Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation


Amazing, it was a great experience, this mission. The folks out here truly showed their love and dedication to us Veterans. John and Art did an awesome job of making sure we had anything we needed for this event. The hunting was hard yet fun. However, the experience was priceless. The time and effort put into this event was great and I am honored to be a part of it. Being able to hunt with men who all served in my unit 2/75 was a treat in itself. I hope on the next mission the men and women get what I was able to get out of this mission. Thank you very much.

P. Fritzsche, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

What an amazing experience! I was at first having difficulty even applying for a hunt as I felt undeserving of it given that I have been out of the service for some time and that I have it pretty well off at home and work. It wasn’t until I met John and Art that I realized that I had been missing something all of these years, being away from soldiers. The best part of this experience was to once again have the opportunity to live amongst giants. Meeting Rangers who had been there and made it through in the earlier times again rekindled that feeling that I had been missing for so long. It was like seeing your family again after being gone for an extended period of time, even though I did not previously know anyone on the trip. Over the past few days, I can truthfully say that I once again felt normal and was able to be my true self around others that shared a similar perspective. It was an honor and a privilege to attend this event and I am truly grateful for all of those who both support and run this organization. RLTW!

M. Martin, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Absolutely an incredible experience! I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be on this trip. The Northwoods are wonderful. Growing up, my family or my Dad and I would always come up this way for fishing trips. I cherish these memories and now have gotten to create new memories with a different family. WWIA is a phenomenal organization that has helped re-center my focus and reignite my passion for the outdoors. The support and service from all of the volunteers was incredible to see. I am truly thankful for their service in helping make it all possible. The chance to fish and hunt is a unique lifetime opportunity. However, I was significantly impacted by the relationships developed and making new friends, especially Mark and Paul who also served in 2/75. It was great to have all Rangers. I feel more whole and refreshed from this experience, it helped me to slow down and re-evaluate my priorities. None of this would have been possible without John and Art. Their patience, hard work, and dedication undoubtedly makes this all possible. Thank you for being incredible people and continuing to serve. Our veterans and their families need it. I hope this experience can be as impactful to someone else as it was for me. Thank you. 2/75 RLTW!

Z. Polega, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Over the last few years, I began to understand the power of memories and the joy that they can bring to you during dark times. Wounded Warriors in Action is a Foundation that provides those memories to men that desperately need them. The bonds that are created while making these memories and the men and women who support WWIA are heroes in my book. Jake, John, Art, Casey, Steve, Don, Isaac, Jeff, Pat, the Deleasky brothers and everyone that I forgot to mention, thank you for adding to the good memories I can tap into to pull myself out of those dark places. God Bless you and your families.

J. Cornprobst, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

Coming out to Camp Hackett and meeting all my brothers in arms was awesome! John, the Founder is an exceptional man. Jake Whipkey is an awesome man and great Guide. Getting to meet all the friends of Camp Hackett was outstanding! From the food, the great personalities and warm hugs and handshakes, this world is a great place with more people like this in it. Getting to hunt on Mr. Don Angelo’s place was great, exceptional! God fearing people and great family. Thank you! I was able to make new friends and mew memories to last me a lifetime! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

P. Martinez, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

One of the coldest October’s in history this early. I had the time of my life. I was blessed to hunt on Don Angelo’ great farm for deer, a very blessed, God fearing family. I got to goose hunt with Casey and all his great friends and was blessed to hunt grouse with the Deleasky brothers. The community is so awesome and support WWIA with all their heart. The fellow soldiers were all like brothers and I was able to meet and hunt with three old Rangers from Ranger Regiment and meet a Ranger Hall of Famer. I am so blessed to know all of these great Americans and to John and Art, brothers for life. Rangers Lead the Way.

D. Kiel, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

I just wanted to say thank you for this experience. These trips make a huge difference in vet’s lives. The Hosts were welcoming and made me feel like I have known them for years. Thank you for the experience, these hunts are incredible.

R. Voss, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

The trip was an awesome time. All the people that helped out and guided were also great. There was always something to do between hunting. I look forward to the possibility of coming back again. Thank you.

C. Gisbrecht, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient

I have never been on an organized hunt before. I have also never been to a Veteran’s appreciation event. So, I came into this a bit apprehensive. From the moment Corrina at WWIA contacted me, I felt cared for and comfortable. The town of Garrison rolled out the red carpet. From Scheels outfitting us to farmers opening up their property, to hunters taking us out, giving us guns to use, running dogs and helping us be successful. Vince, Chip, Scott and the guys who took me out and helped me get pheasant and be outdoors in beautiful North Dakota. I am beyond words at how I feel about WWIA and the City of Garrison, thanks so much, you are family!

C. Hills, US Army
Purple Heart Recipient

The hunt in Garrison has been one of the most enjoyable hunts of my life. From the community to my fellow Warriors, it was awesome! I have made lifelong friends and am looking forward to talking with them for years to come.

M. Cantrell, US Army
Purple heart Recipient