Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation


This was such an amazing trip!  I have never been turkey hunting before and I was lucky enough to harvest a turkey!  Our hosts, Brian and Elizabeth made us feel like a part of their family and welcomed us with open arms.  They opened their home and hospitality to us.  I was so happy to bring my wife on this trip, so we could get away from work and everything else hectic in our lives.  I had been on a WWIA event four years ago and this event tops that one, if that is possible.  Thank you so much WWIA for inviting me and my wife on this trip.

-J. Carter, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

What a wonderful atmosphere for healing, laughing, sharing, eating, and the camaraderie between our heroes and their spouses.  The Whetstones have a lovely home and I personally appreciated how they opened it to us.  A home with lots of love and positivity.  Elizabeth nurtured us and created an atmosphere full of warmth and laughter.  Brian and Elizabeth are true patriots and heroes in my book.  I will always remember this trip fondly, thanks for everything.

-L. Carter


To the guys at the ranch, thanks a lot.  You guys are outstanding.  The trip means a lot and I got an awesome bird.  Hope you guys continue to host events.  The food was unbelievable, seriously.  Thanks to everyone.

-J. Kerby, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

This trip has by far been the greatest highlight in the past few years for myself by a long shot.  There is absolutely no way I could express my gratitude for this amazing group of guys.  The hunt itself was awesome but the ability to get away from the everyday craziness and meet these awesome gentlemen has truly made the trip.

-C. Moore, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient


As a guest of WWIA at the KTV Ranch, I had a great experience.  The hospitality was amazing!  All the members of the KTV team made myself and the other veterans feel extremely welcomed.  The hunting property was beautiful.  Thanks a bunch!

-J. Gonzales, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient


I cannot express in words to show my gratitude and appreciation for the amazing experiences I’ve had these last few days.  From the moment I pulled into your driveway, I knew I was home.  After spending just a few minutes talking with you it felt like I’ve known you my whole life.  Your hospitality is second to none and your hearts are larger than life.  People say that God sends angels to the earth to do his work and I firmly believe that you are two of the best.  If there were more people like you around, the world would be a better place.  From the bottom of my heart I thank you.  If you’ll have me I’d love to bring my family back and visit during a break between your events.  Take care and God Bless you both.

-K. Robinson, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

The event was great!  I like how it is like being back in the service with guys around from different walks of life.  It was great to meet Dennis and Shelley along with the guides.  I was able to make friends and tried to help people see that we have different injuries but that we all still have the same issues.

Staff on all sides were accommodating for each person’s needs.  Events like this help not only the veteran but the host and WWIA staff with insight on the effects of the fog of war.  Always keep in mind that one life lost to PTSD is one life too many.  Thanks again for the invite, awesome trip.

Dennis and Shelley, in these times of war across the globe it takes support from great American’s such as yourselves to help those overseas and abroad to push forward.  The past few days have helped those of us that have fought for a nation in media and police turmoil.  To know we still have American’s that are grateful for the freedoms that we provide with great honor!  I cannot say it enough; how grateful I am for the hospitality you have shown this past weekend.

-S. Adams, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

I learned a valuable lesson about turkey hunting today.  That lesson was whether you shoot a turkey or not, you will always learn something about the hunt.  I took this advice lightly at first but as I sat in the blind for a couple hours I started to think of many things.  I thought of the experiences I had in the Army.  I reflected on the better times I had with the guys in my squad.  I thought a lot about my close friends and family as I reflected on all these great moments and great people in my life.  I learned that being out on the hunt makes me appreciate life’s better moments and special people you hold deep in your heart.  Thank you WWIA for giving me this opportunity to learn something about the hunt.

Shelley and Dennis, thank you for opening your home and your hearts to us.  I cannot measure the significance of this weekend.  It is truly an honor to know great American’s like yourselves.  I had a wonderful time here and will keep this experience close to my heart.

-D. Quintanilla, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you is not enough to show my gratitude for your hospitality.  The effort and passion that you and your team show for us is outstanding.  We all truly appreciate the opportunity to spend time with you and our fellow brothers in your home.  Keep up the monumental effort, it does bring peace in a very special way.

-J. Smith, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

My overall rating for this hunt is amazing! The individuals went above and beyond to make me feel welcomed and treated me as though I had known them my entire life. Nick did an outstanding job in ensuring proper coordination and seeing to my individual needs. My guide Chris was very warm and friendly. Additionally, his knowledge, experience and good humor helped me to see the benefits such a hobby could have for someone like me. I highly recommend continuing this annual turkey hunt.

– D. Fowler, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient