Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation


Thank you WWIA for the opportunity to experience an Alabama turkey hunt with a world class turkey caller and guide, the property was very nice and everyone was very friendly. We were fed like kings! I learned some new things about turkey hunting and got to hang out with some great people. Thank you all I had a great time!

-B. E. Deen, Jr., Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you so much for a once in a lifetime event. The past four days have been incredible. The challenge of enduring sub-freezing temps and hours of patiently waiting just to get a chance to see that “shooter buck” were exhilarating. Although we never got the chance to harvest a buck, the time spent in the stands reflecting on the beauty of life and nature could not be replaced. Without you and your organization, I would never have had the opportunity to hunt in this environment. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I once asked you if there were other groups like yours. I now realize that WWIA is truly ONE of a KIND. You have formed an outstanding organization for all Wounded Warriors. I would also like to thank those who help do what you do, like Jake, Bob, Steve, and Tom. You can’t do it alone, brother. Your family has made a commitment to assist you in your mission. Keep doing what you are doing. You are a torch bearer and an inspiration to all us Wounded Warriors. I hope our paths will cross again in the future. Tim and I will do whatever we can to assist you with healing brothers and sisters like us. It would be an honor to serve your cause. Once again, thank you and God bless America!

-R. Shaffer, Purple Heart Recipient

Our hunt has come to a close. It was a great hunt, even with no deer. To be able to spend time outdoors with old friends, and make new friends, that is why I hunt. The “kill” is just a small part of it. You called us an inspiration and heroes. I call you an inspiration and hero. The time & money that you have taken from your family and given to us is amazing. We will stay in touch and I hope to be able to help the WWIA grow.

-T. L. Spence, Purple Heart Recipient

The past days have been a blast. I can’t tell you how much I thank you for helping our nation’s combat wounded. Hunting is just a small part of what you are doing. To meet people just like us means more than you know, I would like to thank you for the chance to meet these wonderful people. We will need to stay in touch. I would love to help the WWIA

-J. Lovell, Purple Heart Recipient

Well, it’s the morning to leave Camp Hackett and the rig. All the boys have pulled out except Jake and he is mulling around outside and around the barn and you are in town taking care of everything like you always do. You will never realize how much you have touched my heart. I felt at home here. My first hunting trip and I have learned so much. Listening to you and watching every move you, Jake and the boys made. I can truly see this being a passion for life. To have my first hunting trip with brothers of service meant more to me than words can express. Thank you for letting me spend time with you in the glorious woods and for introducing me to some fine people in town, Steve, Bob & Pat. One day, I hope to meet your lovely bride. Much luck in the future with the WWIA and you can always count on me to help! God bless.

-S. Malone, Purple Heart Recipient

It has truly been an honor and a pleasure to serve you and the Wounded Warriors here at the Grand Ciel Lodge. Those who have served us by wearing the uniform, fight for all of us so that we can have and maintain our many freedoms. Julie and I cannot express in words the extent of our gratitude and appreciation to all who have sacrificed on our behalf. Anything we can do to assist you in your WWIA mission, please let us know. I admire your vision, your drive and your cause. You are an honorable man. I could tell that over the past year through all the calls and emails leading to the hunt. Finally meeting you last Thursday, only confirmed my initial impression. I can see God has blessed you in your life- I hope and pray He continues to bless you in the future.

-B. and J. Boisen, Event Hosts

It was truly the hunt of a lifetime. It means so much to have a brother in arms to give back so much and to have no other thought but to serve those who have served with you. With your vision of providing for your brothers and sisters only forms for me to do the same. I can’t thank you enough for this great weekend and bring me and another brother together. If you ever need me for support, or whatever please call. Your brother,

-T. Seckel, Purple Heart Recipient

Thank you very much for a great weekend & I look forward to a great friendship between the two of us and hope we do more events. I really enjoyed this one and hope I can help out on upcoming events if you need any help. You can always call me and I will be there for you and the WWIA. Call me anytime or email me.

-D. Merchant, Purple Heart Recipient

The burden on my heart is a lot lighter, the scars on my soul less deep. Having had to endure the disgraceful attitude of the American public toward veterans returning home from the Vietnam conflict, I finally have been able to hold my head higher. I will not allow what happened to me to happen to my fellow servicemen.

I am honored to be allowed to donate time and attention to the Wounded Warriors in Action upland bird hunt. I had a fantastic experience training coaching and hunting with Wally Bishop and Tim Juliano. I watched Tim shoot his first pheasant (!) and Wally blast chukers with gusto and satisfaction. It just doesn’t get any better. They are friends forever.

The most wonderful experience was working with John to put this hunt together and the satisfaction we shared in watching the men interact and heal a little more. John has created an organization that is remarkable in its dedication to helping Purple Heart awardees. John, you are my HERO. With love brother,

-J. Reisdorf, Event Host

First & foremost, this trip is the best time I’ve had in a long time. Ever since my injury, I just find myself withdrawn from people & the things I do. This trip gave me the chance to get out & meet some amazing people. This trip is the most fun I have had in –literally years. I’ve never been bird hunting and this was by far, the coolest thing I’ve done in years, since the day I got hurt in Iraq back in 2005. Another great thing about this adventure were the amazing people. Everyone from the WWIA founder, John, the guide-Jim to the farm owner & the wives and families. These people made us wounded warriors feel as if we were members of their own families. John, thanks for setting this up and getting me away from D.C., my job & my boring life. Again this trip was so relaxing and made me feel again. This trip also let me see that people remember the wounded and really care about us. I would love to do this again. John, thanks for this trip & letting me relax.

-Wally, Purple Heart Recipient