Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

2012 Testimonials




February 2012 FL Turkey

This week’s turkey hunt down here in Madison County FL, has been nothing but a great experience for me. The guys putting together and hosting this hunt are a great group of guys. Even though I never knew these guys before the weekend started. Little did I know, I forged a band with these guys when we stepped on the battlefield. A band you’re not going to find anywhere else. I’ve never been turkey hunting in my life and to see the outpour of support, for a guy from Texas was deeply felt and greatly appreciated. I couldn’t wish for a better weekend of turkey hunting. One thing I can wish for is another weekend of turkey hunting with these guys. I told everyone here, just because I didn’t take home a turkey, doesn’t mean I’m not going to take home great memories and great friendships. Till next time, to good hunting and to good friends.

-D. Lopez, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

What can ya’ say? This was one of the best experiences I have had. John, Matthew and Dave L. from the WWIA were the best. The support I received from David, Floyd, Kitt, and Frank Storey as guides was amazing. This is going to be a hard hunting trip to top, but we’re going to try next year. Thanks for letting me do this.

-B. Whitman, USMC

I was wounded severely on my 3rd tour June 18 Iraq. I came on a WWIA hunt March 23, 2012 and had one of the greatest times of my life hunting in Madison County, Florida. The hosts were the greatest people I’ve met. I saw lots of game and let mine walk to live another day. It was one of my greatest hunts ever, Semper Fi to WWIA and the guys of Madison County. Thanks John. Hope to hunt again. Had a blast. It means a lot to not be forgotten for our service and recovery. Thank you WWIA

-M. Fuller, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

This weekend has been one of the best experiences of my life. I really enjoyed spending time with Matt and David. I hope that the time spent here with us and all the memories made will benefit them as much as it has me. I would like to thank Brent and John for letting me be a part of this hunt. I will be looking forward to the next hunt.

-D. Floyd

May 2012 NC Spring Cast & Blast

Donating the calls to the Wounded Warriors in action has been the highlight of my call making career. What began as a hobby has become a passion to make the best sounding and best-looking call I can. It was an honor to have my calls in the hands of the soldiers.
Thank you to the program and to the soldiers that protect our freedom.

-J. Roach

My name is A.J. Carter, known by some as “Ashau Al”. I was an early Vietnam participant with Ashau Valley (Hamburger Hill-AP BIA). The movie as a reference, I was long gone from Ashau when the incident, the movie, took place. What I remember of Ashau is burned in my memory. A team member Bill Patience, 13th SF killed in Nam died in Ashau, my 1st loss, in that most “unnecessary of wars!” Gen. Westmorland nearly killed his 9th day in country, 1964. And the special force community heroes, Col. (retired) Roger Donolon-MOH! Ashau was my baptism, 1st Purple Heart. Near to date, one year later, Tay Ninh Camp Ben Sol, I learned about Hell.

-A.J. Carter

I was asked to Host WWIA by a very good friend, Tim Spence. He came to me and we were talking and WWIA came up. I didn’t know too much about it, saw it on TV a few times and it hit my heart that I would like to do this. When we were talking about this, I really got emotional, chills, goosebumps. I am 50 years old and it touched me deeply. I felt so honored to be asked to do this. This was a very special time, one that I would remember always. I told Tim without a doubt that I would be honored to do this. I have met some of the most special people. Each one I had a chance to talk to, each one had a special story. Each one touched my heart in a special way. This is what God’s plan is. Jesus gave his life. These guys gave too. I would like to thank each of them from the depth of my heart for their sacrifice. To all that gave, thank you. I would like to invite WWIA to my peace of heaven again. Hopefully each year to come. God Bless

-G. Edwards

It has been such an honor to take part in hosting the WWIA this weekend. I feel like I’ve made some great friends and I hope my small contribution has in some way shown my gratitude for the sacrifices these soldiers have made. God Bless

-J. Jones

It has been a real blessing to take part in such a special event. My heart and prayers go to all in this organization. I hope and pray we can make this an annual event and looking forward to the next one. All of the guys have really touched my life in a special way. God Bless you all!

-J. Wells

It is great to know that I can still get out and have fun after what I have been through, but more important and is amazing to know that people care about us. I would like to thank WWIA and its staff for making this dream come true. To my new NC family. Thanks for being there when I needed it the most and for the outstanding treatment you all gave me. It is an honor to have met you all. God Bless

-E. Rivera, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Sometimes life takes us through times that we need. No one really understands or cares. This organization proves that humanity will always have some people that care and love everyone. May God protect you all and I will pray that WWIA will continue to grow and be blessed as much as you have blessed me.

-Tommy P, Vietnam

I am so humbled by this opportunity to be a part of this weekend. I’m no hero but being called “wounded hero” by every person I met this weekend has made me feel special in an indescribable way. These volunteers and people made this weekend one of my most cherished memories. I felt “normal” for the first time in a long weekend/time. I can’t say thank you enough. I am blessed for being a part of this weekend.

-J. Moon, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

June 2012 Phelps Fishing

I would like to thank WWIA, John, Scott and everyone from the City of Phelps for having me up here to this beautiful part of the country for some excellent fishing. It is always a great time to get together with other veterans, especially when there is fishing involved. Thanks again for the great weekend,

-Louis Dahlman, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Wow! What a great time, great people, great sharing, great fishing. The opportunity for fellowship with such great guys, guys that have paid (and are paying) a high price for my freedom. And not to forget this community of Phelps. These people are incredible, they made this possible and they did it all with smiles. You know sometimes I categorize my life as before my injury and after my injury. One thing I’ve noticed is that after my injury I was different, much more emotional, sometimes overrun with tears. Well a few times over the past few days I had to fight them back, I had a truly moving time! John, you’re one of my heroes! What you have started and how you have grown it is just awe inspiring. I know we will cross paths again because I cannot deny the calling to get involved with this organization. Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity that has been changing my life since the day I met you in D.C.

-M. Broda, USAF
Purple Heart Recipient

It has been an honor for me to spend a few days with you folks and be part of an awesome group of people that makes dreams come true. God Bless America and the men and women who keep us free.

-G. Joseph

When You are in Afghanistan sometimes it can be hard to imagine you will ever return home to fish, hunt or simply enjoy this beautiful land God has blessed us with. After being injured, the possibility of enjoying those adventures seems even further out of reach. But John, you and WWIA are definitely the light at the end of the tunnel. This weekend on our trip to Phelps, WI, you said something that will resonate with me for a long time “war makes strong men stronger and weak men weaker”. I never thought about it that way until I thought about what you said while looking at the heroes and battle buddies to my left and right and noticing how strong they were. It’s the men and women that attend WWIA trips that are the strong individuals you speak of. Do me a favor though, never forget that you are strong too. Just these few days around you and the guys in Phelps have me feeling like I can conquer the world. You helped me remember we’re not victims, we’re veterans and the only limits we have are the ones we put on ourselves. There’s no question you are changing lives of many individuals. Keep it up and never forget you’re a game changer. I hope to one day repay you for the changes you have helped influence in my life, by living up to the same standards that you do. I also hope to help the organization in anyway possible because it’s effects are unrivaled to everyone graced by it’s footprint. No matter how many fish I catch in my life I will always remember the ones I caught this weekend on a clear lake in WI, next to you and the heroes, through wind and rain.

-N. Colgin

Amazing! The hard work, dedication and commitment displayed by the Town of Phelps, WI made this trip outstanding. The guides put us on fish at every turn. Regardless of the species, walleye, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, rock bass and perch. The community fed us enough food for a small army over four days. Overall, this was an amazing trip that created wins for everyone involved. I looked forward to having long and prosperous relationships with my new-found brothers. May we live long and prosper.

-C. Battles, US Army

June 2012 BC Bear

What an honor for me to provide the Action Track Chair for SGM Pat Corcoran’s BC Black Bear Hunt at Skinner Creek Hunts in Tatlayoko Lake BC Canada. Truly a hunt of a lifetime. Thank you, John McDaniel, with WWIA for making this possible. Special thanks to Nosler’s Magnum TU for Hosting/Filming this adventure and supporting folks with disabilities. Be Blessed!

-M. Martell

This has been a super awesome week. I feel blessed to be part of such an amazing organization.

-C. McMann

Thank you so much for coming into our home and sharing your experiences with us. We are blessed and honored to be your friends. WWIA is an amazing organization and I am so happy we can be part of this. You are welcome here anytime. Your Friend forever

-J. McMann

John, this is what it is all about brother. Different countries but the same beliefs. Fight the good fight, every hero needs this foundation. Thanks for touching my family and myself in a positive way. See you next year. Your Friend

-D. McMann

I can’t tell you how honored I am to have been a part of this hunt. To see the excitement and sheer joy in Pat Corcoran’s face was priceless. After all that Pat has been through, it was amazing to have shared this experience. You are doing so much for these heroes and you are a hero yourself. Please let me know if I can help your efforts in any way. Thank you for everything you do for our countries heroes.

-D. Soger

June 2012 WA Chinook Salmon

Invictus, meaning “unconquerable” or “undefeated” in Latin. To my combat wounded brothers and sisters showing they are truly the masters of their own fate and captains of their own unconquerable souls by joining each other as free American sportsman enjoying the great outdoors, my hat is off to you! It has been my absolute greatest pleasure to host our first and definitely not last WWIA trip! John McDaniel, you my brother are a true American hero in founding and dedicating yourself 100% to this truly great organization. Thank you for letting us serve you and your warriors. I pledge nothing less than 100% to you and our warriors on all future trips. I truly enjoyed our trip together and even more enjoyed making a new friend and brother with you and Gabe,

-J. Koenig

What an honor and a blessing to get to be a part of such a wonderful organization. We thoroughly enjoyed having you with us this weekend. John, you are an amazing person, what you have done with this organization is incredible. I can’t wait for the next trip! Gabe and Clay thank you for sharing a bit of your lives with us. Thank you for your service. This country would be nothing without men like you! Looking forward to August and a fantastic bear hunt.

P.S. Nichole Rocks! You could not run this the way you do without her!

-C. Koenig

August 2012 Florida Everglades Expedition

I had a great time with the guys. I got to see that it matters for someone new to see the everglades and the different life that’s out here. That was the pleasure for me.

-B. Cavin

This was a trip of a lifetime. Being up and close to nature is always a life experience. Watching gators and life in the swamp was something that can’t be explained, it must be experienced. The individual who sponsored the trip was great. They made us feel at home. The joy of traveling through the swamps on an airboat was wonderful. Thanks for the experience,

-J. “Doc” Seright, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

The reason I volunteered was to give back something for the men who protected myself and my family’s freedom in this great country. I don’t know how the men that were here feel, but I feel like we have showed them that we don’t take their sacrifices for granted. I feel blessed to be able to do what we did on this rain soaked short trip. I owe you all a thank you for what you do.

-H. Winslow

This was the best trip I have ever been on, to include vacation with family, training events with work or even my own planned trips. We did more things than I could think of, with no timetable whatsoever. We sat and talked, fished, looked at the sites, saw gators and even went frog jigging. The airboat was relaxing, it is like a motorcycle on water, but went anywhere. Mr. Winslow and Mr. Bill, with Mr. Winslow’s son Clay were the friendliest and professional “swamp people”. It was an escape from ongoing problems and upcoming surgeries. Tim Spence was great with contacting me and meeting me and also helping me with my needs. He was also a professional representative of WWIA. He talked about the program, but let it be. His passion for WWIA makes me want to get involved as much as I can with hosting a trip or simply helping. The weather, oh well, it rained out. Even though, I was so happy and relaxed. It was the best trip I have been on with a great group of WWIA.

K. Dodson II, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

August 2012 WA Black Bear

This past August I participated in the black bear hunt in Washington with the WWIAF. Our hosts, John and Corrina Koenig, provided a top notch, professional, adventure filled hunt for myself and three other wounded vets. This being my first bear hunt, I had no idea what to I was getting into. John was able to work with me and show me how to hunt regardless of my physical limitations due to the injuries I had. The Koenig family exceeded every expectation I had for this trip. They were very generous in opening their home to us and the local community showed great support for the WWIAF. It was really nice to be around fellow wounded vets and see how each person deals with their own injuries and the daily trials that come along with them. Trips such as these are exactly what our wounded vets need in order to heal both physically and mentally. I would most certainly participate in another WWIAF trip and highly recommend any and all wounded vets out there who enjoy the outdoors or want to try something new to join the ranks of the WWIAF.

