Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

1.6 NC OBX Hayes

This was my 5th time helping out at the Currituck event. As always, it was an awesome event. Wind, rain and cold made for a good hunt. Thank you to my good friend Tim Spence for helping me to become a duck hunter and enabling me to add 3 ring necks and another swan to my bag.

W. Hayes, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

1.5 NC OBX Mortimer

In a time and place of relative uncertainty due to COVID politics and division amongst people, I am relieved to get invited to come to a town that exemplifies America. I felt like family from day one to departure. I have been on a few WWIA hunts and this one is hands down the most well organized and well run one I have been on. Everyone in this town lives for this event, to support the wounded vets of this Nation. Thanks goes out to Tim Spence and his Currituck family for this fantastic trip. Thank you is just not enough. A special shout out to Ms. Brooke for being awesome and being Tim’s go to for the community.

S. Mortimer, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

1.4 NC OBX Smith

What a truly special place here. The entire community came together even during these difficult times of uncertainty to show their appreciation for us. No matter how many thankyou’s we say it will never be enough. Everyone here goes above and beyond. It is very humbling to be able to share a duck blind and a dinner table with the folks here. Spending time afield with my brothers and being able to talk about anything, even the most personal of issues really helps alleviate some stress. Thank you to Tim Spence and all of the Currituck family here.

J. Smith, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

1.3 NC OBX Fox

Thank you Currituck for a fantastic time. Being back around my fellow combat-wounded veterans was a blessing. The communities outpouring has not waivered even during these COVID times. I am grateful and thankful for the opportunity. Every minute counted.

N. Fox, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

1.2 NC OBX Shaffer

I had an awesome time at the NC OBX Waterfowl event. All elements of the event were professionally attended to and all involved were courteous and professional. Many ducks were harvested, many stories were told, and much food was enjoyed! I had a great time meeting new people and exchanging hunting and military stories. This event was superb and the WWIA staff are outstanding! Thank you.

B. Shaffer, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

1.1 Al Long Leaf Palmer

It is difficult to put into words what an event like this does for someone that is trying to find normal again. There aren’t any words to explain or share how amazing and wonderful this place is and about the people that made it all happen. None that will do it justice anyway. Heaven on earth, a reprieve from the day to day headache and heartache of going through what “we” (anyone who has served) has gone through. Losing a buddy, missing family, seeing and hearing things that no one should. This event and place brings you back to being you again and reminds you of why you fought in the first place. Because of the people, places, love, respect, family, friends, God and country, which was all found right here in this place among these incredible and selfless people. I know many hands made this possible and I wish I could thank them all. Thank you for giving me something back I had lost and forgotten. Keep doing what you are doing, it truly makes a difference.

D. Palmer, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

10 AL Long Leaf Stone

Not knowing what to expect on this trip, it surpassed all my expectations. The Host and all the folks that supported the event made us feel right at home. The hunting was far beyond what I expected. I was not looking forward to not deer hunting and having to quail hunt instead. I had never quail hunted before and could not have asked for a better location to have my first time at it. The Guides and dogs are first class all the way. I am so glad that I said yes to this event when it was offered. The support staff at WWIA is amazing and does not get the credit they deserve.

T. Stone, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

9 AL Long Leaf Lynn

I had an absolutely incredible time with the folks here in Bay Minette, AL! The McMillan family, the Hamilton/Davis Quail Preserve, and Joe Roland gave all of us an experience of a lifetime. I never hunted quail before, but it only took this trip for me to want a double barrel shotgun to hunt quail in my own state. It was great meeting some new, fellow LEO’s on this hunt as well. WWIA has been trying to get me on a hunt for a long time now, and I am very thankful they kept reconnecting with me. In doing so, I was able to hunt and form relationships that I hope will last for years to come. Thank you all for everything!

N. Lynn, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

8 AR D & B Adams

The hospitality was beyond top notch. Mr. French and his son along with several of his friends went above and beyond to provide us with the best experience we could ever have. The hog hunting is something I will probably never experience again in my lifetime. Great friends were made. Absolute awesome time! I will never forget the time I had here at Red Oak Plantation,

E. Adams, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

7 AR D & B Short

This trip was awesome! I hadn’t been on a trip or to an event like this in a long time and it was just what the doctor ordered. The other Warriors and I all seemed to have an instant connection. Mr. French was an amazing Host. The Red Oak Plantation was non-stop action with amazing people and wonderful home cooked meals. The hunting was a blast, but the camaraderie and fellowship were what I enjoyed the most. Truly a trip I will remember for the rest of my life. Thank you.

C. Short, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient