Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

Missouri–Kansas Ducks N’Bucks

Adam Bracken and Roger Wolken

In November 2012, the Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation and the Conservation Department cosponsored the annual Missouri–Kansas Ducks N’ Bucks event held near St. Joseph, Mo.

Eight Purple Heart recipients traveled to northwest Missouri for a four-day guided hunt, multiple banquets, and an evening event including dinner and honors at the Conservation Department’s regional office in St. Joseph, made possible by funding through the Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation.

Community involvement was remarkable. “We had a super group of volunteers that helped out during the event,” says Brian Roderick, Missouri-Kansas Ducks N’ Bucks chapter president. “Thirty-five wonderful volunteers had boots on the ground, helping transport, guide, cook and more.”

The Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation is a national nonprofit organization. They are dedicated to serving our nation’s combat wounded by providing world-class outdoor sporting activities as a means to recognize and honor their sacrifice, encourage independence and connections with communities, and pro mote healing and wellness through camaraderie and a shared passion for the outdoors. You can learn more about them and how to get involved at wwiaf.org or by calling 1-888-308-9942.

“I see a crucial need for mental and spiritual healing in the combat-wounded veteran population, and I’ve seen how sporting activities in the great outdoors can meet this need,” says founder John McDaniel, who is also a veteran.

“In my career, this was one of the most humbling and gratifying events I have ever had an opportunity to be a part of,” says Roger Wolken, Conservation Department northwest regional protection supervisor. “I was touched by the gratitude each of the veterans expressed to us. We are so blessed to be U.S. citizens, to live and work in the profession we dearly love, to raise our children in a free country, all of which is due to the veterans of our armed forces and their personal dedication and sacrifices.”