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In honor of Purple Heart Day on August 7th, WWIA is launching the “Sponsor a Hero” initiative. Purple Heart Day is a time when America remembers and honors those who were wounded in battle or lost their lives defending our freedoms. We need your help! We’re asking you to join us in our mission to bring Honor, Connection, and Healing to our combat-wounded veterans by sponsoring a Hero with a monthly recurring gift. This will enable us to continue our all-important mission of serving and honoring our Heroes and helping heal the invisible wounds of war. Our mission at WWIA is to bring Honor, Connection, and Healing to combat-wounded veterans through world-class outdoor sporting adventures. By sponsoring a Hero, you’ll be providing them with life-changing opportunities to participate in hunting and fishing excursions alongside fellow Purple Heart recipients, all at no cost to them.

🤝 Your support means more than you can imagine. By becoming a monthly donor, you’ll help us create lasting memories, forge deep connections, and promote wellness among our Heroes. It’s our chance to say “thank you” for their service and sacrifice. You’re not just sponsoring a Hero, you’re changing a life! 

100% of your donation goes to support WWIA program services. Let’s come together to make a difference!

💜 Here’s how you can get involved:

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3️⃣ Once you’ve become a sponsor, let us offer our sincere APPRECIATION and THANKS! Can we ask you for one additional favor? Please share this campaign with your friends, family, and colleagues. Let’s spread the word and create a ripple effect of support for our Heroes! 


If you are interested in a Corporate Sponsorship, please contact us for more information at info@wwiaf.org



Soldiers returning home from wartime battlefields experience a range of physical, psychological, and social challenges. These experiences can vary depending on the individual and the specific circumstances of their deployment. Although not all soldiers will experience these issues, below are some of the common challenges that our combat-wounded veterans returning home from wartime face.

⭕ Physical injuries: Soldiers may suffer from physical injuries caused by combat, such as gunshot wounds, shrapnel injuries, amputations, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and other types of injuries resulting from explosions, gunshot wounds or burns. These injuries can have long-lasting effects on their physical health and may require ongoing medical treatment and rehabilitation.


⭕ Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): PTSD is a psychological condition that can develop after experiencing or witnessing traumatic events. Soldiers may suffer from PTSD as a result of their combat experiences, which can manifest as intrusive memories, flashbacks, nightmares, hypervigilance, avoidance of triggers, emotional numbness, and difficulties with concentration and sleep. PTSD can significantly impact their quality of life and functioning.


⭕ Depression and anxiety: Soldiers may experience depression and anxiety related to their combat experiences. They may struggle with feelings of sadness, hopelessness, guilt, irritability, and difficulty in adjusting to civilian life. Anxiety disorders, such as generalized anxiety disorder or panic disorder, can also develop due to the stress and uncertainty of combat.


⭕ Substance abuse: Some soldiers may turn to alcohol or drugs as a way to cope with the stress, trauma, and emotional pain associated with their wartime experiences. Substance abuse can further exacerbate mental health issues and lead to additional problems in their personal and professional lives.


⭕ Relationship and family problems: The strain of deployment and the challenges associated with combat experiences can put a significant strain on soldiers’ relationships and families. The prolonged separation, communication difficulties, and the emotional toll of combat can lead to marital issues, divorce, and problems with parenting and reintegration.


⭕ Social isolation and alienation: Returning soldiers may find it challenging to reintegrate into civilian life and may feel disconnected from friends, family, and society. They may struggle with feelings of isolation, not being understood by others who have not experienced combat, and difficulty relating to people who have not gone through similar situations.


⭕ Employment and financial difficulties: Some soldiers may face challenges in finding employment or may have difficulty adjusting to civilian workplaces after their military service. This can lead to financial strain and contribute to feelings of frustration and low self-worth.

These are some of the tremendous challenges our Purple Heart Heroes face. At WWIA, we are committed to bringing healing and restoration to our Heroes. A difficult as these challenges are, the good news is that they can be overcome. There is hope!

The solution to changing the narrative for our Heroes is complex, but it truly begins with YOU! Let us explain. At WWIA, our mission focuses on serving and honoring our combat-wounded veterans by offering them world-class outdoor sporting activities at no cost to them. We do this to recognize and honor their sacrifice, encourage independence and connections with communities, and promote healing and wellness through camaraderie and a shared passion for the outdoors. By spending time with fellow Purple Heart recipients and caring communities on these events, we are seeing hearts and lives changed! We could not do this work without the help of so many wonderful and patriotic people across this country. These people give selflessly of their time, talents, and money, and express their gratitude and appreciation to our Heroes for the tremendous sacrifices they made on behalf of our country. Over the past 17 years, we have seen the lives of Heroes positively changed time and time again. We have seen positive changes in their mental, physical, spiritual, cognitive, and relational health and well-being. Some of the positive healing effects our Heroes experience are:

✅  Reduced Stress and PTSD Symptoms: The calm and peace found within the great outdoors can help reduce stress levels and alleviate the symptoms of PTSD. Being in nature promotes relaxation, lowers anxiety, and provides a safe space for individuals to process their traumatic experiences.

✅  Emotional Regulation: Nature therapy offers a supportive setting for our Heroes to regulate their emotions and develop coping strategies. The tranquility and beauty of natural surroundings can aid in emotional regulation, enabling individuals to better manage the intense emotions associated with PTSD.

✅  Enhanced Mood and Well-being: Spending time in nature has been linked to improved mood and overall well-being. For combat-wounded veterans dealing with mental and physical trauma, nature can provide a respite from negative emotions, offering moments of peace, joy, and contentment.

✅  Mindfulness and Grounding: Engaging with nature encourages mindfulness and grounding practices, allowing our Heroes to be fully present in the moment. Nature’s sensory experiences, such as feeling the earth beneath their feet or listening to the sounds of wildlife, can help redirect attention away from distressing thoughts and promote a sense of grounding and connection.

✅  Physical Rehabilitation: Outdoor therapy can also support the physical rehabilitation of injured soldiers. Outdoor activities, such as hiking, hunting, fishing, or adaptive sports, provide opportunities for exercise, mobility, and rebuilding physical strength. Being in nature can motivate and inspire combat-wounded veterans to engage in physical activity, contributing to their overall well-being and recovery.

✅  Social Support and Connection: Participating in nature-based group activities like our WWIA events can foster a critical sense of social support and connection among soldiers. Shared experiences in nature alongside their fellow Purple Heart recipients and with caring members of the community can foster a vital sense of belonging where individuals can bond, share their stories, and find understanding, support, and camaraderie.

✅  Meaning-making and Spiritual Connection: Nature can help our Heroes find meaning and purpose in their healing journey. Engaging with natural environments offers opportunities for introspection, self-reflection, and spiritual connection. Combat-wounded veterans find solace, inspiration, and a sense of interconnectedness with the natural world, aiding in their recovery and personal growth.

These are just a few of the benefits we see over and over again and why the work we do is so vitally important.  This is why we are asking you to partner with us and sponsor a Hero, so we can continue the good work of bringing healing and restoration to the lives of America’s combat-wounded Purple Heart Heroes. Will you join us in making a lasting difference in their lives?  Click the button below and thank you for your outstanding support!  



💜 Impacting Lives: By sponsoring a Hero, you’ll provide crucial funding for WWIA events, covering expenses such as airline fares, mission supplies and gear, local transportation, meals, lodging, and fishing and hunting licenses. Together, we’ll ensure that our Heroes experience the best in outdoor adventure and find solace in the great outdoors.

 💜 Creating Lasting Memories: Our Heroes have sacrificed so much for our country. With your support, they can embark on unforgettable hunting and fishing excursions, forging bonds with fellow veterans and finding solace in nature. Let’s give them memories they’ll cherish forever.

💜 Promoting Healing and Wellness: Outdoor adventures like hunting and fishing have been proven to heal and restore in a way that doctors cannot. Evidence-based studies have been conducted that show time spent in nature improves, physical, mental, and spiritual health and wellness, can reduce the effects and severity of PTSD, and can lead to greater quality of life for veterans. The great outdoors help heal the invisible wounds of war. By sponsoring a Hero, you’ll contribute to their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, helping them overcome challenges and find renewed peace and purpose.                         

💜  Fostering Camaraderie: When combat-wounded veterans come together in the right environment, something magical happens. Your monthly donation will facilitate meaningful connections, foster camaraderie among our Heroes and communities that care, and allow them to connect and support each other on their healing journeys.