-T. Givens, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

September 2012 Lake Erie Walleye

I had a great time out on Lake Erie. I couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of guys to go on a fishing trip with. Everyone was able to be there self and have a great time. I have to say a special thank you to WWIA for doing this for me!! I have never been on a trip like this and now I am hooked I am going to try to get my friends back at home to go on a fishing trip with me at least one time a year. I also want to say another special thank you to all the captains and their friends that volunteered their time and boats to take us out on the lake and helping us catch some fish they are a good bunch of guys and fun to be around. Your Friend

-K. Sill, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Hey John, I just wanted to thank you for having me at this past fishing event on Lake Erie. This was the first time I was actually able to relax and forget about a lot of crap that has been on my mind ever since I got out of the Marine Corps. All the captains that showed up were really good dudes. Tim Spence and Mark Broda are about the best guys I have met outside the military. I’m glad to be part of a brotherhood again where guys like you and everybody else actually looks out for one another and cares. Thanks again for an amazing time.
-M. Damroze, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

I had an awesome time here fishing this weekend. The captains of the boats I was on were outstanding people. I made new friends and met some awesome people. This has been the best experience I have had in a very long time. Tim Spence is a great dude with a glorious beard and Mark Broda was very cool also. The fish fry was delicious. I hope I get invited back because this event put on by everybody was a great time.

-M. Damroze, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

First time on an event as an Associate and learned a lot. Tim did a great job keeping everything smooth! The event was really fun, and I enjoyed two days on the water. Every one of the captains and people who showed up to work this event and make it happen were really good people and I had a good time getting to know them. Again, I will leave a WWIA event with new friends.
Really enjoyed getting to know Tim and Greg, my fellow Associates. I see why they are Associates as we share a like mind for this organization. Our two new warriors were awesome! I feel they had a great time and to me that was priority #1. I look forward to keeping in touch with them and see them succeed on their journey. WWIA had another successful event and I am glad I was a part of it. I learned a lot and leave with a few new ideas, a ton of fish, new friends and a smile on my face. A hefty salute to Tim and Greg and welcome to Mike and Kyle and gracious heart to all the event hosts that made this awesome event. Thank you WWIA again for giving me a “lifetime” event. Yours in patriotism,

-M. Broda, USAF
Purple Heart Recipient

First, thanks to all of the Warriors for coming fishing and letting us give back to them for their sacrifice. We had a great time with Mike our Warrior and plan on keeping in contact with him after this event. The entire WWIA crew was a great bunch of easy-going guys. They were all very polite, respectful and a good time to be around. Mike was very mindful of the boat and we all had a great time catching walleye and perch. We hope this can be a yearly event and that fishing and weather can be a little bit better next time. Thanks again to all the Warriors!

-D. and K. Pace, Vermilion Walleye OGF Event

September 2012 FL Gator

John, I do not know where to begin, thank you for everything. This will never be a lost memory for me. This has helped in so many ways, you could not know. Your vision of this WWIA is outstanding and I would like to stay in touch to help keep this outstanding mew tradition going. I cannot wait to help give and work with you all in the future. I am not good with words or things like this, but you are a truly great man and good friend, and I hope that we can work together. This hunt was outstanding and the people you chose to help were great and I do not know what to give in return. Thank you for everything, truly friends

-M. Davis, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

John, before making this trek to Florida my options for the weekend would have been sitting at home avoiding people or sitting somewhere else avoiding them. This trip has helped with that a lot, I have met so many good hearted people including yourself that came together to show five soldiers they’ve never met a great time and share so many memorable experiences. I understand you could spend your time and effort on any number of other things, yet you chose to spend it hunting with us. I’m not sure how to fully express my gratitude with only a pen, though I hope this is a good attempt. Keep up the good work you do, because it helps people more than you can ever know.
Thanks again,

-K. James, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

October 2012 SD Pheasant/Grand Ciel Lodge

John and Dixon, what an honor to meet you two. What you do for all the wounded warriors is outstanding. When I got wounded and was going through all of the recovery I was unable to do any type of outdoor stuff from 2006-2010 and it has always been a big part of my life. The last two years I have eased my way back into the woods and on the boat. I was told that I would never be able to hunt off the ground or be able to keep my balance on a boat. Well I’m doing it and have fished in some tournaments. You guys are changing lives, as I told you before. I have always wanted to hunt pheasant but never would have been able to afford to do it. Ya’ll have given me one of the things on my list to hunt and I will always be grateful for this gift. May God bless you and if I can ever help with anything please let me know.

Chuck Williams
Purple Heart Recipient

John, Dixon and WWIA, gentleman, during this trip it was asked of me what it was about hunting that brings me pleasure. Since I only started the activity post combat injury, I haven’t pin pointed the full how and why answer yet, but I know it puts me in a better place mentally. Having limited use of both my hands due to full thickness palm burns has been challenging at times. Variations of hunting are not easy walks in the park with this issue, but I do what I can to adapt and overcome the challenges. The pleasure I get from hunting overrides these physical limitations and provides me with more ammo to live my life to the fullest and for that I thank you gentleman.
“Risk may cause failure, but success cannot come without it”

-J. Washam, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

John and Dixon, it has been an awesome pleasure meeting you guys. I am so thankful for what you all do for vets like us. It means the world to me to be able to do something like this and for you all to link up with people like Brad and Julie who truly care about what happened to us and other vets like us. I can’t thank you all enough for bringing us together and to be able to do something this extraordinary. Keep up the great work and thanks again John and Dixon, it means so much.

-L. Snipes, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Dear John and Dixon, it was an honor and privilege to hunt with you and with men who have, with bravery, risked their lives for the defense of freedom. I pray for continued healing for these men, for God’s blessing on you both, and for the peace of Christ to reign in the world. All the best

-C. Masen

November 2012 MoKan Ducks & Bucks

John, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to participate in such a wonderful event. I am grateful that there are men like you out there to help us wounded veterans. This has truly been an awesome experience. This part of the country is so beautiful, words cannot describe it. I get more healing being around vets like yourself than I do at the V.A. Thanks again and Semper Fi

Craig Carp
Purple Heart Recipient

I really appreciate you being able to put something so awesome together. I would never have had so much fun with great guys. I have been able to do something I’ve never done before and got a duck and deer skull mount. When I get out of the Army I’m going to be looking for some land in WI and would love to help out and be a part of this bringing guys to hunt. I will keep in touch throughout the years. If you guys ever need help with an event, I’d love to help out. Thanks again for a great time.

-S. Lowry, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

This trip has been amazing, from the guys doing the hunts, to the guides, to everyone, this has been an amazing weekend. It is so great to see people that are willing to give so much for people like us. All I can say is thank you, two words but with endless meaning for this weekend.

-Purple Heart Recipient

John, once again the ante has been upped. The boys here sure do an amazing job of taking care of us. Thank you for including me in this event and giving me a deeper love for the outdoors. Yourself and all of the WWIA affiliates deserve more than you can imagine. 12 seasons of deer hunting, numerous hours afield and a beautiful Northwest Missouri Whitetail to boot. I have the deepest respect for you, appreciate everything you have done and are continuing to do. To our future.

-J. Smith, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

A huge thank you to John and all the Napier Lodge and volunteers. I walk away with a lot of good memories, new friends, humbleness (both by the ducks and especially the sincere dedication and gratitude by the folks that put this all together), a better duck hunter and an even more motivated soldier and citizen. Words cannot express the profound impact these extraordinary people and this experience has had on me. I hope I can return the favor and/or effect someone’s life as they have done. Thanks for everything.

-J. “Frenchy” French, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

November 2012 Camp Hackett

Thank you for everything. The experience of the Northwoods of Wisconsin was extraordinary. I had a wonderful time with everyone involved in the event and greatly appreciate all the folk’s hospitality and effort that went into the event. Special thanks to John and Jake for the opportunity. I pray that these events continue for others for many years to come.

-R. Meadows, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you very much to everyone that made it possible for me to come to Camp Hackett. Day after day living in the city, feeling out of place. Longing for the feeling of purpose and brotherhood that I felt in the Army. While here at Camp Hackett I felt that again what I lost when I left the Army. Thank you all for giving me the feeling of being alive again.

-J. Winget, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

December 2012 Ozono TX Deer

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend this event in Ozona, TX. I had the more fun this weekend then I have had in a long time and it was much needed. To be able to go to this event with Greg Hughes and to be able to get my first buck (9 point) is unreal. Thank you again. Semper Fi,

-D. Helm, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient