– D. Fowler, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

I was blessed to have had the opportunity to enjoy some amazing company of great Americans this past weekend. The coordination of this event was no less than top notch. I was welcomed by all the personnel and could not ask for better hospitality. I learned so much about turkey hunting from Bobby and I cannot wait to share my experience with my kids as I teach them to become hunters themselves. Fishing with Chris was hilarious, relaxing and emotionally healing as well. Major Ball did a terrific job of explaining aspects of hunting turkey from scouting to processing the meat. I don’t have enough pages I this book to write about all of the superb sportsman of the Great Creek Lodge. Thank you, Andy Wilson, for hosting us Wounded Warriors, I hope you grasp our appreciation for the healing you have enabled to happen throughout this event. Nick Fox, you are the man, you know we are going to keep in touch brother. Wounded Warriors in Action, Thank You!!

-P. Chambers, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

I am so grateful for the opportunity to come out to Virginia for this turkey hunt. From the word go, everyone there was phenomenal. From Mike picking me up at the airport to meeting the other Warriors and the team Andy had with him. I hunted with Andy the first two days. I was able to harvest my first turkey the first morning and it was an amazing experience. Andy was a great guide and very knowledgeable of the area. Being able to hunt, relax, do some fishing and just hang out with all the guys was very therapeutic for all of us. I’m so thankful for the opportunity and blessed to have some new friends I’ll always be able to reach out to. Thank all of you, you made a new turkey hunter for life. Thank you WWIA fort his amazing trip.

-M. Selcer, US Navy
Purple heart Recipient

Thank you for the opportunity to attend the 9th annual Wisconsin cast and blast. I had an amazing time with these guys and it felt great to get back in the outdoors. I have forgotten just how much I used to enjoy nature and bonding with guys who share similar backgrounds with me. It was a blessing to be here. This has given me another opportunity to connect with guys who share a similar bond. Through hunting and combat it is hard to find people who have done both. I have had an amazing time here and will keep in touch with this crew. The memories of this experience will last a lifetime.

-B. Taylor, US Navy
Purple Heart Recipient

I really do not know where to start.  From the moment I hit the ground I was treated with respect and a warm welcome, this lasted the whole trip.  Todd and his men were not only good hunters, they were great hosts and men.  When we were not hunting we were eating or seeing the small town.  Todd’s wife cooked or baked amazing food (I think I gained 10 pounds).  Because of a hard winter, I was able to do some ice fishing which was also a first,  like I said, just too much to write and a wonderful experience that I will never forget.  Frenchy was an awesome Guide and I would love to hunt with him again.  Thank you all in Wisconsin and WWIA.

-D. Coronado, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

I was fortunate enough to be selected for this event.  I am honored and very excited to have had this opportunity.  Our Host, Todd and his family and friends were very hospitable and treated us with a great deal of respect.  I want to give a special thanks to our Guide, Frenchy, he was great!  There was no shortage of turkeys and we were able to do a little ice fishing too.  Something that was new to me, great time.  All had a great time and an opportunity to spend some time in the outdoors.  My hat is off to the WWIA, great organization!

-G. Patterson, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

I am truly thankful for the opportunity to spend time outdoors enjoying the hunt and time to build camaraderie with new friends.  It amazes me each time I meet new veterans, that no matter which era or branch we came from , we immediately connect and communicate like we’ve known each other.  The hunt is a fun part of enjoying any outdoor activity, but the underlying communication and time together is the healing part for me.  Telling and hearing others stories does big things.  Multiple times I’ve heard people say “Wow, I haven’t talked about that in XY years or ever”.  It does wonders sharing your experiences with vets and non-vets interested and willing to listen, hear you and truly want to understand you.  A huge thanks to Todd and his wife for opening their home and hosting an amazing event, also for rallying his force of locals to support him and all of us.  They are all amazing people that care.  Thanks also to Jon French for all the hard work and effort he puts in to make sure things are fun.  I appreciate everything and will take this motivation home and be inspired to reach out to others in my area to help and spread the word of what WWIA does.  Thanks for a great time!

-T. Flook, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Every event that I’m fortunate enough to participate in is an adventure.  There are many facets that make these events so special.  The first would most likely be thought of as getting away from an everyday stressful and hard lifestyle.  For some the struggle/work might be making ends meet financially, being married and supporting a spouse and kids or finding a new profession (one that is rewarding and appreciated).  One thing that it seems all of us warriors continuously fight to understand are things like: fitting into the mainstream of society, how best to make a difference like I used to, why are civilian’s morals and values so different than mine and those I served with, and the thought of not being at the pinnacle of life itself , defying death and protecting and being protected by your brothers and sisters fighting along side of you.  You struggle with that loss of identity and strive to have that impact on those around you.  Those struggles often lead to an inability to relax and breathe.  These events like the 9th annual Wisconsin Cast & Blast allocate the time into a Warrior’s life providing a true moment to slow down, listen to the wilderness around us and breathe.  It is natural, hunting and fishing are so primitive, in a way it forces us to relax and focus.  The camaraderie is the second aspect that makes these events so special.  Warrior cultures that we are accustomed to are based on simple morals and values like respect, honesty, brother/sisterhood, hard work and a lot of sacrifice.  In today’s society, it’s sad to say that people with these like norms are scarce.  Warriors feel comfortable and desire to be with these like people, typically other military and prior service members.  When warriors like Blake, Dan, Guy, Thomas and Tony Kopchinski get together there is that immediate connection.  The feeling of someone having your back and having proven to have sacrificed him/her self for you or those just like you.  Although we may think “It’s only us” that can connect in this manner, the people who host the Wisconsin Cast & Blast, Todd and Dawn Bohm, Mike, Bill, Big Todd and all those that are involved with the event, share those similar values.  It’s that likeness that helps us Warriors feel more connected with our society.  They treat us like we treat each other, that is both rare and special.  The group dynamics of this event were excellent and what many of us Warriors strive to achieve in our post military careers.  Warriors share with other Warriors and people they feel comfortable with, like the Bohm’s, Tony and all the volunteers that helped make this event the success it was.  We shared stories , feelings, good and bad experiences, tips to overcome obstacles in our individual lives, as well as tips to help better each other professionally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally and even helpful insights for programs designed to help us.  This event was the catalyst for all these facets to come together.  The intuition and realization of both the WWIA Founder and the individual event hosts, such as the ones on this event, are absolutely incredible.  The friendships, relationships and memories will leave a beneficial impact for all of us involved.  God Bless these extraordinary people who gave this to all of us Warriors, thank you!

-J. French, US Army
WWIA Guide
Purple Heart Recipient