💜 Purple Heart Day: On August 7th, let’s honor and remember the brave men and women who have been wounded on the battlefield or paid the ultimate sacrifice. By joining “Sponsor a Hero” on this significant day, you’ll directly contribute to the healing and restoration of our Purple Heart Heroes.

💜 Monthly Giving Equals Exponential Impact: Monthly donations provide consistent support that allows us to plan and execute life-changing events for our Heroes. Your commitment as a monthly donor ensures that we can continue bringing healing and restoration to combat-wounded veterans throughout the year.

🎯 Join us in our mission to bring healing and restoration to our Purple Heart Heroes. Together, we can make a profound impact. Be a part of their journey by becoming a monthly donor today!


The Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation (WWIA) is a national 501(c)(3) veteran charity that devotes all its energy and resources to supporting the men and women wounded in combat who were awarded the Purple Heart medal. WWIA supports these phenomenal Heroes by providing them with the opportunity to participate in world-class outdoor sporting activities at no cost to them. We do this to recognize and honor their sacrifice, encourage independence and connections with communities, and promote healing and wellness through camaraderie and a shared passion for the outdoors.



 WWIA 501 (c) (3) Declaration Letter


Learn more about our mission and the impact we are making:



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What better way to see the impact of what we are doing than to let our Purple Heart Heroes tell you in their own words. 
Take a look at these amazing and heartfelt testimonials from Heroes who attended our WWIA events and expressed how our work has impacted their lives:

View Over 1,400 First-Person Testimonials Here!


WWIA has proudly served and delivered Honor, Connection, and Healing to our Purple Heart Heroes for 17 years. During that time, we have seen countless lives transformed, because what we do works. It’s not just about getting these Heroes into the great outdoors to experience world-class hunting and fishing, that’s a significant part of it; but there’s far more that goes into it making these events so impactful. The reality is that it starts on the ground level, with people who generously support us with their time, trust, and financial assistance. People have entrusted us to be good stewards of those resources, and we do not take that responsibility lightly. We consider each donor and supporter a partner and friend in this mission, and we put those dollars to work where they matter most, dedicating 90 percent of donor dollars directly back to the Heroes for our events and operations. 



Being a good partner and facilitator of our mission doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It requires the efforts and dedication of thousands of people across North America working together with a shared vision and mission set. From our Hero Guides, to our Hosts, Volunteers, Sponsors, Donors, and more, it is the collaboration and collective efforts of a community of supporters that has made WWIA what it is today. That hard work and dedication has paid countless dividends in the lives of our combat-wounded Warriors, and we are proud that these efforts have been recognized by a variety of organizations who have partnered with us to help continue the good work we are doing. 



In addition to hosting between 40 to 50 outdoor sporting events annually for our Heroes, we are also doing some other important things in support of our mission. 

The Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation in conjunction with the Department of Veterans Affairs and Maine’s Outdoor Learning Center proudly held the Inaugural WWIA Guide School in April/May, 2016. The WWIA Guide School is the world’s first multidisciplinary, adaptive sporting guide program for Purple Heart recipients. It is an all-expense-paid, 10-day course.

Since 2016, WWIA instructors trained and certified 4 courses of Purple Heart recipients, producing 25 WWIA Purple Heart Guides who now lead their fellow combat-wounded veterans at other WWIA events.

Candidates for Guide School are Purple Heart Associates who are nominated by their peers for their demonstrated leadership potential, confirmed by the WWIA, and once they graduate from our Guide School program, they go on to lead events across the country.


The Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation (WWIA) in conjunction with the Adaptive Sports and Arts – U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is proud to present the Inaugural WWIA Safety Symposium. This comprehensive Safety Symposium is funded and sanctioned by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and focuses on safety in the field as well as adaptive sporting techniques. This event will provide ten WWIA Guides the opportunity to further advance their skill set and to receive the most current and up-to-date safety training and standards. This assists them in leading their fellow combat-wounded Heroes on WWIA events and help facilitate our Hosts in ensuring that every WWIA event is a safe and enjoyable experience. This all-expense paid 6-day course took place July 6-11, 2023 at WWIA’s Northern Healing Center, Camp Hackett, in Phillips, Wisconsin.


