Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation


It takes a special group of people to open their homes to complete strangers. Also, the amount of gratitude that has been expressed without ever knowing our stories. To be able to share the stories about each other’s lives and getting to know the guides and fellow service members is indescribable. I look forward to continuing to share my experiences with my family and friends about my trip to fish for big Muskie. Thank you, thank you and thank you again for making me feel special from a situation I never expected to happen to me. God has blessed us all, but it is how we choose to use those blessings to help others to make a difference, that really counts and impacts lives.

Wow, this is the most amazing fishing experience ever. Thank you to WWIA for giving me this opportunity. I will remember this forever. The Hosts are truly amazing and made me feel so welcome and put at ease. They are truly great people. They opened their home to us and treated us like family. Thank you again WWIA for these amazing trips for the veterans. This trip was a great experience and made me feel so at ease. It was awesome reconnecting with other vets. Thank you again and keep on doing amazing things for us vets. WWIA is truly a class act, top notch organization. Thank you so much!

E. Ziegler, USAF
Purple Heart Recipient

Saying thank you for this trip would never be enough to express my gratitude to WWIA and all of the people in the community that helped put this trip together. This trip has reminded me of the camaraderie and family that is gained through military service. WWIA has gone above and beyond to show me and the other veterans on this trip an amazing time. The time I have spent bonding with the other veterans has proven that healing through talking through experiences can occur no matter what branch of service you were in or years between the dates of service. Meeting the other veterans has been helpful in many ways and sharing stories is always fun. Thank you again to WWIA for this incredible time and I hope there is something I can do to give back to make sure that other veterans are able to share an amazing experience like I have.

-S. Strickler, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Once again WWIA has gone above my expectations and provided a great experience for me and the other guys. The staff, Hosts and guides were very friendly and provided anything we needed. This was a great way to get away from our busy lives. The bond with other veterans was really easy going and I will have lasting memories from this trip. I can’t thank the WWIA enough for this experience and maybe future trips. Thanks again.

-J. Long, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to come to this event. The 4 days you gave me to be with my brothers has made my year! Not only did it make my year, but you gave me 4 days of peace that was priceless. I can never thank you enough for that. Your organization and your great people that help run it will forever be a part of my family. Derek and Gerald were amazing. Gerald was a truly genuine person that has a heart of gold. I have been to a few events now through other organizations and the effort he put in was bar none the best. I can only hope that I get another opportunity to come back. Karen was another person who opened her home to us, and she too was an amazing addition to an unforgettable trip. Thanks again.

-M. Mason, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

This has been a very needed and much wanted event. I had an absolutely perfect time. Fishing has always been a huge part of my life, and this was at the top of all my experiences. Never been on a river and it was awesome. Big cats, great men, great food, and good times. WWIA is always at the top of my list for excellence and respect.

D. Hunter, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

This was the greatest trip of my life. I’m so happy to spend such a tough weekend (Memorial Day) with such great American’s! Catching a giant catfish has always been on my bucket list and it was amazing but so many other things made this such an incredible experience. It was a real honor to meet you Jake! Thank you so much for your service to our country and everything you continue to do for our American Heroes! Thank you!

K. Power, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

This is my second trip with WWIA. The first being MoKan in 2018. I can honestly say from arrival to departure this was one of the best weeks I have experienced in quite some time. The event Host, family and volunteers went above and beyond what I deserved. The turkey hunting action was unbelievable on both mornings we hunted. Although I missed the shot on a nice bird, the experience was a memory that will last forever. We went to a creek that was stocked with trout and roped off just for us to fly fish. New to flyfishing this was a treat. I was catching rainbows, brookies and I also landed a very nice palomino trout that I will be taking to the taxidermist. The food was phenomenal the entire stay. Not only will I be taking home memories and new friendships, but I am also taking home a few extra pounds. All and all, I don’t see how this event could have been any better.

J. Hewitt, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

This was my first event with WWIA and I am in awe of the hospitality and fellowship from everyone. The first day we had our first hunt and had two birds come out. My first time harvesting a turkey. What an amazing experience. My Guide Scott was just as excited as I was. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to network and make great friendships with some of the nation’s finest veterans and volunteers. Thank you sincerely for giving me the chance to harvest a bird and learn to flyfish for trout. I hope we all cross paths again to enjoy some veteran sportsmen events.

J. Winters, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

The Rural Valley PA Turkey hunt was a much needed break from my everyday life. Everyone that I was in contact with from our Host Dan to every volunteer were great. I ended up harvesting my first eastern turkey ever, my whole year has been made.

D. Shreve, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient