Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation


This experience has been hands down a once in a lifetime experience for me. British Columbia is the most beautiful place I have ever seen, it is wild and free. This week here with Doug and Julie was amazing. Doug and Julie were so gracious and hospitable. The food was amazing, and I never knew you could can meat and make it taste so amazing until this week. One of the coolest things we did was pack our lunch each day and build a fire and cook our lunch out in the field all while experiencing the amazing views the mountains had to offer us. This whole week was wild from start to finish. We were within feet from over 5-6 different bear. We had an encounter within 10 yards of a giant grizzly bear that was hair raising to say the least. We put in a lot of miles, and we were tired, but the last day, we got it done. I will never forget this week and the memories we made together. It was PERFECT!!!! Doug and Julie are truly great people, and I am thankful for having met them and will forever be grateful for their friendship.

M. Brannon, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

As a friend of Doug and Julie McMann’s I have heard about WWIA for as long as I’ve known them and having spent a great deal of time in their home, I have admired the pictures of past hunts many times. So, it meant a great desal to be invited by Doug to participate in this year’s hunt with Matt Brannon. What an outstanding experience hunting bear with him. I thoroughly enjoyed the 4 days of getting to know both him and the WWIA program, learning new words, expressions and apps! Sharing out back stories, challenges and fears. Spending time with people like Matt are what all great hunts are made of. Sadly, I need to leave before this hunt is over, with two days left to go. What will happen next in this grand adventure, as Matt pursues THE ONE? Thank you, Doug, Matt and WWIA for allowing me to be a part of delivering such an outstanding program!

B. Gibson, Volunteer
Guide Outfitters Association of BC

This trip with you guys was a lot of fun. It was my pleasure to be included. Thank you all.

J. Notz, Volunteer

What can I say that will fully convey the experience? This wasn’t just a fishing trip in a beautiful location. The people and places I have experienced have passed through my exterior to reach my heart and soul. I didn’t even realize it until our last day on the water. We were on our way back to port and I called my family to tell them about the day we had. While I was trying to describe everything, it hit me. I got choked up and could hardly get the words out. To WWIA, thank you so much for providing this adventure. This one will be etched in my memory forever. My only wish is that it could happen more often. I can’t tell you how much it means to be around other wounded warriors; we seem to understand each other in a way that I have never had with others.

J. Arnold, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

A once in a lifetime experience. First and foremost, I want to thank everyone that made this possible. I’d like to give a special thanks to Jason Gaudette and John Moline. Jason is the perfect person to guide this type of trip. Jason is a highly skilled and knowledgeable outdoorsman. He obviously has a wide array of experiences as an outdoorsman, and he sets a good example of how to conduct yourself when interacting in the outdoors. John Moline is the perfect Captain for a group of Wounded Vets, it is like he is one of us. He was an awesome Host and an all-around good dude. I can’t say enough about those two guys. I’m not much for talking about my combat experiences and being wounded. The other Warriors on the trip shared their stories and at times tears welled in our eyes. Hearing them talk about what they have experienced was inspiring. I wish I could write more about my feelings and experiences and the way their fellowship has affected me, but I have not had time to reflect on it all.

J. Clemons, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

A lot of emotions, I can’t explain the gratitude of this life experience. Being around these Warriors renewed me and my outlook on life and energized me for the future. This drives me to get more involved with WWIA. Thanks for the experience. A huge thanks to the folks behind the scenes and all the folks that raised and donated money. I truly don’t have the words.

C. West, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

What an amazing trip! From the hospitality of our Host, John to everyone at WWIA who made this trip possible. The goal of bringing like-minded people together was all that was needed. The fact that we also got to bring home many pounds of fish was the icing on the cake. Words are hard to come by to describe the experience. A thank you is not enough but thank you!

B. Coe, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you for a sweet time. Your brother in arms, Tony the tiger.

T. LaBelle, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

I don’t remember a trip like the catfishing trip I was invited to attend. All the Host were fantastic. I have real issues with balance. The Guides and Host did everything possible to get me in and out of the boats without incident. I was very lucky to catch two nice size catfish, one night’s catch was 37 ponds. This adventure was a special trip for me , made me feel very special. I’m so proud to have served my country. This total crew was icing on the cake for me. I will never forget this event and how it made me feel. Fish fry, lodging, fishing, and listening to everyone talk about hunting and fishing adventures.

J. Leathers, US Army, Vietnam
Purple Heart Recipient

For me, life has been defined by moments, fractions of time with no finite limits. From the moment that I was injured, those pieces of time have been dark. I have been resistant to take part in things like this trip. I cannot say if the resistance was fed by the thoughts of the past or the fear of the future. What I can state for sure is that I’ve had several life altering moments here on this trip. The WWIA and the volunteers that I’ve encountered on this trip have given me hope and a renewed sense of purpose. The fishing (which I must say was amazing) was such a minor part of the moments here. The sport was the catalyst, a common denominator and functional property of change. I’m forever grateful for these moments.

K. Faries, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient