Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

Oshkosh North’s newest hall of fame member

Ashwinraj Karthikeyan

After much discussion North’s hall of fame committee has decided upon a new Hall of Fame member. Retired Lieutenant Colonel John J. McDaniel was nominated this past year for his outstanding service to our country and his work to help wounded veterans. McDaniel served on active duty from November of 1987 to November of 2007. In that time he served on many challenging assignments and attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Throughout his high school days at North McDaniel said that some of his biggest inspirations were his coaches, who thought him the determination to never give up.

McDaniel started his career after graduating from The University of Wisconsin Madison, and going thru the ROTC program. During his career as a former Infantry officer, Airborne Ranger, and Master Parachutist he earned such awards as the Combat Infantryman’s badge, the Master Parachutists Badge and the Ranger Tab.

McDaniel is also the former CEO of a familyowned business concerning the aviation sector, as well as a certified US Coast Guard Captain, and a senior certified USA Hockey Coach.

Before the end of McDaniel’s illustrious career he started bringing wounded Purple Heart recipients on fishing tripsin the Florida Keys and Tampa bay.

McDaniel’s then took his passion to a new level with the start of the Wounded Warriors in Action program, or WWIA for short. His program in a short few years has expanded hugely to now contain a movement in 30 states and has affected more than a thousand lives.

Every year, his organization takes Purple Heart recipients on extreme outdoor sports trips to, in his words, “give them a chance to recover their body, soul and mind.”

McDaniel’s has also started four regional Healing Centers across America. These eco-friendly complaint healing centers will be designed, run and admitted by WIAA members. This will not only give the members a chance to recover from their injuries but will also give many of them an n opportunity at a job. One of these centers is called Camp Hacket and is located by Phillips, Wisconsin.

WIAA is a program made by Veterans to help Veteran and would not be possible without the support of American Sportsmen and Women. His website https://wwiaf.org/ contains hundreds of stories of wounded warriors and their stories, and how WWIA, and McDaniels have helped to turn their lives around.