We are honored to serve our combat-wounded Warriors and could not do what we do without the selfless efforts of so many incredible Patriots across this great country! After 16 years of proudly serving our Purple Heart Heroes, we decided to complement our mission by introducing a brand-new podcast. The WWIA Podcast is a great way to stay connected, go behind the scenes, and learn more about the Foundation, our Heroes, Hosts, Supporters, Donors, and much more. It also serves as another vehicle to help bring greater awareness of our mission to bring Honor, Connection, and Healing to our combat-wounded Heroes, through the power of the great outdoors. Give it a listen, hear directly from some of our remarkable Heroes, Hosts, and Supporters about the difference we are making and why we want you to join us in this all-important mission!


WWIA was honored to be featured on the Lifetime morning talk show, The Balancing Act. WWIA Founder and CEO, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) John. J. McDaniel and WWIA Guide John Keeney spoke with Montell Williams about the mission of WWIA in serving our combat-wounded Purple Heart recipients by providing them with the opportunity to participate in world-class outdoor sporting activities at no cost to them as a way to recognize and honor their sacrifice, encourage independence and connections with communities, and promote healing and wellness through camaraderie and a shared passion for the outdoors.



WWIA Founder and CEO, John McDaniel had the pleasure of being a featured guest on the DotCom Magazine Show with Andy Jacob. John and Andy discuss the history and mission of the Foundation, WWIA’s world-class leading Guide School, how our services and events help bring Honor, Connection, and Healing to our combat-wounded veterans, and the power of being connected to others. It’s a great interview that gives a powerful synopsis of who we are and why the work we are doing matters.

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We need your help! Supporting WWIA and our Heroes with a monthly recurring donation offers several benefits: (combine these with direct impacts of our mission/events)

💜   Sustained Impact: Monthly recurring donations provide a consistent and reliable source of funding for WWIA. This enables the Foundation to plan and implement long-term projects, rather than relying solely on sporadic or one-time contributions. Your ongoing support helps maintain the stability and continuity of our programs and services.

💜   Increased Efficiency: Recurring donations allow WWIA to streamline our administrative processes. We spend less time and resources on soliciting new donors, processing individual transactions, and managing fluctuating cash flows. This increased efficiency means that more of your donation goes directly to supporting our mission, maximizing the impact of your giving.

💜  Regular Engagement: Making a monthly commitment to WWIA encourages regular engagement and connection with our mission. It helps you stay informed about the Foundation’s work, progress, and impact. This ongoing connection can deepen your understanding, empathy, and passion for the work we do on behalf of our Heroes, fostering a more meaningful and sustained relationship with the Foundation.

💜  Budget-Friendly Giving: Monthly recurring donations allow you to spread your charitable giving across the year, making it more manageable within your budget. Instead of making a larger one-time donation, you can contribute smaller amounts on a monthly basis. This approach often makes it easier for individuals to give consistently and without financial strain.

💜  Cumulative Impact: Over time, monthly donations can accumulate to a significant contribution. Even if each individual donation seems modest, the collective effect of consistent giving can result in a substantial impact for the Foundation and the Heroes we proudly serve. Your ongoing support, combined with that of other donors, can lead to transformative outcomes.

💜  Long-Term Planning: WWIA relies on the predictability of recurring donations to plan our activities and initiatives. When we have a stable base of monthly supporters, this allows us to make strategic decisions with confidence, allocate resources effectively, and implement sustainable solutions to accomplish our mission. Your recurring donation helps WWIA plan for the future and create lasting change.

💜  Convenience and Simplicity: Setting up a monthly recurring donation is often a straightforward process. Once you establish the recurring payment, your donation will be automatically processed each month without requiring any additional effort from you. This convenience makes it easier to maintain your support and ensure that you consistently contribute to the Foundation.

💜  Feel-Good Effect: Knowing that you are making a positive difference in the lives of others on an ongoing basis can bring a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Supporting WWIA with a monthly recurring donation allows you to actively contribute to positive change and be part of a community of like-minded individuals working towards a shared mission.

By committing to a monthly recurring donation, you provide stability, support long-term planning, maximize the impact of your giving, and develop a deeper connection with WWIA, our Heroes, and become a vital partner in our mission. Take a look at the sponsorship levels below and decide which one resonates with you. Then click the button below to get started. We appreciate your thoughtful and outstanding support!


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